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2018 Cailong Annual Corporate Meeting and Awards Ceremony

2018 Cailong Annual Corporate Meeting and Awards Ceremony


On January 28, 2019, our company held the 2018 Annual Corporate Conference and Awards Ceremony at the Tsim Sha Tsui Hotel in Foshan. At this annual meeting, Mr. Lin , the general manager of the Cailong company, delivered a speech, affirmed the work of the whole company throughout the year, and talked about the need for improvement in next  Lunar year's work, and expressed the expectations of the company for the new year and wished the company is better and better. Afterwards, the company awarded a number of awards, including: outstanding employees, activists, loyal employees, and senior employee awards etc. Take this opportunity to express by Company to the support and gratitude to the employees who have performed well in each position.

Finally, after the senior leaders of the company took the stage to make a toast, the dinner began and the employees of the company spent a beautiful and unforgettable annual meeting night.