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10 awesome holiday gifts for map lovers - clear plastic panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
10 awesome holiday gifts for map lovers  -  clear plastic panels
If you have a world traveler, geographer, map madman, or just someone who is hard to get on your list this year, a summary of this gift idea may be exactly what you need
We have been listing the neatest maps for a year
This holiday season, we like to see the related products under our own tree.
Prices range from $11 to $559 and all our budgets are included.
One of the best Christmas gifts I have received is a selfSolar rotationpowered globe.
The Mova ball is located in a transparent plastic shell with a thin layer of fluid in the middle.
Tiny solar panels hidden around the globe are tiny supercells
The low friction motor allows the Earth to turn quietly with a little bit of sunlight or artificial light.
It creates a very magical effect as if the whole thing was spinning at the bottom of it.
Mova globes has a range of different styles, including political maps, relief maps, historical maps (above)
Satellite view and some stylish two photos
Color design such as black and silver.
There are also planets and satellites including Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto and Titan.
The diameter of the sphere is from 4. 5 inches to 8.
5 inch, between $160 and $559.
Any map lover or geography lover will be excited about one of them as a gift.
These beautiful notebooks from FO!
The design provides something more localized and personalized.
They have different maps on the cover that depict what you call cities, countries, regions, rivers and the world.
Have a lot of off-the-shelf
Options have been set, or you can customize your notebook using a map of a specific location or the name of the recipient.
The cover of The Notebook is made of laser.
Cut the cardboard and give them a very good three
Size texture.
These will certainly inspire travelers on your list to record their adventures.
One of these notebooks may even inspire travel!
They cost between $32 and $42.
Order ASAP as these are handmade
Manufacturing, production and transportation in Turkey will take several weeks.
A glass engraved with the outline of Mount Rainier, Washington state.
These glasses are a great gift for climbers in your life, reminding them of their favorite peaks every single sip.
They are etched with a contour map of some of the most beautiful and iconic mountains on Earth, including Denali, Matt Horn, Everest and Vieques.
Alternatively, you can choose a custom location in any place where there is some relief and look great on the glass.
The famous mountain series sells rock glasses for $14.
Custom Maps offer rock glasses, wine glasses or pint glasses for $16 to $18.
You can even buy a bottle of red wine for $45.
This unusual green has many other gifts, such as glasses engraved with city maps and slabs engraved with state maps.
Unusual maps of buildings reveal the other side of the city.
This series of maps includes travel guides, architectural tours, and history courses, providing a new way to learn about some of the major cities in the world.
Each map focuses on a specific, often underappreciated architectural style, highlighting dozens of examples showing photos and details of each building.
Several of these maps are characterized by savagery, a rugged and polarized architectural style popular in 1950, 60 and 1970s, a style that likes exposed, undecorated concrete
Other maps include all types of concrete buildings, or other architectural styles such as Art Deco, modernism, and constructivist.
The maps are made by London independent publisher Blue Crow Media for about $11, or you can buy a full set of 11 building maps for $100.
You can also find some savage maps in European cities or North American cities.
This boxed set includes 10 popular maps of the United StatesS. National Parks.
National Geographic trail map is almost guaranteed to inspire your outdoor tour.
These maps are not just beautiful (
They are really beautiful though)
They are also very accurate and painstaking facts.
Checked and updated.
They are printed on strong water.
Proof paper, which makes them ideal for fishing, rafting, skiing or hiking in any weather.
This is a collection of 10 most popular maps in the United StatesS.
The National Park is packed in a wooden box, a nice gift for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, road lovers
Like map lovers.
Parks including Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Olympic and Zion National Park are priced at $99.
If you have a serious hiker on your list, there is also a boxed map of the Appalachian Trail.
Shirts that cover map printing can be customized according to your location. These T-
The shirt is 100% map.
You can go from ready-
Designed according to a variety of historical and modern maps, such as 1885 maps of Maui, 1958 CIA maps of Iceland, or 1947 maps of Brooklyn.
There are various types of maps, including the retro Astrographic, the Disney World Graphic, and the trajectory of Aspen, Colorado.
If none of these are suitable for people on your list, you can customize one to a specific location.
Custom shirts to AmericaS.
Geological Survey terrain map, or you can get a map of the aviation map using the area around a particular airport.
The shirt is versatile for men and women and costs $42 to $48.
Since we first learned about the Soviet Army's secret Cold War mapping program, we have been waiting for such a book.
The Red Atlas, published in October, describes this incredible project drawing most of the world's known content on seven different scales.
The maps are confidential and never thought of leaving the Soviet Union.
But they found a way out, and 350 of them appeared in this book.
Some maps of the United States. S.
The city is more detailed than the map we made ourselves. S.
Geological Survey at that time
The secret of how they were made is still unclear, but it doesn't seem likely to be done without people on the ground.
It's chilling to see the Cold War-
Time map of your hometown with Cyrillic text on it!
These woodcut maps are a great gift for almost anyone.
You can customize the location shown in the map, as well as the type of wood that represents land, water, roads, and parks.
There are 19 wood options ranging from standard walnuts to Macassar ebony and Hawaii koa.
You can also use symbols to bring up specific places on the map, such as the heart that represents the place where a couple meets.
These maps have many different shapes and styles ranging from $89 for $5x7 inch to $1,234 for $18x30 inch.
You can also divide the map into six coasters.
Even if the map lovers on your list have everything, there may not be these stylish city ties.
Six American choicesS.
A City of Paris, Rome, or London.
The tie is made of silk for $55 each.
If you are a fan of buying American goods, then all the ties for Josh bachties are designed and sewn in New York City.
If you have a Boston or New Yorker (
Or fans of these cities)
On your list, you can also consider getting in touch with the local metro system map.
For travelers, here is a tie featuring DC
An airplane or plane with an Eiffel Tower pattern.
If you want to give a very special gift to a person who likes the old map, you can donate in their name and restore the real history map.
Norman B. Boston Public Library.
The Livingston Map Center has one of the country's largest collection of maps, many of which are in critical condition and require efforts to prevent them from further deterioration.
You can choose a specific map to save or you can donate to the protection fund.
Once the map is restored, it will be digitized and published publicly on the library website for anyone to view or research, and your honorary name will be listed as the savior of the map. The three3-foot-
The Paris wide map of the 1850 s above requires $250 worth of work, and the prices of other maps on the list range from $100 on the 17 th
Century map of Florence, Italy, for $24,000 on the 18 thcentury atlas.
We have been featuring the idea of this gift for the past few years, but it has never been out of date!
Finally, why not pack these beautiful gifts on more maps?
Select several wrapping papers of different map styles, including the historical Mountain map shown above.
$12 per pack, three different maps each.
For more gift options, check out the gift guide for last year.
Track maps on Twitter and Instagram.
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