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10 best iphone 7 cases - polycarbonate material

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
10 best iphone 7 cases  -  polycarbonate material
With the launch of each new iPhone, there will be a wave of new cases pouring into the market.
Although the new models of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the same size as their respective predecessors, the case market is still improving from new entrants who provide fresh materials and designs, improvements to the existing scope.
Here we focus on three main criteria for evaluating the best choice: the level of protection they provide, how they look and fit on the phone, and whether they allow the phone to remain fully functional (
That said, all ports and buttons are still easily accessible).
Considering Apple's latest 5 color versions, we also consider showing the cover of the phone itself.
Each of the cases we introduce below is designed to fit the iPhone 7, but they also have a larger size. 1.
Mujjo Leather wallet for IPhone 7: 34.
99, mobile entertainment if you want a case to be able to store your basic card-credit card, driving license, etc-then usually you have to select a folder --
The style case brings the inevitable volume.
However, this case of the Dutch brand Mujjo has a card bag on the back and two or three cards are safely stored.
This box is made of vegetables.
Tanned leather, flexible enough to absorb the impact if you drop it.
Global ships. Buy now2.
Apple iPhone 8/7 leather case: £ 45, Apple you can't go wrong with the leather case designed by the person who designed the phone.
The outer case is made of soft French leather on the outside, with a micro-fiber lining similar to the surface of the mobile phone, feeling smooth and light, while the button is still fully accessible.
It has seven different block colors. Buy now3.
Anita Ivancenko Winter Forest/mountain phone case: 16 years old, says Anita Ivancenko, EtsyIllustrator, having one of her phone cases is like "there's an artwork in her pocket "--and we agree.
Choose from bold, monochrome geometry, or natural patterns-
Inspired shapes in pastel tones.
Our choice is to design this winter-decide whether you want a mountain or a tree.
Each case is made to order and has a smooth surface. Buy now4.
Knomo iPhone army advanced opening book: £ corruption consultation, Knomo specializes in elegance and goodthought-
It extends this expertise to the world of iPhone cases.
This leather case adds a front cover protection bonus to your screen and it also has room to comfortably accommodate two or three cards.
The buttons and speakers are not blurry at all, so the full functionality is retained.
There are four clay colors to choose from. Buy now5.
IPhone 7/6/6 s: £ vor Clear Case.
98, AmazonA can completely cover up the design of the phone itself in many cases, but this is not the case with Griffin.
What you see completely is the polyester material.
Through, although the ridge edge still gives it a rigid look.
It protects your phone from the usual drop height-Griffin claims to be as high as 4ft without adding too much volume. It’s scratch-resistant, too. Buy now6.
OtterBox Defender series for IPhone 7/iPhone 8: 33.
31. AmazonThis American brand is known for its durability and rigorous testing (
Each case is evaluated over 230 hours to prove its value)
Protect the case, one of the best defenders.
The series continues to cater to the needs of the iPhone 7, with its shell made of tough polyester resin.
This is hardly the most fashionable on our list, but choose OtterBox if what you want is protection. Buy now7.
Spigan armor CS slim fit: £ 24.
If you don't always carry your wallet with you, there is a slide in this case
The far-off compartment on the back allows you to store two cards-while adding only a few millimeters to the thickness of your phone.
Due to the mix of hard pc exterior and impact, the fit is very tight
Absorbed within the TPU. Buy now8.
Flip Case for IPhone 7 and 8: £ 9.
99, there is a price for AmazonReal leather case, but if what you want most is this look, there is no such expensive faux leather case
Leather options are available outside.
In less than £ 10, this flip case is one of the best value options, providing an internal pocket for cards and cash, and allowing buttons to help with easy access.
It has eight colors, from the retained Black to the eye --catching pink. Buy now9.
Case for HB London Palm Print: From the age of 34, HB london you may see Victoria Beckham holding a smooth black case with her initials on it.
This is the work of the new accessories brand HB London, which specializes in serving glam personalized cases. You get a snap-
On a hard shell, on a glossy or matte finish, indicate the initials in bold letters.
There are a variety of colors to choose from, but we like the tropical ones --
Theme series including this eye
Palm print design.
We 've been using it for weeks and it still looks as shiny as it was when it came out of the box.
Our only complaint was that it was very close-fitting and we broke a few nails in order to get it off. Buy now10.
Local union Crystal: £ 29.
99, do local unions want to show off your new phone?
Union is known for its design
Led mobile accessories made of high quality materials.
Featuring a distinctive slash design, the brand makes premium wood and marble enclosures in contrasting colors.
These are the return of the new iphone and this clear scratch --
Durable housing for color panels.
Choose from four soft colors, including this smart green.
Verdict: iPhone 7 is stylish-
Looks like the choice of leather, we like the box of Mujjo and its convenient card clip.
If you're looking for a solid box, go to the tough guard at OtterBox.
Anyone after a well
Expensive and unusual in design, take a look at the illustrated case of Anita Ivanchenko.
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