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10 best roofing materials for warmer climates - polycarbonate roofing material

by:Cailong     2019-08-22
10 best roofing materials for warmer climates  -  polycarbonate roofing material
In most cases, concrete tiles are cheaper than slabs and clay, but more expensive than traditional wooden tiles, and are an option for the durability of warm weather.
The concrete is very heavy, the heating time is very long, it is a good material for the roof in warm weather [
Source: City and Rose.
Concrete slab roof using pouring is a low
Cost options in many developing countries because it provides protection against bad weather and pests.
In more developed countries, it is also the same, acting as a barrier layer under more cosmetic roof treatments.
In the form of tiles, the concrete is still very heavy, but it is easier to install than the poured concrete.
It is fire-proof and solid, although there is enough porosity to absorb color when dyeing.
The use of a dedicated "cold tone" will improve the energy efficiency of concrete tiles by reflecting more sunlight than the standard dark [roof treatment]
Source: Levinson].
Sand, water and cement make up concrete tiles, but the baking process hardens the material so it can withstand rain, heat and wind.
Some concrete tile roofs in Europe and elsewhere have exceeded 150. year-
The old mark, still covers and cools as originally designed (
Source: National Park Administration).
The installation personnel of concrete tiles shall consult the minimum specification requirements of environmental conditions in the area.
In Florida, for example, protect the tiles in response to the hurricane
The wind resistance requirements include some additional steps and precautions.
As they say, "remove the hatch ".
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