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10 dangerous everyday things in your home - polycarbonate plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-21
10 dangerous everyday things in your home  -  polycarbonate plastic
3 baby bottles and BPACanada have taken the first step by banning the sale of the most common baby bottles on the market made of polycarbonate plastic.
This is because plastic is made of a chemical called double phenol. a (BPA).
These types of baby bottles release BPA when heated.
What is the problem with small BPA mixed with infant formula?
The structure of BPA is very similar to estrogen, so it is called "hormone disruptors ".
"As the name suggests, hormone disruptors can interfere with the natural hormones of the human body, especially for children.
According to the United States news agencyS. -
Research conducted by a group of environmental health organizations in Canada, products and BPA in women (from using BPA-
Including products)
Based on the results of extensive animal trials, development and nervous system problems of the fetus and infants may be caused [
Source: Working Group on safe markets.
In a study in the United StatesS.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 93% of participants have detectable BPA levels in their systems [source: CDC].
Among them, the highest concentration of children [source: CDC].
Other common products containing BPA include reusable plastic bottles, CDs and some plastic tableware [source: CDC].
On 2006, the whole food chain supermarket stopped carrying plastic bottles 【
Source: andwood.
In response to Canada's removal of polyester plastic baby bottles from the market, the United StatesS.
The Food and Drug Administration has set up a working group on biphenol a to study any risks associated with the material.
According to research to date, the agency maintains that bottles sold in the United StatesS.
Is it safe to use [source: FDA].
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