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10 landlosers get jobs in haldia petro project | kolkata news - times of india - pet resin

by:Cailong     2019-08-18
10 landlosers get jobs in haldia petro project | kolkata news - times of india  -  pet resin
HALDIA/KOLKATA: The state government may still be considering the development of appropriate relief and rehabilitation policies for land-impaired persons, but firstof-its-
South Asia Petrochemical Company (Dhunseri group (SAPL)
Work has been started for the landlord's family members in its Haldia department.
SAPL has provided work for 10 people who have abandoned the plot of the project.
They will be working next month.
The move was welcomed by 76 families who gave up their land for the project. Thirty-year-
Old tarakesh Bella, who will join the company in April 9, is the only income member of the family.
When HDA acquired his land in 1996, Bera's father received Rs 72,000.
"The small amount of compensation has been spent.
Therefore, this job will bring new life to the family.
"We never thought we would get jobs after so many years," he said . ".
Another landlord, Dillip Yena, wants to earn enough money to sustain his family from next month. SAPL got a 35-
In 2003, Haldia Development Bureau's acres of land were used to establish pet resin factories in cooperation with foreign countries.
It is now one of the leading pet resin manufacturers in the country.
B Chattapadhyay, executive director of SAPL, said in contact that the decision was made after company officials realized that repairing land losses had become a thorny issue for Haldia.
"Although the company has strict rules for employment, it is eager to ease the pain of land losers," he said . " He added that the list was prepared after consultation with HDA.
"We give priority to landlords who are in urgent need of help.
"When we expand further, we will accommodate more land losers," he added . ". SAPL manager (personnel)
D. Sen said that the company will soon start providing vocational training for new employees.
Narayan Bhakta, the working Chairman of SAPL's ruling INTTUC Coalition, welcomed the initiative and said it should be used as a model for Haldia.
Earlier, the Jindal group also promised that the company would arrange training for those who abandoned the land at the Salboni steel plant.
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