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10 spectacular aquariums around the world you must visit - acrylic glass

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
10 spectacular aquariums around the world you must visit  -  acrylic glass
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The depths of our ocean are filled with amazing wonders and amazing creatures.
Most of us will never have a chance to travel in deep water that covers most of the Earth.
Fortunately, you don't need to be an ocean explorer to experience the world on water.
Why not visit one of the world's most spectacular aquariums? Here is a list of 10 amazing aquariums and aquariums around the world that you would like to see.
So, get ready to put some new pins on your map! 1.
Monterey Bay Aquarium, StatesCredit, California: "View Monterey Bay Aquarium" by Meij.
Kobayashi, public area picture Monterey Bay Aquarium is located in a former sardines cannery in Monterey cannery Street, California.
There are many exhibits here and you will have the opportunity to enjoy 35,000 marine life of about 600 different species.
Marine life on display includes stingray, jellyfish, sea otters, Wolf eel, whale, hammerhead shark, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, octopus and sardines.
Also, if you can see some ocean sun fish, this is one of the few places. $(document). ready(function (){if($('m3Map'). html()== ''){maps['m3']= new Array(); maps['m3'][0]= '36. 61576463499105 '; maps['m3'][1]= '-121. 90059027036136 '; maps['m3'][2]= '13'; maps['m3'][3]= 'roadmap'; }}); $(document). ready(function (){if($('m3Map'). html()== ''){loadMap(
"M3map", "m3", map ['m3'], false); }});
In the east wing of the ocean, the huge Center (
Water quantity: 1, 3 million liters (
0,33 million gallons)
It is home to the incredible kelp forest exhibition.
Visitors can check the life of the kelp forest on several floors of the building.
There is also a huge tank in the high seas Gallery, which has one of the largest single tank in the worldpane windows.
Fresh water from the bay is constantly supplied to the water tank.
Credit: "Divers in kelp tanks at Monterey Bay Aquarium", Fred Xu, according to CC-SA 3. 0.
The aquarium has carried out a number of very important marine research and conservation projects, including white sharks, sea otters and Pacific tuna.
Visitors to the aquarium can take part in animal feeding activities and enjoy a variety of tours and educational programs. 2.
Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, United States credit: Whale shark in movie theater by Zach Wolfe, licensed under CCSA 2. 5.
This is one of the largest aquariums in the world.
There are more than 100,000 marine life from 500 different species.
There are four manrays and several whale sharks on the Ocean Voyager.
In fact, this is the only aquarium outside Asia with this shark.
You can enjoy this amazing species through the largest acrylic panel in North America. $(document). ready(function (){if($('m9Map'). html()== ''){maps['m9']= new Array(); maps['m9'][0]= '33. 77030566011959 '; maps['m9'][1]= '-84. 3951098'; maps['m9'][2]= '13'; maps['m9'][3]= 'roadmap'; }}); $(document). ready(function (){if($('m9Map'). html()== ''){loadMap(
'M9map', 'm9', map 【'm9'], false); }});
Georgian explorers present unique animals such as rare red sea turtles and lion fish in the Georgian region.
River Scout hosts fascinating animals in the rivers of Africa and South America.
Tropical Divers have featured a variety of tropical fish from the Indian Pacific Ocean.
You will also find amazing displays of penguins, dolphins and other interesting animals.
Research and Rescue projects at the Aquarium include rescue of sea otters in the South, restoration of sea turtles and research on whale sharks.
There are many interesting activities, educational programs and videos to enjoy. 3.
Ocarrogge, Valencia, Spain: the main entrance of David Iliff to ocarrogge, authorized by CCSA 3. 0.
The College of Marine Sciences is located in the center of the city of art and science in Valencia, Spain.
This building has a unique futuristic architectural style.
This is the largest complex in Europe, covering an area of 110,000 square meters (1,200,000 square feet)
The water capacity is 42,000,000 liters (
11,000,000 gallons). $(document). ready(function (){if($('m14Map'). html()== ''){maps['m14']= new Array(); maps['m14'][0]= '39.
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Credit: Carquinyol's "a white whale in ohynog" (
Lobo upload)
Authorized by-CCSA 2. 0.
Marine Science is home to more than 45,000 marine animals of more than 500 different species.
Here you have the opportunity to observe sharks, penguins, dolphins, sea lions, walruses, and beluga whales, as well as many other mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and animals.
There are five towers underwater, each divided into two floors.
All major ecosystems on Earth are presented here: Mediterranean habitat, polar ocean, island, tropical ocean, temperate ocean and Red Sea.
There is also an amazing delphinarium, a beautiful garden with over 80 different species of plants, and an underwater auditorium where visitors can watch divers feed animals.
There are also three restaurants in the complex, the most famous of which is the "Underwater Restaurant", which can be eaten around the large aquarium. 4.
In The Deep, Hull, engandcredit: "Night of the Deep, Hull", authorized by Skyrider 2688, CC-SA 3. 0.
This is another aquarium that looks unique. it is a biological structure, like a whale rising from the ocean.
England's hull is "the only submarine in the world ".
It has thousands of marine specimens in its tanks, including seven different sharks, rays, the only pair of green saw fish in northern Europe, corals, turtles, jellyfish, frogs, penguins and insects. $(document). ready(function (){if($('m21Map'). html()== ''){maps['m21']= new Array(); maps['m21'][0]= '53. 7440174640986'; maps['m21'][1]= '-0.
33019579999995585 '; maps['m21'][2]= '13'; maps['m21'][3]= 'roadmap'; }}); $(document). ready(function (){if($('m21Map'). html()== ''){loadMap(
"M21map", "m21", "map ["'m21'], false); }});
The exhibition is arranged in chronological order, and visitors can learn the stories of the world's oceans.
Stunning exhibits include tropical illuminated lagoons and endless seas.
The latter features the deepest viewing tunnel in Europe to reach 9 m (30 ft).
Audio-visual demonstration and hands-on operation
On an interactive display.
You can even learn to operate an underwater diving boat!
This is a public aquarium for charity and a marine research center.
It aims to raise public awareness and education on protection issues around the world. 5.
Turkuazoo, Instabul, TurkeyCredit: Dzhingarova shot "catfish" in Turkuazoo, Turkey, under CC authorizationSA 2. 0.
Turkuazoo opened in 2009 and is the first giant aquarium in Turkey.
It is located in the Istanbul Shopping mall and is also the center for marine research and conservation in the region.
It has an exciting 90-meter-long underwater tunnel with sea escape seats.
There are a lot of marine life here (about 25,000).
You can find 2 of them. 5-metre-
Tiger sharks, giant stingray and grouse, piranha and octopus.
If you are a couragous type, you can also dive and swim with sharks. $(document). ready(function (){if($('m25Map'). html()== ''){maps['m25']= new Array(); maps['m25'][0]= '41. 05182145352238 '; maps['m25'][1]= '28.
896080999992 '; maps['m25'][2]= '13'; maps['m25'][3]= 'roadmap'; }}); $(document). ready(function (){if($('m25Map'). html()== ''){loadMap(
'M25map', 'm25', map 【'm25'], false); }});
There are 43 amazing exhibits in this aquarium, the largest of which holds 4, 5 million liters of water.
Some of the incredible areas you can visit are rainforest habitat, flooded forest, wetland habitat, and tropical waters.
There were diving and feeding shows on the day.
The children also have interesting activities. 6.
UShaka Sea World, Durban, South Africa: "A Black Shark (
Amada44 at UShaka SeaWorld ", authorized under CCSA 3. 0.
Orchard Sea World is the largest aquarium in Africa.
It is part of uShaka SeaWorld, a large marine theme park, and opened for visitors in 2004.
The underground aquarium was designed around five shipwrecks and entered through the "Phantom Ship" on the ground.
Its unique design was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award of theme creative design by the theme Entertainment Association"5].
There are some great restaurants including "cargo hold "(
It has a wall-sized shark aquarium that can be seen from most dining areas)
And "upper ". $(document). ready(function (){if($('m29Map'). html()== ''){maps['m29']= new Array(); maps['m29'][0]= '-29.
842369855224558 '; maps['m29'][1]= '31.
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'M29map', 'm29', map 【'm29'], false); }});
This charming aquarium is home to some species
The shark, the rotating shark, the hammerhead shark and the local cat shark.
There are other local species, such as eagle rays, honeycomb and geometric birds, local breeding fish, and large fish, including giant grouse, potato bass, goldfish fish and
There are interesting performances of dolphins and seals, as well as feeding by thunder and sharks.
In addition, there are some more adventurous activities such as Lagoon snorkeling at 1500 fish, shark cave diving and walking on the aquarium floor with Ocean Divers! 7.
Dubai Aquarium, Dubai, United States of AmericaA. E.
Credit: "Dubai Mall Aquarium" in Shahroozporia, authorized by CCSA 3. 0.
This huge aquarium is the center of one of the largest shopping malls in the world.
More than 33,000 species of marine life (
Represents about 85 different species)
There are about 400 sharks and rays fish living in it!
Other popular residents include huge pine grou and large ocean-going fish herds. $(document). ready(function (){if($('m33Map'). html()== ''){maps['m33']= new Array(); maps['m33'][0]= '25. 2039774936581'; maps['m33'][1]= '55. 2793 17999999 '; maps['m33'][2]= '14'; maps['m33'][3]= 'roadmap'; }}); $(document). ready(function (){if($('m33Map'). html()== ''){loadMap(
'M33map', 'm33', map 【'm33'], false); }});
This giant tank features one of the world's largest acrylic panels.
Group measures 8. 3 by 32. 88 meter (27 by 108 feet)
75 centimeters (30 inches)thick.
It can withstand the pressure of 10 million liters of water used in the aquarium.
In addition, the acrylic roaming tunnel provides visitors with a unique close-up experience with incredible water residents.
At the Dubai Mall Aquarium, you can walk along the rainforest, rocky coast and marine life at the Underwater Zoo.
You can also go snorkeling in cages and get in close contact with sharks, rays fish and fish (
Of course, you're wearing a special suit)
Even diving lessons.
For those of you who like less wild experiences, there's a glass here --
Boat at the bottom. 8.
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai ChinaCredit: "Shanghai Ocean Aquarium" authorized by Peter17"SA 3. 0.
This is one of the largest aquariums in Asia.
It includes an impressive 120-meter (390 ft)
The tunnel takes visitors on an amazing water tour through coastal coral reefs, open seas, kelp caves, shark's Bay and coral reefs. $(document). ready(function (){if($('m39Map'). html()== ''){maps['m39']= new Array(); maps['m39'][0]= '31.
247905006603876 '; maps['m39'][1]= '121. 5017163'; maps['m39'][2]= '13'; maps['m39'][3]= 'roadmap'; }}); $(document). ready(function (){if($('m39Map'). html()== ''){loadMap(
"M39map", "m39", map ['m39'], false); }});
There are nine different theme areas on five continents and four oceans.
There are more than 450 species, including some really rare and endangered Yangtze River aquatic animals such as the alligator and the giant baby fish.
Chinese water dragons and Antarctic penguins are other famous treasures of this aquarium.
Charming exhibitions and interactive programs provide entertainment and education for every visitor. 9.
Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan credit: Okinawa Aquarium by kamkamkamkamon (flickr)
Authorized by-CCSA 2.
0 credit: hidekamkamkamon's Okinawa churami Aquarium (flickr)
Authorized by-CCSA 2.
Okinawa krumi aquarium is located in the ocean Expo Park in Okinawa, Japan.
The aquarium consists of four floors and is designed to mimic the deep sea in a descending way.
There are tanks of deep sea creatures, sharks, 80 corals and various tropical fish.
The main tank known as the black tide sea is covered with a huge acrylic glass panel (
One of the largest in the world). $(document). ready(function (){if($('m42Map'). html()== ''){maps['m42']= new Array(); maps['m42'][0]= '26. 70173935087948 '; maps['m42'][1]= '127. 877993 '; maps['m42'][2]= '13'; maps['m42'][3]= 'roadmap'; }}); $(document). ready(function (){if($('m42Map'). html()== ''){loadMap(
'M42map', 'm42', map 【'm42'], false); }});
This is one of the few aquariums for captive whale sharks and is currently trying to breed whale sharks.
There are man fish and many tropical fish.
There are diving and other interesting activities.
You can also watch two different dolphin shows near the aquarium.
Okinawa's churami Aquarium attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. 10.
Sydney Sea Life Aquarium, Sydney, Australia credit: "Sydney Aquarium" Dylerpillar, authorized according to the month of CC. 0.
Credit: "Shark display" by Dylerpillar "(
2 authorized under CC.
Last but not least, there is a great aquarium in Darling Harbour near the heart of Sydney.
More than 12,000 specimens from Australia's sealife make up an impressive collection you can enjoy here.
Here are several themed areas featuring marine life.
Some exhibits show some very dangerous characters, such as sharks, Stone Fish, Blue --
Octopus, porpoise, sea eel, fish tail and Stingray. $(document). ready(function (){if($('m46Map'). html()== ''){maps['m46']= new Array(); maps['m46'][0]= '-33. 86262489148485 '; maps['m46'][1]= '151. 20257560000005 '; maps['m46'][2]= '13'; maps['m46'][3]= 'roadmap'; }}); $(document). ready(function (){if($('m46Map'). html()== ''){loadMap(
M46Map, m46, map 【'm46'], false); }});
At the open aquarium, you can walk through underwater tunnels surrounded by sharks and stingray fish that glide above your head.
When you have the chance to see the Great Barrier Reef aquarium and its colorful coral fish, you will be sure to be surprised.
Another very interesting exhibition is the Mermaid Lagoon, home of two Ru gong.
And "shark Explorer", a glass --
A boat that glides on the Great Barrier Reef.
The best part of the journey: you can feed reef sharks!
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