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180° view on matheran track - polycarbonate roof sheeting prices

by:Cailong     2019-08-21
180° view on matheran track  -  polycarbonate roof sheeting prices
Stylish new coach with clear roof and wide windows.
Your train trip to martherland has become comfortable and the new coach will give you an amazing 3
When you go from Neral to Hill station at an altitude of 2,500 feet, you can see the 3D landscape.
Each luxury rail passenger car, priced at Rs25 lakh, has a transparent roof that allows passengers to see a 3D view of the mountains.
They are officially put into use on Neral.
Matheran small railway train for tourists on Monday. The two first-
Class five seconds-
At Neral Station, class coaches and a guard coach line up and they use a new color scheme --
Royal blue with fine white stripes.
"The coach will allow three visitors-
Dimension view of green environment on the go.
"With wide windows and a transparent roof, the train will provide a 3D view," said Sumeet Sharma, chief engineering manager at Parel workshop . ".
It was reported in June that the central railway plan was 104-year-old Neral-Matheran line.
"As the train will negotiate curves and gradients, the first rainfall on the transparent polycarbonate roof will increase the atmosphere," CR spokesman Ashok Singh said . ".
Rs16 rupees for the completion of the Matheran Light Rail (
Same cost for CST construction in Mumbai)
The railway was opened to the public on April 15, 1907.
"The eight new coaches are designed with advanced technology and solid design.
"They provide additional features for safe travel," added Sharma . ".
More coaches are being planned and are expected to arrive soon.
The first-class fare is Rs210 and the second-class fare is Rs35.
Fares will remain unchanged.
"The coaches have advanced facilities such as mobile charging points, ivory panels, bottles and magazines in both classes. The first-
Class compartment with vibrating fan and sun-
The curtains also have shadows, "said Anil Jain, another spokesman.
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