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3 essential bags for spring travel - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
3 essential bags for spring travel  -  polycarbonate
The weather in the spring is very unpredictable, so road warriors need solid and reliable luggage to cope with seasonal changes.
There are three things to consider before you go to Berlin, Belize or Bhutan.
A genius to carry
Genius packing plane hard to carry-
There is a cool bag on the spinner, a regulationsize carry-
Designed for Minimalist travelers.
It weighs only 6 lbs.
2 pounds, given its capacity, this is essentially insignificant.
It's made of a flexible, crushing-
Measures 21 prove the body of polycarbonate.
5 "x 14" x 9 ", 43 liters of internal packaging space.
This bag has internal compartments for socks, Chargers and underwear, a removable laundry bag and laundry compression technology.
This is a lengthy explanation to compress your dirty clothes by discharging unwanted air through an integrated air valve.
Gel handle on top and side, rubber push-
The button handle, the aluminum telescopic trolley handle with two locking positions, and the pressing belt can snuggle the contents together. The 360-
The rotation wheel makes it easy to move.
It has just demonstrated its courage on a quick trip to Switzerland, surviving trains, vans, taxis and planes, perfectly protecting the chocolate bars hidden inside. $179.
Genius bag 99
Dedicated Duffley has been a fan of Eagle Creek bags and packaging systems for years, but even I was pleasantly surprised by how cool their cargo shipping duel was.
They come in four sizes-45, 60, 90 and 120 liters --
But regardless of size, they have little weight because they are made of a fabric called Bi-Tech-Armor Lite.
They can pile up when they need it, and then compress it into a very compact size when it's empty, a godsend for city dwellers who don't have luxury items like basements and garages to store
I love the 90L, it is the same as all 90 l with gear pocket, handle and tie
Daisy chain.
I used it to carry the gear with me and after a recent trip to Maui, checked it with water shoes, dirty clothes and quite a bit of sand.
Ultimate test?
In fact, this bag has always been like this on the way home and survived with the help of several baggage handlers.
It was a bit worn out when it popped up on the baggage carussel at JFK airport, but for the war it wasn't much worse, I know it was a winner.
$109 AtEagle Creek.
Dry clothes DaypackIf if you used to glide in cold water in Alaska or Greenland, you may wear a dry clothes made of high-tech materials that can withstand the worst weather in nature.
So when Trew created their truce drywear Daypack 23L they purchased nylon shell fabric from Oregon
Based on the dry packing factory, buy the waste and debris left by the dry packing.
What you get is a waterproof, indestructible bag made of quality technical materials.
Daypack has a layer of water-
Fabric-resistant and built-in simplified interior design
Laptop case. The weight is only 2.
1 pounds, measuring 10 "x 5" x 17 ", 23 liters are small in size and strong, and are ideal for any spring shower you may encounter along the way.
The retail price of Trew is $139.
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