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32 seconds of sheer, gut-churning hell on terrifying 584ft helter skelter left me gasping for more! harry mount takes a ride on the world's longest slide at the olympic park - clear polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
32 seconds of sheer, gut-churning hell on terrifying 584ft helter skelter left me gasping for more! harry mount takes a ride on the world\'s longest slide at the olympic park  -  clear polycarbonate panels
Now I know how Major Tim Pique felt when he crashed over the weekend.
Well, he probably fell 86 miles in space at 22 times the speed of sound, and I was only traveling 15 miles per hour on 584ft pipes.
But still, on the longest, highest tunnel slide in the world, I feel like I'm going faster.
This slide opens today at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in east London, and I can tell you from a terrible experience that it is not for those who fainthearted.
When I took the elevator to the top of the ancelormittal track, I felt extremely confident that this was the sculpture that Sir Anesh Kapoor designed for the 2012 Olympic Games.
From the top of the tower you will get a fantastic 20-
A mile from London, you can see St. Paul's Cathedral, debris, and on a clearer day than yesterday's rainy afternoon, you can see the top of Big Ben.
You will also get more heartin-
The red steel circle at the Spaghetti Junction in Kapoor spiraled down below you-and the Belgian artist Carsten carefully inserted the sculpture's silver steel helicopter boat for the past two months to shout out
Looking down, it seems that the helicopter slip ring is tighter than the soft rotation of the surrounding red steel sculpture.
But he must know what he's doing, right?
When I slammed, I tried not to think about the whole slide tearing off the tower, or a joint on a pointed corner cracked and let me fly into the abyss.
When I was asked to wear elbow guards and headgear boxers during the training session, my pulse began to accelerate.
Things didn't get better because I heard the girl screaming in front of me while I was in line and she fell down on Earth.
Throughout her journey, screams have been echoing on closed steel pipes-they sound scary and pleasant in nine parts.
Slides occasionally insert a part of the transparent polycarbonate window between the stainless steel panels, which doesn't help much, meaning I can see the ground 250ft below.
I also occasionally catch a glimpse of the screaming girl who spins and twists in those shocking tight coils.
Before I set out, I inserted myself into a high-end black bin bag and held it in a safe position: feet buried at the bottom of the bag, hands grabbing the handle at the top of the bag, knees lifting, the back on the steel pipe is flat, the head is raised, and the chin is on the chest.
Then I left.
First of all, it is pleasant-a straight slope that moves down the steep hillside like lightning --
Catch a quick, screen-shot glimpse of London through the window.
Then, just as I was speeding up, the first of the 12 hell-like corners was kicked in.
The first is the "bettfed" of the spring-German, which was quickly referred to by other drivers as "bedding ".
This consists of three tightly wound coils, all of which turn sharply to the left.
That's bad enough, but, after the third coil, the steel pipe goes straight and down-so you're actually in a vertical free state --fall.
Then, just as your body is used to turning left, it suddenly becomes a vicious, dangerous right turn.
Almost Amazing.
The sudden change in direction made me slide high on the left
Hand side of tube.
Since I wasn't ready for this surprise, my torso and neck moved to the left for a while before my skull caught up with what was going on-prompting a slight whip whi
My knee, I lifted too high, hit the upper part of the tube and created some juicy bruises.
I tried desperately to control my knees, but I didn't have time to prepare myself until the next turn, and when I started to soar near two more steep left turns, the mean shout was
Again, the knee hits one side of the tube-even though this time my poor old head self
Save mode and move in sync with my injured body.
The designers planned to spend 40 seconds on the trip.
It took me 32 seconds.
I don't boil it down to skill, just pure weight-12st 7lb.
If you are under 8 years old, under 4ft 3in, or over 23 st 7lb, you are not allowed to board the slide.
The slide ends in a long line around 50 yards and then lets you stop.
I got off the horse and felt dizzy and a little uncomfortable.
According to the designer, it is beneficial to suddenly change the direction because too many turns in one direction can cause nausea.
I can't say I agree-I feel sick after a two way twist.
Still, even if my 32 seconds in space made me feel sick, my knees hurt, and my neck sore, I realized I was gasping.
Because the truth is that in this fierce battle, the challenge of the plunge creates an extraordinary adrenaline and the height of my survival.
So I got my stomach twice again. lurching times.
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