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3M Design and Matteo Thun & Partners Collaborate at Milan Design Week 2019 - transparent window film

by:Cailong     2019-08-19
3M Design and Matteo Thun & Partners Collaborate at Milan Design Week 2019  -  transparent window film
ST. PAUL, Minn. —
The global innovation company 3 m presented a device at design week 2019 in Milan to celebrate how nature inspires meaningful sustainable solutions.
3 m Design, in collaboration with renowned architect Matteo Thun & Partners, created the installation of the "peak of reflection.
"This unique partnership is driven by the common ideal of curiosity and experiment driving problem knowledge --
Solve and progress.
Eric Quint, vice president and chief design officer at 3 m, said: "This year at Design Week in Milan, we celebrate how nature inspires designers and scientists to learn and innovate every day . "
"It's exciting to work with Matteo Thun & Partners on this device, which brings together a thoughtful approach to using materials and experiments to create meaningful solutions for people and
"Visitors are invited to Superstudio to experience the kaleidoscope experience.
The device reflects the inspiration for the rare blue-form butterfly behind 3 m multi-layer optical film technology, as well as the transition from caterpillar to butterfly, representing innovative features.
The audience will see spectacular colors throughout the space, as the light reflects multiple layers of film, creating imaginative effects for visitors.
3 m optical window film provides excellent energy efficiency by rejecting infrared rays and keeping indoor space cool in a sustainable way.
Matteo Thun, architect and founder of Matteo Thun & Partners, said: "sharing the culture that supports diverse thinking and exploration, we really enjoy working with 3 m design . ".
"The project is designed to try innovative materials from 3 m companies and have an imitation effect on buildings.
Tourists become part of this unity.
"The 3 m material used during installation includes 3 m™Two-color mountain hotel Farsala™And DI-
NOC™Architecture Film and 3 m™Nomadic people™Floor mats. Cross-
Laminated wood is used for building installation, giving full play to building creativity and is a light, economical and sustainable alternative building material.
This latest 3 m design creative partnership is a continuation of the company's commitment to enhancing design and collaborative creativity in innovative new ways to drive a great brand experience.
3 m Design worked with rubner holzbau to build the facility and worked with iGUZZINI to Design the lighting Design for the facility.
About 3 m, we apply science in a collaborative way to improve our daily life.
Our sales of 32 billion employees are $93,000, connecting with customers around the world.
Learn more about 3 m creative solutions to world problems on Twitter @ 3 m or @ 3 MNews.
Matteo Thun & Partners is a multicultural architecture and design studio based in Milan with subsidiaries in Shanghai.
Since 1980, the company has carried out activities at the international level to develop various projects in hotel and residential, headquarters, retail and urban design and overall planning.
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