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4 common products containing bpa and alternative choices - polycarbonate plastic price

by:Cailong     2019-08-21
4 common products containing bpa and alternative choices  -  polycarbonate plastic price
BPA in home products and alternative options is called BPA (Bisphenol A)
There are still many products we eat, drink and buy often.
CDC estimates that 93% of Americans have this chemical in their blood.
Perhaps if we knew where we could find these items, we would avoid them altogether.
Below is a list of products you can have BPA on your shelf now.
You may be surprised to find that only a small number of food manufacturers claim that BPA is not used in canned lining.
This means that one of the most commonly used items that still contain BPA is canned food, which is sold by thousands of peopleprobably more -
In the supermarket every day.
It is shocking that the double phenol a is used to make plastic baby bottles, and although parents have replaced them with glass bottles, the baby will still get the double phenol, because the Environmental Working Group sold in metal cans (EWG).
All canned infant formula milk powder contains BPA.
Babies are sensitive to the harmful effects of BPA because they cannot metabolize and discharge BPA as quickly as adults do.
EWG recommends a liquid formula that is not sold in breast feeding, formula for milk powder or metal cans. But wait!
What are the concerns about BPA?
BPA is a chemical used to make polycarbonate plastic found in many food containers, canned liners, infant formula milk powder, etc.
BPA has the properties of hormone interference, which can lead to various health problems we have today.
This includes obesity, prostate cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, and erectile dysfunction.
For children, it is associated with impairment of attention deficit and interferes with genital development.
The FDA still allows the use of BPA in our products and even considers it safe.
But you can reduce use by knowing where BPA is.
Please also see the link below for products prohibited by the EU but still allowed by the US.
Products with BPA and alternative options: 1-CANNED FOODS -
How often do we buy canned food so we can have a meal.
Unfortunately, these jars have plastic liners that have BPA-
So think about the cans: tuna, beans, soup, tomato sauce, etc.
Another option is to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.
Even boxed and frozen is safer than canned.
Some manufacturers claim no BPA-lined cans.
One of the studies I am familiar with is the Eden food brand.
If you want to keep the food, super nutritious dried beans are an option that can last and taste better than canned beans at a price of about 1/4 of the canned price. (
I find that they cook better if I put it in the fridge). 2 -
Canned soda and beer
These metal cans also have traces of BPA.
For beer, you may just want to rely on bottled beer. 3 -
Reusable water bottles
Stainless steel water bottle is a safer choice.
A brand called Kleen Kanteen should have BPA-free linings. (
I have a great stainless steel flask that I can choose from.
But when I work as a substitute teacher, unfortunately it is not wise to take it to school and have a quick sip (or nip).
But the taste of the water is very good. )4 -
Storage container of polycarbonate.
Make sure your container does not have the number 7, which means it may contain BPA.
Choose a glass storage container.
Those familiar old glass containersPyrex -
There is a plastic cover that does not contain BPA.
Ceramic containers can also be selected.
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