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5 Depraved Things You See Working Backstage At Concerts - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
5 Depraved Things You See Working Backstage At Concerts  -  black plastic sheeting
We have decided that people should get hundreds of millions of dollars for doing a good job in sports, pretending or music.
So as an athlete, an actor, or the world
The famous musician is the one closest to God.
Our source for today, Corey, has been on the verge of glory all his life.
He works backstage at a major concert venue where he has to deal with himself (and fans)
One of our biggest stars
This is what he learned. . .
When you see people like them on stage, some celebrities get frustrated because you don't know them, they are anything but legends.
But being a rock god is very exhausting and most of the time any famous musician looks more or less normal.
Even those from GWAR may prefer casual pants and flannel. . .
Whatever this is
Without his make-up, it's OK, and like an old man who should be jogging a lot.
Backstage, this creates a problem for those who make sure random people on the street don't sneak into the green room. For lower-
Gave first-line celebrity Corey and his colleagues some photos and a pack of names for them to check against new entrants.
"Most people accept it, but some will give us an attitude.
I don't know some of these members and one of them says "Are you serious ? "?
Why else would I wear this! ?
It's really not a good reason because it's a shirt and jeans, but he thinks it's a reason.
We just did it on purpose once, but they thought it was fun, so cheer for them.
"But people who are really famous want to be recognized.
If that's not the case. . .
"I remember Elton John the most. We had a 16-year-
The old man watched the concert at the door and Elton John came alone.
She is still young.
She may know his music, but later she told us that she had never seen him before.
Elton John went to the door and she asked to see his pass.
"I'm Elton John," he told her, but because she didn't know, she said she couldn't let him in. . .
Instead of calling his manager or someone more senior, he went crazy.
When I came to the room, I overheard him say, "Don't you know who I am ? "? ! I'm Elton John!
Let me in my room!
Cody said Sir Elton John was "iron Green" and "red face" when he got there.
"I ran up and opened the door, and I apologized to Elton John when he entered.
But he's halfway there.
"I want her fired. Now.
I won't leave until she gets fired.
"I'll see what I can do," he left angrily.
We brought her back and she started to lose it.
She cried and said, "I don't know!
We didn't fire her, but we made sure she saw pictures of who was performing since then.
I can no longer listen to Elton John in the same way.
"Now, people like Elton usually travel around with their entourage, and their net worth is higher than in most countries.
But John seemed to have lost his place that day, without them, "he looked like an ordinary man.
The first thing I think of is not Elton John!
When I saw him
There was a golf tournament in town and I thought, "That's what John Daley wanted to do.
"Elton John is the worst reaction Cody has ever witnessed, but he is not the only celebrity to be angry about not being recognized.
"Stily Dan was ticked because we had to find a picture of them. . .
The 9-inch nails showed us their driver's license and we had to check their names against Wikipedia on our booth computer.
They can't say anything.
"Of course, there are some strange stories about the stars. The Green Room is a magical place for the band to hang out in front of the stage.
Yes, there are some stories in Corey.
"I can't say who in this story, just to be frank.
Anyway, an 18-year-old girl was invited to the backstage by a member of a big band.
I don't mind hearing that there is a big party in the back.
Someone yelled about 20 minutes later and I heard you say you would!
You said you would! More shouts.
And kick her out!
Then a private security guard from the band dragged the woman to the door and pushed her out.
He's in front of me as soon as he does that.
"She can't come back. do you understand? !
I nodded.
"After that," she stood up crying.
I asked another staff member if there was anything we could do. She [asked us to]
Let her go back, but after we said no, she whispered "I can't ".
That's what I said.
"Now, your idea may have been to a dark place just now.
They are right to do so. . .
They should choose a darker place to go.
"After the concert, I found out that the band wanted her to make a table for a while.
Like some kind of game, a human table.
She refused them.
"It's a dehumanization of the life that refuses to pretend to be furniture, and you can't see it outside the music industry.
But hey, on the good side, at least everyone
The favorite rock band is obviously super nice.
"Nickelback is very polite and thanks for every little thing.
This is the worst thing I can say as a person.
They're too polite.
"3 fans can get a lot of money from HandCory's work, which is basically the gatekeeper as a star.
If you want to get close to Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, or any Beatles, you have to walk past the doorman.
Corey has spent a lot of time making sure that a large number of fans are not too close to the stars.
"In the crowd, 70% of people just want to be close enough to the cool pictures of Facebook or Instagram.
Some others want a signature or a photo. . .
You need to keep an eye on more loyal fans.
Because they think they're smart, they'll sneak in with a big entourage, or at least try it.
Some people will look like stage hands or roadie in all black clothes, but they forget that we all know them.
We will notice one we don't know.
"The craziest tracker Corey met a participant. obviously)concert.
"We knew she would be in trouble because she was there at 1 in the evening. m.
Attend a party.
She always wanted to go in.
Whenever someone leaves, she walks to the door before we put our hands in front of her. Every. Time.
When Jon Bon Jovi came, she went crazy. She said 'Jon!
He pushed the security guard away and hugged him. For one second.
She was cheated by me and others and she was caught. . .
Look at him and try to pull him to her while she's down.
Then she began to fly around and said, "I need him to read it to me. Let me go! ' . . .
Bon Jovi was gone when I looked around, but the fans were taking pictures of us.
The police found her, but before that we held her down and asked her why she did it.
I want him to read it to me, she said.
"It is a lucky thing that no one is stabbed there.
It is understandable that the venue took more precautions after that: "After Bon Jovi, we have iron maiden, and we must clear the fans before.
When they came, the first thing they said was, "where is everyone ? "?
We told them there were no fans there.
They look like they're crashing and their manager says let them get close if they want.
I think it helps me.
Or maybe just like their fans, you know.
And minor stab wounds can be performed from time to time.
Some strange things will eventually appear on the "list" and if you are important enough, say, to have Jon Bon Jovi read it to you, you will be on the "list.
"A large part of Corey's work is in charge of this list.
"There were a few days when we had a printed list that would allow us to go to the background.
Fans Club or those-A-
Hopefully the kids are normal enough, but we sometimes scribble at the bottom too: the three girls I met when I got off at the parking lot.
I forgot what they were wearing.
They will tell you who they are!
This happens a lot and we have to go back and ask the band or someone else, "Can you give us more description ? "?
But sometimes the demands of big bands are very touching.
"When Rush was playing here, there was a middle
The old man waiting at the door said, 'You are so great!
You saved my life!
A member of the band stopped to say, really?
Then he said he would commit suicide when he was young, but their music stopped him. [Band members]
I looked at me and said, let him go backstage.
Can we get some more drinks, please?
The fan smiled brightly as he walked past me.
"And, as a rock singer, Corey also contributed the share he deserves --
Crazy rock stars ask for "List ".
"There was a horse on the guest list once.
Like a real horse.
I don't know why.
But we allowed it.
We thought it was a joke. But no.
When the band came, there was a horse dragging.
Before we took it out, it kept on the plastic cloth in the corner.
We have never been told why.
I don't know.
"We asked Corey for details, which he provided.
But we have to warn you that his explanation leaves us with more questions than answers.
"Yes, the horse never entered the green room.
Go backstage.
It was only about half an hour back there until it began to get nervous.
I heard the speaker upload the audio, some thuds, some "whoas" and what I know next is that it was taken out.
I really don't know why it was there.
Probably because a member of the band really likes it.
They are country pop so maybe he wants to turn it off? I don't know.
The rest of the concert was set up by some band members on the fenced lawn.
"A big part of Corey's job is to make sure that no one under the age of 18 can see a rock star.
"We need their ID card and we won't let them in if they can't show it.
When we were asked why, we said it was because there was alcohol and minors could not be there.
I'm not a lawyer and I'm sure they might disagree with that, but they think it's superficial value.
We don't want anything minor to happen.
"Ladies and gentlemen, music!
"The weirdest thing I need to do is to protect random areas.
Sometimes the singer wants more privacy than a green room.
Usually this means a big trailer or their bus.
We have a storage room they use occasionally.
We need to keep playing when this happens.
This means protecting the area. . .
Divert the attention of fans
"Basically, when fans see a group of people set up and guard in a green room, they think it's because they're behind the door, doing blood magic or eating mice.
So they will be as close to that room as possible, while the really disorganized Crue is sitting safely in the trailer.
When more sophisticated deception is needed, Corey and his colleagues
Workers are creative.
"Either someone in the band, or one of us, or a member of the stage, will be blindfolded by the entourage.
I have long hair and moustache, so I usually get picked up by alt bands or people like that.
We only have one black man working here, so he is the choice of a black actor.
But that's what we do.
Everyone thinks it's them.
I overheard Chris Cornell, I love you!
This makes me very happy.
"When the band decides to post somewhere outside the green room, they still need to be protected.
But the guards have to be less obvious about it.
"What we do is we fiddle with our phones, or it looks like we're waiting for something.
Sometimes we get a trash can and a sweeper that makes us look like we're cleaning and actually we're still cleaning the guard.
Fans asked me a few times what I was doing outside the bus and I told them to "rest" or "clean up ".
Behind me was the singer, maybe the manager, maybe their spouse, and several other security guards.
But no one knows better.
Then when they come out, they will walk past the fans and walk into the background until the fans pass by them.
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