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5 top solar-powered computer chargers - thin polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-10
5 top solar-powered computer chargers  -  thin polyester film
Flexible solar modules in Bruton (Solar Roll)The 14-
Watt Bruton flexible solar module is one of the most user-friendly solar modules
There is a computer charger today.
The simple roll design weighs only 17 ounces.
This makes it easy to carry with you;
In fact, it is used by several professional climbers because it weighs a lot less than the extra battery pack.
This "solar roll" is made by rip-
Resistant to materials and comes with battery clips for charging car batteries, car socket cables and multiplelinking cable. The multi-
The connecting cable has four round connections of different sizes, suitable for most rechargeable devices (
Mobile phone not included).
This is a major upgrade from a version that was previously only entered by the lighter.
The retail price of the solar roll is $300. 49 on Amazon.
Com, prices fell sharply compared to the previous $529. 99 price. Brunton 26-
Watt foldable solar cell array (Solaris 26)
Just a little more, $379.
On Amazon, you can buy 26-
The Watt foldable array from Bruton.
It also weighs a little more, 28 ounces in total.
This design is not as portable as a solar roll, but the whole charger is 11 inch by 8 when folded.
5 inch, only one inch thick hair.
This makes it difficult to put in a pocket, but it is easy to put in a backpack, gym bag or briefcase.
Solaris 26 uses CIGS (
Copper Indium two selenium)
Thin film solar technology is currently the most efficient thin film solar technology.
It also features a built-in
In the blocking diode, prevent the charger from allowing reverse discharge.
This charger also comes with a car battery clip, a car socket cable, and multiplelinking cable.
If you are looking for faster charging or the ability to charge more than one device at a time, this charger is obviously better than a solar battery.
If you have more cash on hand then you may be interested in $499.
00 V generator notebook chassis. The 15-
The Watt charging system can charge the laptop with 5 hours of inner sunlight.
It is connected to the laptop via a USB port or a car charger and has a spare battery that is equivalent to a laptop battery that is fully charged.
This case will hold a laptop as big as the 17 "Mac Book Pro.
The Shell itself is aluminum with recycled PET (soda bottles)
Fabric that makes it both strong and waterproof.
The manufacturer of Voltaic said that most laptops in Apple, Dell, HP, IBM/Lenovo and Panasonic can be charged normally, but some of Fujitsu's laptops, sony VAIO and Toshiba may not support external battery charging with USB connection.
If you have one of the latter computers, please contact the manufacturer to see if it is compatible. 20-
If you're looking for a military Solar computer charger, 20-
Powerfilm's Watt portable foldable solar charger was originally designed for the military.
The whole unit weighs less than a pound and is completely waterproof.
Amorphous solar cells produce 1. 2 Amps at 15.
4 V and provide a stable charge to the laptop.
The panel is equipped with a canvas suitcase and a female car lighter adapter.
This is the highest award at the Consumer Electronics Show. CES)
In 2010, $499 was now available. 00.
The most unique feature of this system is that it is mounted on a 600-inch polyester fabric and is able to resist the often occurring shrinkage of the nylon unit. Wagan EL2501 20-
Solar Electronics PanelAt $163.
Wagan EL2501 is the cheapest solar cell
There is an electric computer charger on the list, but it still takes 20-watt potential.
This charger can reach 20-without direct sunlight-
Standard daylight (watt capacity)or even a 100-watt bulb)will work.
The charger is high
Impact tempered glass, both broken and flexible.
The reason this charger is not far from the list is that it needs to use the cigarette lighter interface.
You will not be able to use this charger if your laptop does not have a car charger.
If you like these features but don't have a car charger, please contact the laptop manufacturer or the after-sales computer store (
Circuit City, Best Buy, Office Max, etc. )
Find one that works for you.
Refer to all the pictures provided by Amazon.
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