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6 of the best tumi luggage pieces for travel - polycarbonate plastic price

by:Cailong     2019-08-13
6 of the best tumi luggage pieces for travel  -  polycarbonate plastic price
If you want to buy a new bag, Tumi luggage will be sure to ship your items safely and fashionably.
Tumi is considered by many travelers to be "the golden standard for traveling luggage ".
"No matter how long you plan to leave home, Tumi offers suitcases that you can carry with you --
Open or check.
They even have Tumi backpacks.
While Tumi luggage may be expensive, it is more durable than a cheap replacement for luggage.
Buying Tumi is an investment, which is why it is necessary to do your research and compare the best Tumi suitcases.
Here are six of the best Tumi luggage to check in: Tumi offers eight different ways to carry around
Put it on a hard or soft suitcase.
V3 International scalable carry
About Tumi V3 International scalable carry
9x14x22 inch measures.
These are the maximum sizes for most operators.
If you fly with an aircraft carrier that is more relaxed
In terms of policy, Southwest hello and JetBlue, V3 has expanded 2 "and can still continue. The V3 Carry-
On is made of a particularly durable polyester plastic.
Believe it or not, this is also Tumi's lightest suitcase at 9. 4 pounds.
In addition to the durable construction, V3 comes with four recessed double wheels and a 3-
Stage telescopic handle for optimal operability.
In order to increase security, it has built-in
In the TSA lock next to it.
You have three zip pockets and straps in V3.
If you are a light packers, you can wear clothes for four days in this suitcase.
You can find V3 carry-
Sold on Amazon for around $419.
It has four different colors.
International carry Alpha 2 front cover
You might prefer soft.
Double sided luggage for extra storage space.
If that's the case, go to Alpha 2 International-On. Like the hard-
Side V3, it also measures 9x14x22 inch and is carried through as a carry-onon.
Even though it has a soft side, it is still stronger than your normal suitcase as it has a protective bump cover on its corners and is woven with Tumi's exclusive wear and tear
Anti-FXT ballistic fabric.
If you like pockets, there are a lot of pockets on the Alpha 2.
It has three external zip pockets, one large enough to accommodate a 15-inch laptop.
Inside, you can pack two suits and a removable suitor area.
To enter the main compartment, you can use the traditional split
The same is true for the case zipper entrance or front cover.
Alpha 2 International-
The retail price on Amazon is $625.
When you need to take it with you, Alpha 2 will carry the pocket bag with you
On the clothing bag, look at the clothing bag that Alpha 2 carries with you.
The size of this bag is 23x16. 5 x 6. 5 inches.
It can accommodate two suits and several dress shirts with ties
Straps and anti-wrinkle protective gear.
There is also a zip pocket and a mesh zip pocket inside.
There are a lot of features on the outside, starting with the zipper entering the main compartment.
You will also find an integrated hook, speed clip off, front u-shape
Zip pocket, front zip pocket and back zip pocket.
You can take this Tumi garment bag with your leather top handle.
Like other Alpha 2 products, it is made of wear and tear
Ballistic resistant nylon.
Tumi does make some larger clothing bags that have to be checked when you fly. This carry-
On Amazon, the package retails for $495, although you can pay up to $983 for a wheeled Tumi clothing pack for long trips.
Tumi offers several different checked baggage suitcases and is ideal for a long trip.
V3 Global Packaging case is the only hard packaging case for Tumi
Side checked baggage option. It measures 12.
5x22x34 inch.
Just like V3 carry with you
It is made of polyester plastic with four double wheels and a 2-
Stage telescopic handle.
Three zip pockets, a hanger stand and tie in this box
There are the straps down there.
You can buy V3 Global Box on Amazon for $625.
Black and Pacific Blue are two colors to choose from.
This is Tumi's biggest suitcase so far.
Alpha 2 can expand packing box size 12 worldwide. 5 x 21. 75 x 34 inches.
It has two men's suits and almost everything else in two zip pockets and passport pockets.
The weight limit may prevent you from squeezing things in the kitchen sink.
Like other Alpha 2 suitcases, this box is made of ballistic nylon, corner bumper covers and two handles to help you lift the bag easily.
For maximum flexibility, it also has a retractable aluminum handle and four double wheels below it.
This bag does weigh 22 lbs.
6 pounds, this is the heavy side, but you will get many years of use from this package and have enough storage to find.
The global scalable packaging box for Alpha 2 retails for $1,175 on Amazon.
If you travel around the globe regularly, this may be one of the best travel investments you can make.
Tumi Alpha 2 large wheeled split luggage bag is probably the most exquisite bag you 've ever seen.
Its size is 16. 1 x 30. 3 x 14.
It weighs 15 and 2 inch. 7 pounds.
Travellers love luggage bags because they are more flexible and easy to operate than traditional suitcases.
Tumi's split luggage bag can also help you become an organized packager.
In addition to being able to enter the main compartment at the top, there is a zipper at the bottom of the bag, which can also split the compartment into two different rooms with a removable partition.
There is also a mesh zipper pocket inside the main compartment.
There are two zip pockets on the outside of the luggage bag, a large rear zip pocket for easy access to passports and other small items.
Another reason you might consider this luggage bag is that it has many different carry options.
It has a retractable handle so it can be pushed or pulled like a traditional suitcase.
You can also use the 10 "shoulder strap or top and side handles if you need to lift the bag.
The bag is made of ballistic nylon and also has bumper protection on the bottom and sides to protect valuables in the main compartment.
The Alpha 2 luggage bag costs $745 on Amazon and only comes in black.
If you 've ever owned Tumi suitcase Tumi luggage, or Tumi backpack, you know it's a very premium product.
You can get what you paid for from Tumi, and while there are many different Tumi suitcases to choose from, these six are really worth considering.
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