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6 wtf realities of common food you buy at the supermarket - pet film for food packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-11
6 wtf realities of common food you buy at the supermarket  -  pet film for food packaging
We all know that if we don't think carefully about the mystery in the hot dog, it's the best for every participant. But assorted-liquefied-beast-
Barwi is definitely not the only processed food that has the dreaded, barf-worthy secrets.
Want to lose a few pounds before climate change turns the whole year into a "beach season?
There is nothing more effective than simply reading all the rubbish (
Sometimes true)
They put your food in. Like how . . .
Almost all burgers contain A little PoopThe "sustainable food" when A reveals "no-
The number of bacteria for antibiotics, grass-feeding and organic "ground beef" was significantly lower than that for E. coli and E. coli. coli --
You know what's in the poop.
But in the end, no matter what type of pried cow you eat, it will contain a lot of s ** t.
In fact, from the most original cut, every sample tested
Rating bodega meat as the minimum number of natural food store products, there is evidence to suggest.
But if you want to minimize the presence of northbound cattle southbound, then yes, you 'd better shop in areas rich in kale and handmade cheese.
The choice is yours: Would you like to be filled with s ** t literally or in image?
Nevertheless, everyone can agree with certainty that if there is poop in the equation, the ideal situation would be.
This is not only the fact that it is very disgusting, but also these (
Frequent use of antibioticsresistant)
I can really cheer you up.
When you think you can burn
Disgusting baked with enough heat, the nature of ground beef means dirt is scattered over the length and width of the burger-
But cowboy, go ahead and order something rare.
How many are the pest parts in your pantry?
We did math!
You may have heard how the FDA allows companies to sell us "acceptable" amounts of horrible food (
For example, the part of an insect, the hair of a mouse, etc. )
This carelessness appeared during the ride.
If you don't, the good news is: We continue to do math for you so that you can have some vivid graphic background on how much you hate eating a normal meal.
First, a can of mushrooms is allowed to contain a mushroom every 100 grams.
If it's hard for you to imagine how 100 grams look, it contains about 156 grams.
Bonus points: mag worms can be "any size ".
"Now you feel how big 100 is --
The part of grams is, can you imagine an insect head with 13 or so no tops in it?
If you're the odd guy in the pantry, that's what you should expect.
Don't worry, you don't need to be too fancy.
Get This "reward" for pants fig cuisine "--
Ground black pepper is more relaxed in terms of including the previous random partwriggling bug.
Like this, you can get 475 pieces per 50g.
For those of you who say "Hey man, this is all protein" try to use this argument. . .
Yes, this is allowed every 50g of pepper.
Pepper, by the way.
This brings us back to our favorite topic: poo. And mold.
And any combination of them.
According to legal standards, it can be in a certain amount.
"But the quantity must be so insignificant that it is almost non-existent!
"Some people may be crying when they rush to call the plumber to repair their figspaste-
Garbage disposal flooded
Well, that's not the case for canned pineapple, as its number of mold may not be less than 20% or more "average mold count ".
Yes, there is a Allowed "quantity" and the exact percentage varies depending on the food.
But don't worry too much. -
Eating a small amount of rat feces will not kill you.
Just, you know, take it in moderation, man.
4 Your bread may contain duck hair and pig fur, for every snack that is now afraid of the refrigerator, and the person who decided to chew the occasional bread crust for the rest of the day is like a ascetic. we have some unfortunate news.
We have discussed a plain bread before, but when you find that the same bread can also be fortified with duck hair and pig hair, it may sound very appetizing.
Pigs and ducks were caught in the wheat threshing machine and eventually turned into pumpernickel, which was not an accident.
Ingredients in the widely used flour additive L-cysteine.
In fact, it is human hair.
The related hair was swept from the floor of the Chinese hair salon and then the amino acids were harvested ---
As long as the person who donated the hair does not have it, this practice can be done. (
Imagine a reporter asking the question of a confused rabbi. )
You can also take away the things lying on the ol' rendering factory killing floor. But come on --
Considering that we often eat animals, from the nose to the tongue, it is almost "natural ".
If these additives were synthesized in the lab, would you really feel better? (
The answer is: Yes, the sacred f * k. )
1 out of 3 in all fast food packaging contains harmful chemicals. Spurlock's documentary may be one, but the fact remains that eating a lot of fast food is not an ideal option to keep fit, as the figure doesn't look like a bag of chewed bubble gum.
It turns out to be an insult to obesity and can play its part in reducing grease
Life of Love.
Oil is actually (
To be more precise, the era of humanity
The old battle with it made our fingers rough)
This is partly the reason. , the grime-
The repellent chemicals used in the third of all fast food packaging not only cause cancer like ordinary foods, but also lead to "elevated cholesterol, reduced fertility rate" and so on, thyroid problems and changes in hormone function "have adverse developmental effects on children and decreased immune response" as a reward.
Yes, there is a good reason that clumsy teenagers in dirty work clothes always forget to give you enough Marcy sauce bags.
Chemicals known as PFAS (short for )
Everything from furniture to carpets to raincoats.
Unless these happen to be places where you store spare sammiches for a long time, the risk of potential cancer is minimal --
Causing agents to penetrate into your food.
Why, you have to cover your food with PFAS!
Unfortunately, this is exactly what we have been doing.
The most frustrating part is probably how those PFAS whatsamajiggers intend to improve which companies our bodies have been exposed to before ---. So what now?
Are we starting to inject our wrapping paper with another untrustworthy chemical that may or may not turn a significant portion of the next generation into a lobster baby?
Or maybe we should finally agree that walking around in public, our faces and limbs are all resplendent and shining with delicious dirt, which is acceptable to society.
Most canned foods still contain BPA, a chemical that is banned from entering baby bottles, and consumers have highlighted the potential danger of exposure to this substance for a period of time with its terribleIt's a man-
Chemicals used to harden plastic, once found in everything from microwave food containers to baby bottles.
Strangely, it seems to mimic estrogen in laboratory rodents, which may explain how high Mickey Mouse is
The tone of sound.
Less interesting is that BPA can cause health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and reproductive problems.
Oh, as we speak, each of us may have some of it flowing in our veins.
It is clear that, in addition to making mice more soft, there is no clear indication of whether BPA is really a threat.
Still, the FDA sees this as a risk that is not worth taking and prohibits use in the above-mentioned baby bottles, while many companies have publicly waived their use in their products.
People who are very cautious can always avoid plastic products and insist on eating beans directly from the jar like a tramp, other than that ---
Surprise of hippies-.
Yes, there are double phenol.
Fortunately, most studies on BPA seem to conclude that it is harmless at low doses of "normal" human exposure.
But there is also a nasty "gray area" in the study"-
This explanation is not very good for possible impacts.
The more annoying findings are that even a small amount of BPA can greatly increase the incidence of heart disease.
We will have to wait and look. (
Maybe put a mouse in a cage next to the cabinet. )
1 A bug that lets companies place random trash in your food, and if it's "usually considered safe", there's something on the grocery store shelf called "GRAS, we're not talking about the fancy stuff you can get.
These substances are "generally considered safe" by law, and the "General" section is the code of the person f * k knows?
"This is basically a bug with the FDA that has been around for decades and it allows companies to provide us with delicious things like car wax and Beaver's anal expressions.
No part of the last sentence is a joke.
This is not to say that the FDA has given the company the full power to sneak stryoning into our hot pockets or something (
Although this may be considered redundant).
It's just that the standard of "general safety" is a bit problematic. . . let's say . . . loose.
Since 1997, there has been a permanent law that "allows food companies to add new ingredients to food supplies with little federal regulation.
"Initially, it was meant to allow manufacturers to join in whenever they want to put ordinary ingredients like salt and vinegar into something new.
But since its inception, go figure has gained some freedom in what is called "common.
"Until last year, for example, a form appeared on the GRAS books.
There is also something called carnauba, which is still there.
In addition to Camaro Poland, carnauba can be found in a variety of products, such as varnish, beauty products. . .
Or icing, candy, gum and gravy.
But is consumption dangerous? Who knows!
Once we ate it, we didn't know exactly what it did because it was once performed.
Then, we have a vanilla spice called castoreum, a substance that any discerning connoisseur knows from smack dab in the middle of.
It's not as popular as before (inexplicably)
But for decades, it has been in a variety of ways.
Even today, you will never know if you are really eating the beaver's colon sticky with a wolf, because thanks to the magic of foie gras, manufacturers can stick it "natural"
When chewing something produced through hard work, it may be turned off
Nothing is inherently dangerous.
So maybe we should not make our own claims to eat foie gras.
We recently discovered that some of them should not worry you at all.
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