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7 adventures of the world's biggest pot smuggler - lexan plastic

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
7 adventures of the world\'s biggest pot smuggler  -  lexan plastic
Today, the United States grows its own cannabis, and the man is increasingly relaxed in the cannabis industry every year.
Last week, we were in the legal cannabis world of 2014, sometimes dangerous, but if you want to know how we came here, you need to talk to people from the past.
At the age of 1970, there was no pharmacy in California, and there was no legal entertainment store.
There are, however, Brian Odiya and his happy cannabis smuggling gang.
We talked to Brian and wanted to know how he became one of them and how it all happened.
Finally, it was very wrong.
He has to say: sometimes the biggest danger is not a drug cartel. smuggling drugs is a dangerous profession.
No one will be surprised by this.
But in my time, the murder rate of drug games was much lower. happy.
However, this does not make it less dangerous.
Let me tell you when we made the stupid decision to transport 16,000 pounds of the weeds through DC6 . . .
Our goal is to get our weed from Colombia, load it on this huge plane, and fly it back to the United States. -
Like magic. -
It's $4 or $5 million.
Back in the 1970 s, it was basically all the money, anywhere, anytime.
I bought this plane from Chicago with two guys but none of us can drive this damn thing.
So we found a young man with 2,000 hours of professional experience. engine plane.
Ours is four.
He said, "Oh, it's no different.
I read this book.
"I don't know f * k-
Everything about the plane, I think it makes sense.
After all, how can an engine be less reliable than it is? (
The answer is, there's a chance to do something. eyed. )
So I volunteered to work with him as a colleague.
Pilot, although the only job I am qualified for is "drug smugglers", "drug users" and "Band Manager "(
Let's face it ~-
The last one is actually just the first two combinations).
We had an airstrip in Georgia and we took off and we lost all our hydraulic systems halfway through.
He asked me, "Would you like to crash in the United States ? "S.
Or South America?
I said, man, there's no place.
"However, if you have to make a choice," he said. . .
"It turned out that I prefer to crash in the United States. S.
You know, there's not one place on you that has thousands of tons of metal explosions like home?
He turned around and told me to start injecting hydraulic fluid into the system, hoping that there would be enough pressure on the production line to lower the landing gear.
We had been flying in the air for more than four hours.
In the dark, the child found the runway just by closing the circle.
No one is waiting for us.
I poured the hydraulic system in and the gear kept on.
The next day the mechanic came and fixed it.
We took off again.
It's a bit okay with the crash going on.
This time we landed in a salt mine in Colombia.
When we landed, we lost our direction, walked down from the runway, crossed the barbed wire and entered the cactus.
This is a problem.
We couldn't stay there, but we had a plane that didn't turn-
All we can do is delay.
This is £ 1975, and when we fix the plane, it costs $10,000 a day to bribe the military. It took a week.
So we took off on a cactus, but we blew up an engine right away.
This is a plane. do you have the impression? )
The props flew.
Now we have three engines and a plane without steering.
Captain Sonny thinks he can do the task with three engines.
He flew normally)
And decided to give it a try.
Anyway, if it weren't for some friendly local fishermen, we would have drowned.
If it were a movie, it would be a farce comedy starring Seth Logan, but it was drug trafficking at the time.
6. serious money has inspired a lot of things (
Not all of them are good)
It turns out that a $5 million payday loss is not a disaster.
Later, I found out that one of my partners planned to completely exclude me anyway. It's weird --
As soon as money enters the equation, one becomes a typical villain in an instant from "friends get together and run on a limited budget.
But a lot of money can also do good things for people.
Let me tell you about the missionary: he was King Potter of Jamaica in his 70 s.
He is the kind of person who will open his house to you and then have you wait for three days, he sits there, is locked in the room, takes drugs, before he is ready to come out and reach an agreement.
But when this guy decides to trade?
He is very smart.
There is a long highway outside Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Missionaries have access to the army.
Jeep and military car-
Jamaica did not specify "dissuasion of false military operations" in the budget for that year ".
So the priest will set up fake barricades on this highway and turn it into an airstrip when we need it.
So you see, the preacher has a crazy way: a lot of drug use for three days in a row to gather the huge balls you need to get this stunt done.
Just when you thought you were gone. . .
Through my lawyer, I met a man named Bill Schaefer who lives on a mountain in Hollywood.
Since there are boxes in each corridor and room, you have to walk sideways in the house.
I said, what is this?
He tore open a box full of Thai pots.
It's this connected person.
So I help him unload from time to time, even if it's just cleaning up this poor guy's house.
Also, I collected 30 tons of dinosaur bones at the time.
No, this is not a euphemism for cocaine.
Although it should be exactly).
I came up with an idea to embed a small piece of dinosaur bones in the LEXAN plastic pyramid and send them to National Geographic users who are willing to pay.
Bill of pot connection is also my dinosaur bone connection.
Bill is what you're talking about.
I want to get out of the cannabis industry and this is a legitimate opportunity.
At about this time, a "friend" I knew discovered my relationship.
I really don't trust this guy, but he claims he has a line in this incredible private port that we can use to smuggle our stuff.
I don't want to introduce him to bill because I don't feel good about that person.
But he kept pestering me and I finally arranged to meet. Yes, high-stakes drug-
The smuggling decision is like a bean bag appointment in a bar: a blind, irritating insistence.
Fortunately, this is an incredible private port, the perfect unloading point for smuggling.
So we went back to Los Angeles and asked ourselves. . . can we do this?
Yes, we can. So we did.
4 "prank" FedsWe bought a 100-usually not a good idea
Tender boat foot.
It has three deep hull and can hold many pots for transporting fish.
What we do next is obvious: we fill it up with green fish and ship it to a processing factory.
So far, you may think we have some issues of lack of attention.
But this move establishes the legitimacy of our ship and helps us to load it down with some kind, honest fish --
Smelly offset slightly dishonest about the pot-stink.
A few months later, we went to Thailand and through the Thai Senator, we reached an agreement with the Vietnamese army to buy 76 tons of marijuana. (
Isn't that how people buy marijuana? )
Long story short: We drove the ship back, made some suspicious transactions, and finally made a lot of money.
We moved hundreds of millions of dollars of weeds and things went well until DEA found out.
We just dropped 50 tons of marijuana in Alaska and loaded it with a small group of ships hidden in the fjord covered with chopped --
Climb down trees from the air to disguise them.
We airlifted the captain from Alaska to Washington so we could plan the next phase of the operation.
Oh, hey, s ** t!
Have you seen fan?
You will get along very well.
We only had a police scanner before that.
But none of this will allow us to get into the frequency of ATF, CIA, FBI, and DEA.
We had a guy on the plane with a spectrum analyzer who could pick out the federal frequencies.
So he reprogrammed our scanner.
When I drove to the meeting
On my big brown tentacles.
In the suburbs, I heard a burst of noise on the radio.
"We have them. they are in the suburbs.
"Before you hear the federal frequency talking about your car, you don't know how to" freak out "correctly ".
Six hours after driving, I got to Spokane and called our safe house.
I told her "I was followed" and she said, "Yes, you are the fourth one today.
Call back in two hours.
"That's what I did, and a small country shop arranged a meeting at an outpost.
As we were preparing for the meeting, Bill called his lawyer in Los Angeles who asked us to contact a former DEA agent who is now a private detective.
He found out they only knew the port we were planning to unload. Nothing else.
We called a friend and bought another great big boat.
I own a small trucking company that mainly transports wood.
It is legal and only exists for the sake of this situation.
The truck drove to our old ship and took the weeds to the new ship.
We knew we couldn't put things in our original port, so we decided to take it to Bellingham in Washington and enjoy it in this whole mess.
We finally unloaded 50 tons of weeds in broad daylight, all disguised as fish.
The old sailors strolled around the dock and looked at it, so we even accidentally dropped a box of real fish from the conveyor belt and smashed it out and sold the story.
That's why you always bring a box of fish with you, children.
Next, we pulled the old Alaska Ship out of the hiding place.
The radio was on in an hour.
DEA, wait-
Empty boat at the pier.
When they did, we were unloading the 50 ton pot to Bellingham.
Our fleet of Bait landed.
DEA was found in the ocean and air. . .
Fresh coffee and donuts are waiting for them on board.
There was no joint, and there was no cigarette paper, not to mention the mistake of a can of Schlitz.
The FBI did not find this interesting.
This is a bit funny, though.
3 don't taste the damn product there are 110 people around the world doing this cannabis exchange, and ours is nobody involved in the cocaine trade.
Our captain has a problem with this.
I ended up against him.
He refused to stop drinking Coke, so we said, "You go to your brother's place in Florida, leave here, and we'll pay you when it's all over. "My co-
Smugglers think $50,000 is enough to bribe the guy.
I don't think it's enough to worry that he will make a noise, but I was rejected.
He went straight to the DEA Seattle office with a $50,000 bag.
He put the money on the table and said, "I can tell you that there is more," DEA looked at us for the next 11 months.
So they were smart about our smuggling operations in the first place.
Dang: only one cokehead would think it would be a bad deal to "relax" £ 50.
The FBI didn't stop chasing us because we were smarter than them once.
In fact, it tends to drive them crazy.
But I ended up getting rich because I had a lot of money and didn't have enough brains, so I quit the industry and decided to celebrate with them. . . cocaine.
I bought myself a whole kilo.
Three days later, I had a heart attack on the floor of my friend's house.
When you start buying personal items
Using cola by kilogram, there is really no other way to end it.
2. the hammer is down (
But it helps to create a legal weed industry)
I started volunteering at the hospital where I was awake and ended up leading the work of the volunteers.
I found a place in the rehab addiction community of Santa Barbara.
So one morning I was lying in bed and feeling good about my clean and sober life, just thinking about this heroin addict who came in the night before. . .
Someone knocked on my door.
I know they're cops. I just knew it.
You always know: the police will definitely knock on the door in a different way.
Sure enough, I turned over and over my Mini.
Blinds, see a man's hand. . . holding a gun.
So I got up, put on my bathrobe and opened the door.
I saw two people with badges and guns.
Someone said, "Are you Brian Odia?
I said, "f * k, I hope I'm not, but I am.
Can we come in?
"You got the gun.
They came in.
Do you know why we're here?
No, I don't know.
"By the way, this is the only decent answer to this question.
What if they were just very aggressive selling tickets to the police ball and you suddenly started yelling at all your felonies?
"Look, smart guy, we know what you're doing.
This is not a problem of change or recovery.
We're here to crush your life.
Do the right thing.
"It's right to call my lawyer.
"We will chase him next.
"DEA also arrested most of the American smugglers, effectively cutting off the supply of weeds in Southeast Asia.
That's one of the reasons for American marijuana.
Now the industry is growing so much.
I have friends in prison who will die there for transporting a drug that is now almost legal.
Imagine sitting on Terminal Island and doing it for 75 years for conspiracy to bring in marijuana, then you open up the newspaper and read the news about Colorado and Washington.
Sometimes the law is more dangerous than the criminals DEA wants me to work.
Because I work in rehab, they think I will.
55 people have been charged. Fifty-
The three of them spoke.
My chief engineer and I are the other two.
He asked me, "Did you tell them anything? No, I said.
"Neither am I," he said . "
I asked, "What can you tell them that they don't know ? "
He replied, "I'm not here to talk about this business.
"In the end, they even arrested Steve Swanson, a former DEA detective who revealed to us.
They arrested him on charges of assisting and inciting criminal groups.
Many people are against him in Florida.
When Steve was charged, he asked for £ 15minute recess.
He walked outside and committed suicide in front of a truck.
The person who testified may not feel very good about it.
I don't believe in sewing needles for thieves, but sometimes it's fair to live a guilty life.
I have feelings for them.
Why don't I talk?
Because it's the easiest thing for me not to talk.
People who work together do this because it's the easiest thing they can do.
Laziness of human nature: Generally everyone does the simplest thing.
And I know I'll be fine eventually.
I have a large group of friends who are members of the sober community of Santa Barbara.
They wrote a letter.
I write the campaign on my behalf with the objective of the President and Vice President, the minister of justice and my members of Congress.
In the end, DA realized that I might not be able to get that support if I was a stubborn criminal possessed by a refrigerated demon.
I was sentenced to 10 to 12 years for a fine of $1 million because I didn't cooperate, but the prosecutor wrote to the parole board to help me get transferred to a prison in Canada where I could be paroled early
Of course, I also have regrets.
No one said we were saints.
But throughout my smuggling of marijuana, I didn't see the gun until those DEA agents knocked on my door.
No one brought marijuana to the United States until the law was bad for Steve.
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