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$71,000 fine over worker's roof fall - transparent polycarbonate sheet price

by:Cailong     2019-08-20
$71,000 fine over worker\'s roof fall  -  transparent polycarbonate sheet price
A crane rental company and its directors were fined $71,000 for a worker who fell off the roof and suffered serious injuries to his head and neck.
Terry's crane hire and director Terrance Ronald Brown admitted last week at the Perth Magistrate's Court that he failed to provide a safe working environment and caused serious harm to the contractor.
In August 2010, Mallon hired a company called Debri to re-execute.
Cranes are provided for commercial properties and Terry's roof works.
Crane operators and 19-employed by Terry-year-
The old independent contractor used the crane to remove the asbestos board bag on the roof and the new metal plate land bag. The 19-year-
The old entry into the roof guides the crane operator and is warned by the crane staff to pay attention to the dangerous rusty iron sheet and damaged polycarbonate.
He walked past the damaged sheets as he tried to remove the sling from a pack of metal plates and walked up to the end of one of the polycarbonate sheets.
The sheets collapsed and he fell to the cement floor, about 3. 3m below.
A safety net to prevent falling was installed under the roof at that time, but did not continue to the Street area, although there were planned installations after asbestos removal.
The court found that Terry did not ensure 19-year-
The elderly were informed of the risks but were not adequately supervised.
The company was fined $51,000 and Brown was fined $20,000.
They were also ordered to pay $1600 in legal fees.
Lex McCulloch, commissioner for WorkSafe WA, said the falls are a significant cause of workplace deaths, with 16 WA workers dying in the past four years.
"Many others have suffered serious and permanent injuries due to falls, and when we find people working on high places without all possible precautions, it is really disappointing, he said.
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