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8 awesome cars they won't let you buy - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
8 awesome cars they won\'t let you buy  -  clear plastic sheets
Every year, automakers make concept cars: well-designed cars are mainly designed to look cool at auto shows.
Most of them are ridiculous and impractical and make you wonder why they bother.
But every once in a while they come up with something cool, it's a crime and they never bother to build it.
These are the dream cars that automakers ultimately think are great for us.
8GM Firebird iiiijets was still new to the world in the 1950 s, aiming to solve the big problem in everyone's mind: how can we tie jet engines into a family car?
As a result, a cyclone turbine engine was installed in Firebird III.
If you are not sure exactly how the turbine engine works, just focus on the word "cyclone" and you will feel it.
If there's something in it that's basically a jet engine, it might look like a jet, right?
In addition to the must-have tailfins, nose fins and a well-outlined Hood, the car also includes two separate clear plastic foam covers.
Nothing is cooler than rushing down the highway tomorrow, your head peeking out of the plastic foam, eyes sharp on the bogey/car around you
The best part of Firebird III, however, is that there is no steering wheel.
Because really, what is a jet with a steering wheel like?
Instead, all the control of the car comes down to a single disc-Shape joystick.
Push the bar side to the steering, forward acceleration, back brake and twist to change the gear as it is truelive airplane!
We will definitely ask for additional features to be added with the joystick pushing down.
50-caliber machine gun.
Although the turbine engine has inherent cooling and a range of advantages over the piston-driven engine, including its ability to operate on almost anything combustible (
Tequila included! )
It has always been an unrealistic choice to power a car.
A gasoline-driven turbine engine produces a large amount of nitrous dinitrogen, a major greenhouse gas that eventually leads to heavy rain, which makes it seem mild for ozone to kill carbon emissions.
Also, the turbo engine sounds more like a loud tweeter vacuum cleaner than the iconic rumble of the American v8.
Oh, there's a small problem, not following the right start
In the drunken smoke, the up process can destroy the engine in a few seconds, making it useless. Oops. 7 Nissan Pivo 2 (With Robot Co-Pilot)
We admit it looks ridiculous.
But we're pretty sure that whatever we do, it's what cars will look like in the future.
It's equipped with a robot. pilot.
This is a strange car. it still solves many problems that have plagued drivers since ancient times.
Instead of a large, heavily polluted gasoline engine, the Pivo 2 has four small motors, one on each wheel.
This allows each wheel to move independently, and for those with parallel parking difficulties, it is possible to turn sideways and slide closer to the car when turning to get a smoother turn, even come back and move when accelerating or braking to ensure that people inside the cabin are always keeping a velvety G-Free ride.
The entire pod itself can rotate 360.
Degree, so that reversing is no longer necessary, no matter how old or drunk your passengers are, the lone door entering the front of the car is a breeze for everyone.
Oh, there's a robot. The ever-
Vigilant robot assistant, do a lot of things, especially monitor your mood while driving, and if you feel a little grumpy, he will try to cheer you up;
It turns out that frustrated or angry drivers are more dangerous and more likely to become bean bags.
He's like a combo, R2. D2 and KITT.
You will inevitably become friends and fight crime together.
We thought he would also refuse to open the door and say, "I'm sorry Dave, I can't do this if you're too cheerful to sound like you need to scare me off.
Just as awesome as having your own personal robot, nagging you every time you frown, obviously, the technology, and all the other innovations on the car, will put the car within the price range of the private plane.
Maybe your child will drive a car like this.
6 ghost CorsairHoly s ** t, look at the bad guy.
If Batman had been fighting crime in his 40 s, it would have been like fucking Batmobile.
Hell, we wouldn't complain if bat movement looked like this.
It is the son and heir of the Heinz food empire, the brain child and dream car of Ruster Heinz.
Founded in 1938, Corsair sets an unprecedented standard for pimpness.
Leading in technology, doors open through electronic buttons instead of the original handle, dashboard includes compass and height gauge (
The latter is probably when you inevitably have to take it down from the top ramp of the parking lot in order to pursue the clown).
The best feature of the pirate ship is in the back.
This feature is so important to Rust Heinz that it sacrifices the relative comfort of the car and provides enough space by changing the normal seat layout to have 4 people sitting in front and 2 people in the back
What are the important factors contributing to this change? Airbags? Crumple zones? Spare tire? Nope.
A beverage cabinetSeriously.
We guess they only went with Phantom pirates as others already have a trademark on Busan mobile.
Pirates plan to spend about $14,700 in 1939, equivalent to $200,000 today. For almost everyone who was not a ketchup tycoon during the Great Depression, it was an unaffordable amount.
Not only that, the car was almost entirely made of aluminum, which was almost entirely used in the war that began in 1939.
Sadly, ironically, Heinz died in a car accident and his dream car died with him.
However, we still think that the first sentence of God to him when he reaches heaven is, "Well, you are here.
Build me a car like this.
"5 Honda UniboxYes, Nissan Pivo is the second
The most sentimental vehicle on this list.
But at this point, it should only indicate how much redemption value it has.
Looks like a boring, clear box on six wheels but when she looks a little deeper she reveals her sexy secrets like a naughty librarian
First of all, this thing is set up like some kind of vehicle (
Unibox mobile command center! ).
It has a camera to see the outside.
The dashboard shows all projected onto the windshield.
Even radar.
Inside is a room like a mobile office (Or headquarters).
Oh, did we mention the hidden motorcycle?
Yes, two small Honda motorcycles are tightly stored in the door frame of the car and ready for release.
We assume that they can be abandoned while flying on the highway, landing perfectly on the wheel, while the rider starts to shoot and track the bad guys with a machine gun.
Unfortunately, there is still not much demand for a quirky Japanese concept like this.
Still, you are still driving a large and transparent plastic box, driving as fun as a translucent armored vehicle, except for the benefit of not having a bag of cash at the back.
If you want to know what kind of doubt they have about the operability of this thing, it will have a airbag on the outside of the car-or when--
You hit a pedestrian.
4 bmw gina is a car designer who throws away the rules manual and starts thinking about what happens when "The Future (
Although not equally cheesy, the future of more than 50 designers "the highway of tomorrow ").
Gina's skin is made entirely of shiny textile fabrics, rather than using sheet metal like almost all other cars. Yes, fabric;
The clothes you're wearing nowWhy?
Well, it was finally discovered that the metal shell of the car now adds a few hundred pounds of weight, but it doesn't actually work (
What protects the driver in the accident is what is underneath it).
The combination of fabric and removable metal and carbon fiber wire networks allows you to change the shape of the car in a way that makes the car look alive.
Seriously, even.
Great, yes, but a little scary.
Obviously, the biggest problem is that it's hard to imagine any fabric getting dirty --
Evidence sufficient to resist mud, squander bugs, road salt and bird litter accumulated over the years.
But to make matters worse, the fabric is not the strongest building material known to man.
Although metal dents and paint scratches, the fabric is just tears.
It cannot be repaired by a mallet and a Bundo.
Even if there is a slight tear, the entire covering needs to be replaced because the aesthetics of the skin depends on whether it is as tight as possible.
We are guessing that there will be many accidents where the driver, wearing torn fabric "hood", falls down on the road on the windshield, and as the car is driving on the road, Benny Hill's music plays in the background, he screamed.
It's not right that we want to have this life.
Carpool size? Because we do. is a full-
Size, road value cars made of bamboo, aluminum and carbon fiber materials connected together by 364 titanium bolts, rather than individual welds.
The whole thing was packed in a 500 piece kit ready to be assembled and won it "Ikea-
"Mobile" by many car columnists ".
We assume it appears on your porch and is placed in a huge carton.
Ma Huateng is also invisible to the environment like a car, responsible for the environment, and is not actually made of trees --bark.
It is made by a zero
Discharge the motor, no need for any hydraulic fluid, 96% recyclable.
Green enough.
Let Leonardo DiCaprio shut up forever.
Is there no place to park in winter?
Just take the suction cup apart and put it in the attic with Christmas decorations.
The only better thing is if they finally build this life --size Lego car.
The official reason for Ford is that Ma Yun has never been to produce, but as an inspiration for corporate designers to prove that alternative building materials and DIY kits can be used in the market.
The real reason, we think, is that most people can hardly trust to put a bookcase together, let alone a full size car of 500.
Finally get everything together in the driveway and notice that there are still two lonely bolts left in the box.
"These are extra, right, dear?
"The loose bolts in the hands of hobbyists, misplaced parts and incorrect construction can cause accidents, which means that not only do you need to be vigilant about bad drivers as you have done in the past, but now, when they cut off your connection, that person's car will fly away in front of you, adding to the danger.
Would you believe what you built with your own hands at 70 miles per hour?
We don't think so.
Volkswagen GX3The is perfect for anyone who wants a motorcycle, but after running through a small piece of cobblestone, always worried about being killed by the road. It's a two-
After installing F-on a Honda motorcycle, it looks like a seat "car" for future generations"1 race car.
Of course, its fuel economy is like having a hybrid, only it makes you look like a bad guy, not a huge p ** y.
Yes, it can drive in the car pool lane like a motorcycle, allowing you to avoid traffic without having to take a heavy blow --
During your morning commute, I will accompany you with a doll.
But that's not why you bought these things.
You bought one because you can't drive it without screaming "wheee! ! !
"Every minute on the road.
You can't go to work with this thing. if you are in a bad mood, it will appear.
It is so low from the ground that it can be driven in half
Easy trailer, action movie style (
Statement: Please do not do this).
It's not bad for a car that is only planning to cost $17,000.
You can almost, in fact, it even has a shipping date in early 2007.
However, just before Volkswagen went to the factory, it felt cold about this radical design and admitted that it might have some safety problems.
Most importantly, SUVs and trucks hover over the small GX3 and are able to easily squander it as easily as monster trucks flatten Oldsmobile at State Fair.
Considering that people don't really like to wear helmets, get hit in the face by road debris and breath exhaust while trying to get kids to school, you'll get a German car maker who is very scared of the American legal system. 1Ford Seattle-
In 1963, at least one team in Ford's design department was completely out of the loop.
Not only did they advance their time, but they did. The Seattle-
Ite will use an interchanging fuel cell, or even a small nuclear reactor (
When people don't quite understand the concept of radioactivity and mutants)
And equipped with real-
We have just now perfected the computer surveying and mapping system.
Oh, and Seattle-
Ite looks great too, wearing a bubble canopy with a kick ass, clear lines, unconventional, spaceship-like exhausts.
This is also the first car to use six wheels instead of the usual four wheels, which utilizes the theory that more wheels will improve traction and braking efficiency, there are six more cool-looking theories.
Well, it's a little small, some of the technologies they want won't even exist in the next 40 years, and can't afford it even in the car today (
That's why fuel cells are decades away from the mainstream).
This is a car that nochadamas will be proud of its ability to predict, so much so that it can't even exist as planned until decades later.
Because, it's almost frustrating to look at what these guys thought in 1963 and then realize that our cars still don't have gasoline, Pistons and four boring tires.
Damn, if Ford were to hit the wall to make this happen, what would the car look like today?
We will continue to work in pure energy.
There is a beverage cabinet.
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