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8 fun christmas crafts to do with your kids - clear plastic rolls

by:Cailong     2019-07-25
8 fun christmas crafts to do with your kids  -  clear plastic rolls
The first thing I want to do when the holidays come is to decorate Christmas, start recording holiday movies and play Christmas music.
Christmas doesn't last long, so I like to take advantage of the short time I have to enjoy.
You know, including taking out all my Christmas cookie recipes, but it doesn't seem like making cookies alone is enough to really take advantage of the season.
You can only do so many Christmas tree decorations before you have no activities, and you and your family end up sitting on the sofa and watching Christmas movies bored.
Keep a happy feeling for everyone!
When playing movies or cheerful music in the background, why not let the children participate in some fun Christmas themed crafts? !
Here we like to make fun holiday snacks with the kids and take out all our handmade items.
This not only keeps the children busy, but also gives everyone the mood for a holiday.
You're decorating the house anyway, right?
I never had enough decorations all over the house.
They seem to get lost year after year.
By having your kids create some great crafts, you will get more great decorations, you will get some good memories from your children when they are young. they can see their wonderful works everywhere in the house.
When the weather is too cold to go out, your child doesn't have enough fun activities at all, so prepare some fun Chex Mix Party recipes for the holidays and be busy making them.
Maybe these interesting ideas will keep your ideas flowing!
Don't stop here, though.
Let your kids think about the more fun crafts they can do during the holidays.
These interesting decorations are too beautiful to hang on the Christmas tree.
Hang them out, catch the winter wind, spin, hang them on the table, enjoy them in your Christmas meal, and even hang them with your socks on the fireplace.
We even know to hang them all over the house or make ribbons with them for windows and fireplaces.
Erialsconstruction paper rulerscissors3 hole punchFishing wireinstrutionspersonally, full of three buildings next to the front cut strips to save time.
Put your ruler on the long side of the building paper on paper.
Use a pencil to track the width of the ruler along the length of the paper.
Move the ruler over, align the side of the ruler with the line you have drawn, and trace the width of the ruler down again along the length of the paper.
Repeat this until five are found.
Put together three pieces of building paper and cut down all five of the lines you draw.
Each color should have 5 bars of the same length and width.
It's time to cut them into the right length for this project.
The length you cut is your choice and will make your decorations different in size.
I would suggest leaving two 12 inch, cutting the two to 10 inch, and cutting the last one to 8 inch.
Once cut, make a hole in the center of each end.
Arrange all your straps together so the holes match on one side.
Cut a small piece of fish line and tie the fish strips together. Be sure to tie the fish line.
Now align the holes on the other side of the belt.
Due to the different length, they wrinkle up when queuing.
Wire a longer fishing line to the length of the decorations you want to hang and tie your straps securely to one side of the fishing line.
If you want, make a circle with the other side of your fishing line and tie it together so you can hang it up.
The tree is covered with very cute decorations.
You can challenge your kids and make them unique and even put their names behind on the day so you can remember how big your kids were doing it a few years later
What's really great about our family is the unique way they show with a few toddlers.
White felt paper material small pieces of orange felt paper buckle eyeliner permanent black marble scissors structure begins by cutting three different sizes of circles in white foam paper.
You can try the protractor or find a wide variety of glasses with the right size you like at the bottom.
You can then draw or track your circle without writing it by hand.
On your orange foam paper, you may just want to draw a carrot-shaped nose and cut it off for your snowman decorations.
Finally cut a suitable length ribbon as a scarf, you can tie a tie on the snowman's neck and cut the stripes at the end with scissors.
It's time to assemble the snowman.
First, cut a fishing line long enough to cover the length of the snowman's body and tie it to a tree.
You can make this part for your child with a hot glue gun and a hot glue stick, as it will almost dry immediately, let them continue, or let them use Elmer's glue, which needs to dry overnight before use.
Arrange your snowman circle to fit the shape of the snowman, and stick the fishing line to the length of the snowman, leaving the rest of the fishing line on the top of the snowman's head, so that it can be tied to a ring.
Once the glue has dried, turn the snowman over so that the fishing line is at the back and the smallest circle is at the top.
Stick your orange nose in the middle of the snowman's face, draw two eyes above the nose, one coal mouth (
Hope to smile)
With your permanent mark
Stick the button in front of The Snowman and finally tie a scarf around his neck.
You can stick different parts of the snowman to your child with a hot glue gun and glue stick, or simply let him or her stick to it with Elmer's glue.
Keep in mind that when using Elmer's glue, the snowman needs proper drying time to be processed again.
Plastic Cup snowball decoration what a precious little Snowball your child can make on his own!
Hang it on a tree or put it on a shelf.
I encourage my little daughter to come up with different scenes as if he had set up a complete town on our Christmas tree (
Or near our home)
He is very creative.
Just a few ten cents plastic package from Hobby Hall or Walmart
Matt, we made a bunch of these things and had a good time. Materials9-
Oz clear plastic copper silver poster board craft scissors polyester with micro-tree, micro-animal or human metal material
Or hot glue gun and glue stick)
Instructions you will want to start by tracing the opening of the plastic cup on the back of the silver poster board.
With your hand scissors, cut your circle about 1/8 outside the line you draw.
Put your round, Silver Side Up, flat on the table.
Cut the ball a little to cover your circle.
Remember, it should be in your cup when it is placed on it.
Take it apart and fashion in a circle so the silver will be displayed in the center.
Put your miniature trees and animals in your polyester battery at the same time and glue them all down.
I recommend using hot glue so that it will glue down right away and keep your child in shape (ren)wants.
If you use a plastic cup as an ornament, poke a hole in the bottom of the plastic cup.
Cut a fishing line about 5 inch long.
Tie a tight knot on one side and slide a bead onto the line.
Pass the fishing line from the inside of the cup through the bottom of the Cup and reach out from the other side.
Make a knot on the fishing line and fix it tightly on the other side. Slide 2-
Put another 3 beads on your fishing line and tie a knot at the bottom next to the Cup.
Beads will eventually become part of the ring, hanging on a tree.
The stained glass glue snow cover is hung in the window to show guests and neighbors how beautiful the decoration is.
This is a bit difficult, but it only takes a little patience to master.
The first few snowflakes were a bit rough for my 3 year old, but then he got the hang of it and they started to look really good.
Material White scraps of paper, wax paper, white string paper, coated paper, glue, watercolor painting (blue)
Tracing the adjacent snowflake pattern to a piece of white paper with a pencil begins the brush fishing line. (
There is a circle in the middle. from the middle circle, there are 6 Figures 8 s, and 6 humps connect the figure 8 s together. )
But any snowflake pattern is fine.
Once you have the pattern, stick your wax paper on it.
If you want to make more than one snowflake at a time, make a few of these patterns before pasting wax paper on each snowflake.
Pour about half an inch of Elmer glue into a small paper cup for making snowflakes.
For each snowflake, you will cut a few ropes, soak them with glue, then place them on the lines you draw on the original paper, on wax paper of course.
You will want to do one thing at a time instead of trying to do the whole thing at a time.
I will start with a piece of heart and then cut one for each figure 8 and finally one for the last six humps.
You will want to make sure that all edges are in contact and sealed, because it will be crucial when filling your shapes and coloring them.
When you put all the ropes out, put a glue point anywhere the two ropes meet, just to fix them.
Before you finish, carefully cut and tie a fishing line through one of your circles to hang your snowflakes.
I will tie it to your desk until you finish completely to prevent it from moving snowflakes and ruining your hard work.
Let your snowflakes dry completely for at least 12 hours before proceeding.
When it's dry, now the interesting part is here!
One at a time, fill the space you want completely with glue.
Immerse the brush in watercolor and use the brush to mix the selected color into the glue pool (
Remember one at a time).
I filled the center circle, outer circle and diamond-like shape between your figure 8 s.
Dry them for at least 24 hours before stripping them off wax paper and hanging them.
Not only are these decorations beautiful, but they also make amazing centers at your holiday table.
With your help, your kids will really like to put these together.
My little one even wanted to mix the ribbon pattern by alternating the twists and turns on the tree.
Material foam cones or folds decorated with ribbonElmer glue of different heights (
Or hot glue gun and glue stick)
Sew pins with beautiful colored balls on the end structure. First, place your cones on their sides and set sewing pins somewhere within the grab distance.
Draw a medium glue line along the bottom of the cone.
Place the edge of the ribbon at the beginning of the glue line and fix it by sticking a dazzling sewing pin all the way to your cone.
Twist the cone and continue to push the ribbon into the glue and fix it with pins every 2 inch or so.
When you get to the ribbon on the other side again, simply overlap a bit and start drawing your glue line, laying your ribbon and fixing it with a pin, right above the first line.
You basically glue, fix and wrap your ribbon from the bottom of the cone all the way to the highest point.
The pin not only allows you to create your tree using Elmer's glue, so your child can do the project on his own, but, if you choose not to remove the pin after the drying process, the pin ends up looking like an ornament.
Upon completion, let the trees dry for at least 24 hours before trying to use them for decoration.
In order to give the tree a feather look, I recommend using a pre-saw or pleated ribbon.
Just use the flat ribbon and your tree will be quite flat as well. Your choice.
Toilet roll CarolersWhat cute little animals greet your guests at the front door and even decorate the side table with other Christmas decorations!
You will like to have these works at home.
We personally have been saving all sanitary paper rolls for crafts this year, just like these.
My son really enjoyed the idea of cutting old socks for his hat!
2 sanitary paper tubes (
1 cut to 2 different lengths)Colored paper (
Face and gloves)
Color pencilsElmer tape music design Paper 3 socksraffiascisssinstruc of the little boy launches this project by cutting the top
The third one of your toilet roll.
As you prepare the rest of the work, give each of your three carols the color you want and leave it dry.
Cut out the circle from your colored paper as the shape of your carols face and gloves.
Draw a small face on each of your circles.
I suggest closing my eyes and my mouth (
Like they're singing.
A little pink on the cheek (
Because it's cold outside).
Now cut the small rectangle from your music paper and fold each rectangle in half to prepare the score for each of your carols.
Stick your circle to the top of each tube and leave their hats about half an inch.
For their gloves and sheet music, I highly recommend that you stick the gloves to the score first before sticking them in the middle of the toilet tube.
Before adding the next item carefully, you may have to get each piece dry.
When all these pieces are dried on your carols, we will make their hats.
For their hats, fold the top of each sock a little bit as the bottom of the hat and cut a little foot from the bottom.
Squeeze the bottom of each sock, where you just cut it down and tie a piece of your Rafiya around it and close it.
When you pull a sock hat on each little character, your carols will be done.
These trinkets will not only be made by your child, but will also be displayed on your tree, very interesting.
They are much easier than you think!
Especially at this time of year, you can buy a bag full of different sizes of beads in the craft section at a very cheap price.
For projects like this, we like to take advantage of any clearance crafts.
Finish in advance with glue of different colors, spray glue, scissors and permanent marks with fine tip structure: the hat will need to use hot glue because Elmer's glue will not stick to the felt.
To make a hat, half cut
Circle out of your felt, wrap each one together, form a cone with a small hole at the top, then glue the edges together, keep them together,
In this way, you can simply provide a stack of possible hats for your children for their elves.
Put all your materials on the table so you can easily reach them.
Start your first elf by bending a whole pipe cleaner in half.
Grab it with a curved end and start feeding your beads to it.
First, feed a large body bead to about half on your pie cleaner.
The two ends that stretch out at the bottom will be your elf's legs.
Next, slide the head beads onto the pipe cleaner.
Then slide the hat of your choice (
You did it before we started the activity)
Onto your pipe cleaner.
Finally, slide a small bell on your pipe cleaner.
You want to leave enough space at the top to make a loop with the top of the folded pipe cleaner, but there is plenty of room between the head and the body beads to wrap a scarf and another plumbing cleaner for your elf arm.
Now, it's time to do the legs.
When you work on the legs of the Elves, other beads should stay where they are.
Slide around four small beads at each pipe cleaner end, then bend the bottom, make small feet and put your leg beads on top.
Now it's time to cut another plumbing cleaner in half to make your arm.
Wrap this pipe cleaner around the first one between the body bead and the head bead. slide about 3-
4 small beads, similar to the beads you use to make your legs, placed on both sides to make your arms.
Bend the ends of each side to keep the hands and beads on the arm.
Finally, cut a long and thin felt (
About 4 inch by 1/2)for the scarf.
Cut the scarf stripes at each end, then cut a long crack in the middle of one side, so you can slide the other side of the scarf over.
Wrap the scarf between the arm and the head and slide one side over the other to secure it.
Give yourself something to hang the elves by simply expanding the fold and keep all your beads, making a loop with the top of your original folded pipe cleaner.
To complete, adults should fix the end with hot glue, and the beads meet the end of each pipe cleaner.
In this way, the beads do not fall off when the decorations move around and even store on next year's Christmas tree.
Although the pine tree is very simple, it is also very cute!
In the fall we did something similar for the bird feeder, so my son already knows what to do.
He had a good time. and so did I)
Glue each precious little bead in place.
Are they not cute?
Textile felt/fabric beads (
Or another type)Elmer's glue (or hot glue)
Cap/Wooden/solid base (optional)star-
Beadsinstruc in shape starts this simple item by sticking pine nuts directly to the base, whether you choose a cap, a wooden coin or something like that.
Before trying to work with pine nuts, you'll want to keep the pine nuts dry long enough.
Once dry, one at a time, spray a small drop of glue water into the opening of the pine fruit and immediately plug a small piece of felt or fabric beads into place.
Spray a small drop of glue water to another opening of the pine fruit and fill the other bead in place.
Repeat the process until your pine nuts are filled.
Do the same thing with your other pine nuts.
Make it completely dry before using the decoration.
Making Christmas decorations, decorations and other crafts with your children should keep everyone immersed in the spirit of Christmas.
Think about it, when your kids have fun, they take pride in making fun items and make fun Christmas memories that they will have all their lives, you will prepare creative new decorations for your home as well as unique souvenirs to remind you of these important days in your child's life.
Make this a regular holiday tradition that you can repeat every year, and your child will have something special that they can expect every year.
I know one of the biggest things I'm looking forward to in our home this year is a plate of regular sugar cookies surrounded by all the fun ingredients that might make amazing Christmas cookies.
Everyone in the family can make one by themselves. of-a-
Enjoy delicious cookies in front of the fireplace for Christmas. I can't wait!
Don't you want to share something like this with your family?
Every year, you make fun Christmas crafts with your children and review your home.
One day, when your children add their own children's crafts to the Christmas tree, they can even put these on the Christmas tree.
Hope you like these! I know we did!
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