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a $20 'glove' will save the lives of thousands who are having heart attacks - polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-15
a $20 \'glove\' will save the lives of thousands who are having heart attacks  -  polyester film
Back in 1995, I joined a small breakfast group with Dr.
Peter Pasternack is a top cardiologist at New York University Medical Center and a pioneer in the field of surgical risk for heart patients, he and Dr.
Mr. Govindan, a neurologist at New York University.
I am honored to meet with this accomplished team and we started a project soon inspired by gopinode
Study how outpatient health care is changing and how it is threatened by insurance and regulation.
How prescient the project now looks, thanks to the scope of the review.
Unfortunately, pasnak died of sudden cardiac arrest on October 1996, and both "Gopi" and I were very sad and unable to continue.
But non-member states did not give up.
He quickly used the sudden death of his close friend as an inspiration for his new invention, the glove, which replaced the tedious EKG lead.
The standard EKG leads can take more than 5 minutes to get on and need the help of a trained technician.
How many lives
It's like Pasternak's.
When an untrained person fumbles for these clues, are they already lost?
The device currently used by emergency personnel has only one heart lead.
This limits their ability to evaluate and treat patients in the field.
The complete 12-guide EKG provided by the gloves has the advantage of displaying the electrical conduction vector at many different angles, providing a 3D view of the heart.
This view is more likely to cause irregular cardiac rhythm or damage to the heart muscles themselves.
Thinking of how a quick reaction saved his friend, gopinkle developed a cheap disposable glove that could be placed on his chest even if untrained people were in an emergencyemergency.
Gloves are a synthetic product, polyester film (Mylar)
It is both waterproof and heat-resistant and does not power on, and it is not found to cause skin allergy.
Perhaps the most important thing is that the gloves do not appear in the standard x-
Ray, so it doesn't have to be removed when chest x-ray is taken.
The electrode is pre-
Put it on the surface of the glove, so there is nothing else to do but put it on.
Once it is placed on the chest, the glove can be connected to a standard EKG machine or any computer via a cable, and the associated wireless transmission box can send EKG tracking to anywhere in the world.
Computer chip-
Into the glove itself-
Is currently under development.
Soon, EKG gloves will become a self
Contains equipment.
"In the future, a patient suddenly loses his ability to work like a doctor.
Pasternak will be able to feel pain in the chest or a slight pounce or panic, put on gloves and transmit their ECG to a doctor anywhere.
So far, gloves have been studied at Ben Gurion University Hospital in Tel Aviv, conducted an FDA study at the heart catheter laboratory at the Langone Medical Center at New York University, and Mount Sinai Medical School, it is found there that its accuracy is comparable to that of the standard EKG.
Earlier this year, the Mount Sinai study was presented to the Society for Cardiac Angiography and Intervention.
The study concluded that "agreement between standardsand glove-
ECG records in patients with heart disease are high in a range of related ECG parameters.
According to Mt.
The Sinai study of EKG gloves "is expected to simplify and quickly diagnose acute myocardial infarction or other heart diseases.
"The gloves are cheap, about $20, and it's also very versatile and can be used anywhere in the hospital ICU, at home, on a plane or on board without sacrificing quality.
It is portable and disposable, avoiding infection associated with the re-use device and basic errors that occur when the electrode connection of the standard EKG is incorrect;
Error that always occurs when the chest wire is placed.
More than 700,000 deaths in the United StatesS.
Every year, gloves are pioneers in the field of remote access to real-time health information, which can save thousands of lives.
In the future, gloves or similar products will provide you with 24-hour home TV coverage based on what your heart does at any given moment, when something goes wrong, warn you and your doctor.
IBM, Microsoft, preventictm and others have developed remote EKG programs using smartphone technology, but this glove has unique features that make it user friendly.
"Peter Pasternak smiles somewhere," gopinowski said.
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