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a breif on polycarbonates and lexan polycarbonates - polycarbonate acrylic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-20
a breif on polycarbonates and lexan polycarbonates  -  polycarbonate acrylic sheet
The design of the corrugated polycarbonate sheet matches the specific profile of the metal in the construction industry.
These embossed polycarbonate plates are easy to clean and not easy to break, so they are a tough and suitable product for the greenhouse environment.
Corrugated plastic sheets provide almost unbreakable lightweight covering for storage buildings, greenhouses, garages, etc.
These single layers are easier to install, and the service temperature ranges from-40°F to 120°F.
Indian manufacturers of polycarbonate sheet provide natural flame retardant materials.
Each sheet provides a protective UV film with excellent weather resistance.
With up to 99% light transmission, the optical properties are the same as their glass.
Advances in new technologies have made these polycarbohydrate sheets more popular than ever before, while it remains competitive in price and also gives the added benefits that the usual ribbons cannot offer.
With a wide range of colors, contours, and options, the magnuated pc board offers nearly 100% sun protection and a 10-year warranty.
Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets India Lexan polycarbonate sheets is a lightweight plastic equivalent to 1/6 of the weight of the glass, almost unbreakable, 200 times the impact strength of the glass, excellent Hou resistance, excellent insulation, flexible and simple installation.
There are many forms of them, such
Cast acrylic, solid sheet, multi-wall and other materials.
The usual configuration of greenhouse glass includes multi-wall and corrugated glass.
The main reason why these solids are not recommended is that they do not have UV coating on one side.
UV protection can prevent the paper from becoming yellow and brittle.
However, while some may mistakenly believe that this affects the transmission of light, it has nothing to do with it.
A sheet with UV protection is guaranteed for 10 years against hail or yellowing damage.
However, this is different between different manufacturers.
Some can also provide UV protection on both sides.
When both sides of the paper are exposed to the sun, they are usually used for vertical applications such as fences.
It is usually more expensive and not needed.
Corrugated Board is a thin polyester fiber that can be made in a wave shape or other design.
They don't have as much insulation as double wall panels, but are used in a variety of applications.
Choose the best supplier and get high-quality materials according to your needs.
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