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a chronology of events in the crash and aftermath of swissair flight 111 - mylar insulation

by:Cailong     2019-07-25
a chronology of events in the crash and aftermath of swissair flight 111  -  mylar insulation
Here is the chronology of the events of the crash of Flight 111 of Swissair and its consequences: Sept. 2, 19988:18 p. m. EDT —MD-
The plane takes off-
John F. Roll Off The Runway 13R.
Travel to JFK Airport, New York, Geneva. 8:47 p. m. —
Flight 111 at 13-which cannot be explained-
Minute radio interruption10:10 p. m. ADT —
The crew found an abnormal smell in the cockpit. 10:12 p. m. —
Decision on land transfer. 10:13 p. m. —
Smoke is visible inside the cockpit. 10:14 p. m. —
The pilot announced the pan-pan, and the international call number showed that there was no urgent problem;
The crew wore oxygen masks. 10:21:27 p. m. —
The pilot told Moncton that he needed to dump fuel before landing. 10:24:42 p. m. —
Flight 111 declared a state of emergency10:24:53 p. m. —
The crew told Moncton that they started dumping fuel and had to land immediately. 10:25:06 p. m. —
Plane height information that disappeared from the Moncton radar screen. 10:25:40 p. m. —
Digital Flight Data Recorder (black box)
Stop recording information, followed by a cockpit voice recorder. 10:26:04 p. m. —
Flight 111 disappeared from the radar screen
The height of the final record is 9,700 feet. 10:31:22 p. m. —
Halifax's Bedford Institute of Marine Studies recorded the earthquake from a suspected crash site near Peggy Bay. S. ;
All 229 people on board died on the spot. 10:39 p. m. —
The emergency health service dispatch center reported the accident.
Emergency alerts were issued by 21 first aid units and regional hospitals. Sept. 3, 199812:39 a. m. —
Rescue aircraft on site.
The search began and fragments were found. 3:30 a. m. —
Hospital alarm canceled3:50 a. m. —
A woman's body was pulled out of the water. 5:45 p. m. —
Search officials say 60 bodies have been filled with bodies.
Naval vessels continued to patrol survivors and bodies at night. Sept. 4, 1998 —
Rescue officials officially admitted that there were no survivors and switched to rescue missions. Sept. 5, 1998 —
Private memorial service for families at Halifax hotel ballroom.
Forensic experts collect blood samples from relatives of the victims and compare DNA to help identify the remains. Sept. 6, 1998 —
Diver resume flight data recorder. Sept. 9, 1998 —A non-
The denominator ceremony is held in the Indian port near Peggy Bay.
The service is served by Prime Minister Chretien and Swiss President Vladimir ocoti. Oct. 1, 1998 —U. S.
The Federal Aviation Administration announced the launch
The structural aircraft components of 1,837 old aircraft, including electrical wires. Oct. 29, 1998 —
Swissair, after investigators found that the fire was damaged, disconnected the on-board entertainment system on the aircraft, including the burning insulation on the wires connected to the main power supply of Flight 11. April 9, 1999 —
The Nova Scotia government has announced that it will set up a monument in three locations for the victims of Flight 111.
A monument has been set up at Whalesback, about 500 west of San Peiji Bay.
Bayswater on the west side of the bay.
The scene of the accident was also designated as a special location. Aug. 11, 1999 —
On Flight 111, it was found to be an important factor in the spread of the fire. Aug. 31, 1999 —
More than 20 coffins carrying unidentified remains of passengers from transatlantic flights were buried at a memorial site in Bayswater, New Jersey. S. Sept. 1, 1999 —
Hundreds attended a ceremony to commemorate the victims at a second memorial site near Peggy BayS. Sept. 29, 1999 —
The FAA banned on-board entertainment for Flight 111. March 27, 2003-
The Transport Safety Board of Canada released the final report of Flight 111 crash.
The report took the on-board entertainment system as a reason and clarified the pilot's misconduct.
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