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A conversation with Terry Zwigoff and Daniel Clowes - where to get mylar

by:Cailong     2019-07-31
A conversation with Terry Zwigoff and Daniel Clowes  -  where to get mylar
The limited edition of ghost world is not a summer blockbuster.
Not a remake or a sequel;
No kung fu sequences and shower scenes.
No Sandra Block.
No room Prinze Jr. No laser guns.
There are no pop songs on the soundtrack.
So far, there are no action characters, board games or beach towels for "Ghost World.
The main characters of the film Enid (Thora Birch) and Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson) have just graduated from high school and don't know exactly what they want to do with their lives, but they know what they don't like-
Most other people
Two long term maladjustment, they look for meaning in the ruined cultural landscape of the United States, or at least a good garage sale.
They hang out among dirty diners looking for weird guys like Seymour (Steve Buscemi) who ended up being friends with Enid.
Ghost World is a collaboration between the famous "breadcrumbs" director, Terry Zwigoff, and the screenwriter and famous cartoonist, Daniel Crouch.
In the words of Clowes, this is a film shot by "weirdos in this over-saturated corporate world.
"I know it took you nearly five years to make Ghost World.
There must have been some very scary pitch meetings along the way.
Terry Zwigoff: Unfortunately, most of the people who succeed in Hollywood or any other industry are not oddball at all.
They don't understand the type of character we have in the movie. -
People who are uncomfortable and distant
They had something to do with some people who drank three beers, played basketball, and went to see Shakespeare in Love.
"This is their life.
Now, this is something I can't understand at all.
Daniel Clowes: It's hard to convince them because they read my comics, watched the crumbs, and would think, "except for a very frustrating, slow art movie, it is impossible for these people to make anything.
"Once we went to a meeting and we immediately knew that it was not working.
Terry and I were in a very bad mood and you could almost feel the dark clouds coming into the room.
Then, at the end of the meeting, when everyone was in a bad mood because of us, an executive noticed that one of his tropical fish was dead ---
It's like our mental energy killed his fish.
This is a great moment.
I am proud of it.
When it comes to castingcloes, is there any particularly empty advice from potential production companies: Oh, yes, of course.
At some point we were with almost every studio and they all had their own casting ideas ---
This is just the actress who is the protagonist.
"We saw Jennifer Loff Hewitt as Enid.
"I was thinking," Well, it's a little opposite to Enid.
Basically, Enid shouldn't be like this.
"From There to Alicia Silverstone and Claire Dennis.
Few actresses have anything strange about them, and few have the texture that suits the film.
They also have crazy ideas like Nathan Lane.
Zwigoff: Yes, they are pushing Sarah Michelle Geller, Melissa Joan Hart at different times.
Everyone on the list they gave us was wrong.
A character like Enid should be a bit of an outsider, and I don't really think Jennifer Loff Hewitt will be in a role like that.
She should be in the Gap ad.
It's ridiculous.
We chose Scarlett and Thora for a reason.
Both of them are a little weird.
The subtle, unique way they deliver lines is perfect.
Terry, you must have received several scripts after the "Crumb" was successful.
Zwigoff: It's not correct for a long time to have rumors that I refuse to do "Austin Power.
While they did send me the script, I don't think I 've ever seriously thought about directing the script.
I'm sure they probably sent it to 20 other people as well.
I rejected the Virgin suicide.
"I talked to the producers and I just told them honestly that I didn't get it.
Should this be interesting, is it a thriller, and most of the scripts I get after breadcrumbs are so fake and pretentious.
Like a nuclear physicist named Du Pree, he is also a mountaineer.
So, of course, when I read Dan's Ghost World script, it's so real, its characters act and talk like real people.
You don't know how rare this is.
From the perspective of two 18-year-olds, are you totally willing to write a story? year-
Old girl: I didn't think about what to do until the character slowly came to me, just like the painting I drew on the sketchbook.
The way you draw a character shows their personality, [Enid] comes to life in my mind in a strange way.
If I have to write a story about her now, I can write it out soon.
I just heard her voice in my head-
I think this is something that is mentally divided.
Zwigoff: I try to avoid thinking they are 18year-old girls.
I'm just trying to think of them as people with their own problems.
One of the dilemmas of Enid that I can certainly relate to is that she can't find her place in this culture.
Most people in the "Ghost World" think that the great influence of today's American consumer culture.
As a matter of fact, there is an-
Product launch.
Crouch: Terry and I both want to feel the ubiquitous business commercialism in this movie.
We want these things to be considered oppressive.
I mean, this is the world we live in, we are defined by the objects we choose to surround ourselves, and I think that's the theme of this movie, also the theme of the character Enid.
She is trapped in a very limited world of consumer choice.
She doesn't want to choose Pepsi or Coca-Cola.
She wants some weird soda that she never heard.
Her imagination is bigger than what she provides.
In response to the company's Coke world, both Enid and Semour chose to look for old, neglected things and surround themselves.
I know you two are also long-term collectors.
Zwigoff: You really have to dig into this culture to dig into good things.
For me, art, music and design came together in the late 20 th century.
What do you want to have in 1929, you can go and see the latest Picasso exhibition and then go to the nightclub to see the play of Jelly Roll Morton.
In 2001, you can go to see 'N Sync or Backstreet Boys.
No comparison.
Clowes: collectors like us are usually very troublesome people who find comfort in wet apartments filled with rotten old things, they are often a need to deal
Of course, I live in my own little sanctuary/nursing home and all the books are covered with Mela.
I have collected a lot of vulgar 50-and 60-year-old sex paperback books and recently found a book called "Ding-in 1968-a-Ling Broad.
"It has the stupidest --
Beautiful woman I have seen on the cover.
For me, this is the source of endless joy.
This appreciation of strange things seems to have extended to some of the actors who chose the film.
Any favorite you can't land on: Timothy Carey was alive when we started writing the script, and we thought we might have him in the movie.
In fact, we had an amazing meeting with Lawrence Tiney, which was probably the most terrible moment of my life.
He basically went crazy in the office and broke a lamp on Terry's desk.
He's totally crazy.
He is the embodiment of evil.
He's really evil.
One of my favorite characters in the movie is Doug (Dave Sheridan) from the convenience store wacko ).
Where did you find the guy named upZwigoff: when he was interested in making our film, we were at the Mike Judge's office in Austin.
He was interrupted by an important phone call and suggested we order some food or watch some videos of him lying down.
So he left for about an hour and I took out the audition tapes of all the different characters that this guy sent.
One of the characters was the guy with the double chuc stick and it really made me cry on the floor because it was so funny.
So Mike asked us to get in touch with that guy and it turned out to be great.
Clem: Actor Dave [actually] showed up on the set with sunburns and vests.
He is a real mounted policeman and he is very good with the double chuc stick.
Ghost World features a plush mongoose scene at a garage auction, which, of course, deserves special mention.
Let's hope that Oscar will remember that.
Zwigoff: The plush mongoose is something I got from Robert CRUK years ago and I ended up handing it over to a front
When we broke up about 15 years ago, my girlfriend
I lost contact with her, but I desperately wanted to get in touch with her because I wrote that mongoose into the script of the movie.
I kept leaving her a message but I couldn't reach her all the time so I told the prop guy, "I need a mongoose to fight a snake.
"At the last minute, he turned it out at an antique store in Los Angeles.
Dan, did the scene you wrote about the Enid art class evolve from your experience at the Pratt Institute of Art: Art School is one of the most interesting moments of my life ---
One by one.
Putting kids who don't have business in a scene where they have to go is such a ridiculous scene.
They must prove that everything they do is truly meaningful and profound.
It's fun for the kids to make sculptures with circus peanuts and try to prove that it's great art.
Illeana Douglas is an excellent art instructor.
Did she share the story of Martin Scorsese between Bamboo Island: Yes, anything you want to know!
We all had these questions about his film and she was more than happy to tell us what we wanted to know.
Zwigoff: My first question is about the scene of the Chinese restaurant in King of Comedy ---
My favorite movie. -
The extra thing in the background is staring at the camera throughout the scene and acting strangely.
Illeana laughs and says it's a crazy friend of Robert De Niro who insists on using him on the spot because he needs the job.
How did you meet the inconspicuous Indian musical you used at the opening of the movie: I have a 10-Generation dance number tape and I will show it to everyone who enters my house.
I showed Terry the movie one day and he said, "We have to find it in the movie.
But no one can find it.
Luckily, John Malkovich (one of our producers) did some publicity for an Indian film in 1998 and had a lot of exposure in the Indian film industry.
So we sent a copy of the tape and they quickly identified it as "Gunaam" from 1965 ".
In the end, we got in touch with the film producer's kids who remember being on set while filming gun aam.
In fact, when we were filming the opening ceremony of Ghost World, they were there and Enid was dancing there.
This is a great thing.
They are so excited to bring it back to life that they can't believe how much we love it.
But we 've been saying, "This is the greatest thing ever filmed, you don't understand!
Any small detail in the "Ghost World"
The audience can quote time to impress their friend szwigoff: Well, there is a genius that happens entirely by accident (although we are willing to gain full trust for that ).
Three weeks after we shot the high school graduation scene, I picked some very depressing Republicans.
Look for men as customers in the porn store sequence.
If you study the film carefully, you will find
The high school principal we played at the graduation ceremony was the same person I played as one of the porn store customers.
Without knowing it, I voted for the same person for both scenes!
This is a paranoid, cynical moment I never dreamed.
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