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a garden for all seasons - tinted polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-21
a garden for all seasons  -  tinted polycarbonate panels
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Imagine, it's in
On February, the snow piled high and the ice column hung low.
In the restaurant, the family sat down for dinner and enjoyed fresh kale, cherry tomatoes and red pepper salad, all handmade --
Earlier that day, they picked it from the biological community in their backyard.
It's wishful thinking, according to Michael Oster and the community garden volunteers at Brewer Park.
The team is finalizing a proposal for the City of Ottawa to install a biome garden on their community plots to indicate the possibility of extending the growing season and to highlight healthy eating and safety issues, natural food production.
"The main purpose of biome gardens is to address food security in Ottawa, to showcase possible art, and to encourage others to innovate in sustainability solutions," Oster said . ", Who is leading the biome proposal.
"As far as Canada is concerned, we introduce fruits and vegetables from other countries at high environmental and economic costs without fully exploring how to grow food locally," he said . ".
Oster submitted a funding application to the Better neighbor project.
The city has provided up to $30,000 in support for approved applications, but says it's too early to talk about potential projects.
Biological domes are usually large buildings that attempt to replicate ecosystems for educational and research purposes.
The gardener of Brewer Park wants to build a closed small environment in the "passive solar greenhouse system" that can save water and prepare for food production.
Their design was inspired by Patricia Waters, author of the bio-Community Garden Book.
Waters said she created the original plan in early 1980s and created the terminology for the biome and biome gardens.
David Chernushenko, a member of the Ottawa parliament, supports the proposal of the biological community and the benefits of being able to grow in a cold climate.
"I think there's something in our subconscious mind that can be identified (growing food)
It is good to some extent.
Chernushenko said: "While community gardens are becoming more and more popular, it is not no challenge to integrate them into public spaces.
The design requires the installation of elevated beds for traditional crops in the park in June.
Then, about in the middle
In September, the bed will be covered by a dome made of polycarbonate panels.
The dome will be powered and heated by solar and radiant energy.
Community gardeners want to work with professors and students from Algonquin College and Carleton University
Adjust the construction, gardening and mechanical aspects of the yearlong garden.
Paula Claudino, a master's degree in applied science, is also a volunteer at Brewer Park community garden.
She focused her paper on efforts to make the biome garden as energy efficient as possible.
The key to success, she said, is to create a space that can handle seasonal temperature fluctuations in Ottawa.
The volunteers will cultivate fish and plants in the biological community through a process called "aquaculture.
Water containing fish waste is regularly soaked and nourished at the roots of crops that grow in small pebbles rather than soil.
"You can think of fish feces as waste, but it's rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, so you can also think of it as a source of nutrients for vegetables that need nitrogen and phosphorus, Oster said.
"The roots of plants will never dry, but plants welcome fresh water to rise, which leads to a surge in growth.
Some studies have shown that aquaculture can grow four times more food than traditional farming systems.
"The team will conduct experiments to find out which crops perform best in winter with the lowest light and at different temperatures, and which fish can provide the best nutrition.
Garden Chairman Danielle canting said she was shocked after she moved from Montreal to Ottawa 10 years ago and did not see many community gardens in town.
She finally realized her dream of seeing the community garden flourish.
There were 29 plots in this garden last year.
This year, they added 35 plots, plus the planned community of organisms and some berry shrubs.
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