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a new way to unclog a toilet (at your own risk) - clear plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
a new way to unclog a toilet (at your own risk)  -  clear plastic film
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Korean toilet bottle opener is definitely not the rubber piston your dad has on a stick. It's a single-
Using a plastic film called Pongtu, it can extend to the toilet and stick to the clean and dry edges.
An airtight sealed and flush toilet with plastic film expansion, look! Clog-
Clear the positive pressure!
As you can see in the demo video, on the inflated movie, push down three times and the blockage is free. (
I did hold my breath though, because in one already-
Full toilet with another bowlfilling flush. )
The attraction here is that using a normal piston to build enough pressure can be a hard job without kicking the toilet muck, and Pongtu seems easy (and splash-free)enough —
When the seal is not breathable.
It also boasts that it is "foldable and portable "-
Ideal for chronic on-the-John Sester.
A few months ago, a video blog about life in Korea called "eating kimchi"
Run by a Canadian couple working in Seoul, Simon and Martina stauski
The Pongtu was tested but blocked by the seal of a tramp.
"When we tested it, it worked, but in the video we messed up," Simon wrote in an email to NPR . ".
Simon said he only saw the product online.
"We can't see them in supermarkets or grocery stores," he wrote . ".
Just like our weekly innovations, we contacted people related to this product and wanted to interview the inventor.
We have not received a reply yet.
If you are eager for more toilet innovation, look at our previous report: a hackable toilet; a toilet-sink combo; and a sink-urinal combo.
Heidi Glen is a digital producer for NPR.
She often writes about the intersection of technology and children.
This is her first post about the toilet jam.
Find her on Twitter (@heidiglenn)and Tumblr.
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