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a plastic sheet, and we can read - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
a plastic sheet, and we can read  -  plastic sheet
Transparent colored plastic sheets are laid on books to help children speed up their reading, psychologists say.
The medical research board found in the experiment based on previous work, which shows that students with reading problems can also help them overcome the difficulty of using paper, this makes it seem that the words "twist" on the page ".
The committee's psychologists in Cambridge's Applied Psychology Department have made the latest breakthroughs after testing children at schools in Cambridge and Norfolk.
In 15 schools in Norfolkyear-
Children are asked to choose from the colored plastic sheet known as the overlay to see which (if any) makes reading clearer and easier.
Then, when they read a series of random words on the printed card, they were timed, whether covered or not.
They can keep the sheets if they want
More than half of the children found a difference.
Use them when reading at school.
Last fall and June, the students were tested the same at the beginning of the experiment, and the results showed that about one
The fifth is to be able to read faster than without coverage.
At the same time, in the control group, those who seem to need coverage but are rejected show a decline in their reading rate.
Those who read the most difficult are more likely to choose coverage to help them.
The project is led by Arnold Wilkins from the Cambridge Department of Applied Psychology and led by David Bolton, head of the country's sensory support services.
Ponton said the result was "dramatic ".
Norfolk is already ahead of the use of coverage maps in local education authorities to help children with reading difficulties.
Research conducted six years ago in New Zealand and the United States prompted authorities to explore the potential of colored sheets.
"The children came to us and said the letters moved or shook, and of course, like many others, we said, 'Are you sure? '?
"Said Mr. Ponton.
"But then we began to hear more about the study, and there was less doubt about it.
Children with "visual perception difficulties" seem to see the letters moving and creating stripes and patterns rather than clear text.
A boy referred to Mr. Ponton, who described the letters he saw "running around on the page ".
In norfolk, students with serious problems are covered in their textbooks.
If they continue to rely on the sheets, they will be sent to the optician for prescribed glasses with colored lenses.
The researchers are also studying the role of colored plastic tablets in the treatment of migraine.
Bruce Evans of the London optometry Institute said: "Some people have migraine when the light triggers, and they may also get help with color filters, perhaps glasses.
He added: "It's strange that different people need different colors, and sometimes the colors a person needs can be very specific.
They may need a blue filter, but it doesn't help them if it's light blue and not dark blue.
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