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a real bird's eye view: inside the human-sized birdhouse where you can nest-le down in the treetops of british columbia - clear polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
a real bird\'s eye view: inside the human-sized birdhouse where you can nest-le down in the treetops of british columbia  -  clear polycarbonate panels
Incredible images reveal the human
Allow people to live in large bird huts at the top of the tree.
Eye-catching photos show the stunning structure on wooden stilts along the forest slopes, and the similarities with traditional birdhouses are obvious.
Other photos show the interior of the House, a dog relaxing on a double bed with plenty of room to move around. The birdhouse-
Located in the forest of BC, the hiding place of the shape is Calgary's work
Design company based in North studio.
A spokesman for the company said the cottage can accommodate two people, 12 species of birds, and any curious little animals that come to visit.
"In addition to being a great place for people to nest, the whimsical facade has 12 aviaries, each designed for a variety of local birds living in the Columbia Valley mountains of BC.
"The materials, forms and directions of the bird cottage are designed to provide nesting opportunities for the widest possible range of local birds.
For example, a feather-colored Pecker is a larger bird that looks for nesting space 15 to 25 feet from the ground, with a 4' entry hole and an 8' x
On the other hand, war is a smaller bird, usually nesting 9 feet from the ground, with a hole of 1 1/8 and a hole of 4 'x4 'x6.
Taking into account the largest and smallest bird species in the area, the cottage is 9 feet metres from the ground, the summit is 20 feet metres from the ground, and the aviary is scattered between the two.
"Imitating the nesting process of a bird, the material of the bird's cabin was cleared from the surrounding environment.
"The cottage is housed in a cross-supporting structure, built by a sturdy cottage pole pine cultivated in the nearby forest recently ravaged by fire.
The platform and cladding of the cabin are made of wooden boards recycled from the old cabin deck.
The front is covered with western red cedar wood tiles with custom circular contours, and the radius is determined by the size of the birdhouse opening and the width of each Wood tile.
"In order to give a feeling of being in the tree canopy, the roof of the bird cottage has disappeared with a clear 8mm polycarbonate panels," the spokesman added . ".
Therefore, this space is passively heated by the Sun as a greenhouse, passively ventilated by two round windows, interspersed between the facade and the entrance.
A bridge connects the birdhouse to the hillside, and a stone trail leads to the natural spring and bonfire.
Mark Eriksson, creative director at Studio North, said the structure is a private family cottage that they live in spring, summer and fall --
However, they closed it in winter.
Eriksson revealed that the statue-style Bird House is a relatively simple building, so it will take a month to complete it.
He said that although the special residence in British Columbia is a private family residence, he will build the building for them if others want it.
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