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a root-and-branch inquiry: inside the deep-digging, money-spinning, web-crawling world of family trees - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
a root-and-branch inquiry: inside the deep-digging, money-spinning, web-crawling world of family trees  -  clear plastic sheets
You left when you left, right?
You will get your pleasure, or be free from the pain, to the last era of a true seven-year-old man and woman; baby, grown-
Up, parents, grandparents, great-
Grandparents, grandparents, and finally, anonymous and illusory when no one alive remembers your being.
There may be some traces of your dust in the cemetery, but, in addition to keeping some small corners of our species, you might as well not have been here at all.
One more thing: you will get a chance to live forever.
In death, you will be turned into one of many records that are forced to keep.
One day, if one of your descendants is attracted by the desire to trace their ancestors, they will find you, in the resurrection version of our earthly age, to save you from oblivion, as part of their family tree, give you a new presence.
When you wait to find out, you'll live in a place where we'll all be sure to go: sitting in the database, as a census record of what and where you used to be
This is Valhalla of our society, which is located in a huge building in the west of London.
The numbers using these records are amazing.
20 years ago, when tracking your family tree,
Nobility, some odd hobby, a small part of us went on a pilgrimage.
Last year, according to findmypast. co.
In Britain, nearly three people surveyed their family history.
The power of change on the Internet is working, with more than 22 million visits to the National Archives website in 2009, four times as many as four years ago.
Businesses that help you track your ancestors online are in a similar boom. Ancestry.
Com's global web site network has more than millions of users who have built more than 12 million family trees;
Visit the family tree. co.
Over the past three years, the UK has doubled and the genes have regrouped-despite the habit of building connections with people, which are not more likely to be your relative than Himalayan yaks
Herder-1000 members, five times as many as in 2005.
Half now. a-
More than a dozen magazines on the subject, 130,000 people buy one of them every month.
Their advertising is a tribute to an industry.
Because this is the case now)
This is almost undignified prosperity.
The software program provided allows you to build a permanent, searchable great record
Uncle friend and cousin Annefamily-tree charts (
For those who want to enliven social occasions by writing a form that shows the full ins and outs of the bubble);
Photo respondents (great-
Aunt Eliza is flush again);
Latin translation (
Go back far enough and you need it to read the church records); books (
Your criminal ancestors are popular, 12 years old. 99);
File CD (
Summary of Shropshire quarterly meeting 1660-
£ 1889, £ 14); events (
Bracknell family history fair at the local sports center);
Hope classified advertising (
Colin Jerry, for example, is interested in any other Jerry);
Page and page of small advertisement in county
Record researchers, some of whom have adopted happy names such as Anzestry, Branchlines, or
My Eain relationship with the Scots proves this.
All of this plus, for those who cannot reliably add and subtract, the bone density wheel used to instantly calculate the date and age is 3. 81 plus p&p.
If all this does not satisfy your curiosity, there is always a DNA test to determine the deeper racial mix that exists for all of us.
Its critics point out that you can pay hundreds of pounds just to be told that your ancestors were "Arab or Irish", suggesting some sort of inaccuracy.
Moreover, for the real big family, there are companies, such as the footprints of ancestors, providing drivers-driven, luxury-hotelled, five-
Your ex-cause day tour, all accompanied by your own personal genealogical scientist, will be conducted with the help of a "professional repairer" for the "months" of the company's commitmentThe cost?
The weekend version of the stingy is only priced at 20,000, or 7,000.
In order to increase the popularity of the family, more things may have been done
The BBC is tracking the trees. Who do you think you are? .
The show, which began in 2004, reveals well-
Known people, on the surface, show that they are quarrying at the historical working face, but in fact, follow the previous route
Set up by a diligent background family tree.
It gave birth to the inevitable BBC Magazine DVD (
Contains shots of seriously deteriorating celebrities looking out of train windows or traveling along country lanes)
And an exhibition at Olympia.
From Friday to Sunday, there will be no less than 200 exhibitors this year. Some 15,000-
In addition, if they start to pursue, they will not only discover their ancestors, but also what they may not have expected to find: it is very addictive to search for your roots.
They will become family tree fans. I should know.
I have become one of them.
To make matters worse, I'm a recent convert, missionary, an advocate for walking and talking about family trees all the time. building.
This is what I said "one day" I would do, and for me, when the generation of my parents passed away, the time had come, a long time ago, my family already has no brains to pick-not just their work, marriage, and war services, but what you can't get from the census or death certificate is: their character.
I have an aunt-the only one I have-who lives with every faculty member but has an aunt to sprint to 96.
When she was still alive, I kept thinking that I should invite myself to come over and test her, but I would never let myself do it.
It seems to me that it might shock her to do so, and it looks as if I was told some frustrating medical news, which she did, though she did not know, and was about to leave.
She died in November, and in addition to a memory booklet she wrote for my cousin's daughter, her memory died with her, and so did many people's memories.
Visit my daughter. in-
At Christmas, I was shown two paintings of their ancestors of the East Indian Company, and a family tree including the poet William kauber.
So I did some tentative research online.
In one day, I became a member of my ancestors. co.
In Britain, it takes a few hours to surf the Internet every day to savor history.
This is a disease, I think, but those of us who have fallen ill only feel benefited.
I learned something;
Among them, how distorted do you think you are? .
There are always-suspicious-some "revelations" about these shows "(
For example, the ancestors of Jeremy Clarkson invented the gas-tight Kilner jar, or the incest big jar of John Prescott --great-great-
Grandfather had children with his daughter and he managed to become his great grandfather toogreat-grandfather).
The result is that all of us have some interesting and novel ancestors, hiding the secrets of wealth, fame or darkness, which is a misleading impression.
Sir Michael Parkinson's family is reportedly considered too peaceful to be one of the themes of the show, and I know how he feels.
According to the authority of the official record, my great family tree found that I was the latest of a long list of boring people.
I have searched 1680 people and I am very disappointed that there is no acne in all 516 people on my tree --
A prostitute, a horse thief, a embezzler, a biker, a prisoner in a poor house, a cyclist, nobs, slobs, or yobs.
Only those who are born, study trade, get married, have children and die. My lot (
My personal memory goes back to the generation born in the 1880 s)
Is ruthless, sick, clean normal.
Maybe, apart from the Greatuncle Sidney.
Every family has its little mystery. He is one of mine.
In fact, for some reason his entire branch is rather vague, which requires a stroll around the Randall's house --The method of explanation.
My mother is a Plaice (
It is helpful to have unusual surnames in your past-heaven helps Smith and Jones)
She and her father, Percy Price, born in King Lynn, norfolk County, have a relationship that can be said to be troublesome.
He is a composition artist who is good at painting and uses his early retirement time to travel the world.
My twin brother and I adore him very much. (
When we were very young, a sample of the conversation was recalled: "Grandpa, what color is the stomachache?
To prove this, he drew one for us. )
However, we know too little about him, in part because of his travels, but mainly because, not knowing in our gentle minds, he grew well and lasted until his later years, men of women.
The story is like this: my mother's big wife and five sons.
All died before the age of 17)
Once, he had to go to the place where he was working to fight him against his current enomorata.
His wife died in 1953, and later he married his office female friend, whose relationship with my mother was interrupted for quite some time.
He died when we were in our teens.
We were told that our attendance at his funeral was "unnecessary" and that my mother would never talk about him, even though my twins and I were often certified by will.
He had a brother named Sidney, and I couldn't find a trace of him after he was still a 7-year-old in the 1891 census.
I then joined findmypast, which is the sign that I am now hopeless. co.
The UK, because it has 1911 census, I think I might be
A glimpse of his war
But there's no trace of him there.
I found him a few nights later.
There, in the records of those sailing to the colony at the end of 1930, he was.
At the age of 55, Sidney immigrated to Adelaide to fly first class on a steam boat on the shosaville line.
He made a fortune here. did he go to Australia to spend money?
Or, given that October 1939 was the date he left, was he one of those monied who was terrified of places where no bombs had fallen when the war broke out?
Well, these things are possible, but the careful lettering of the crew chief on the ship's passenger list indicates another reason.
In addition to Sidney's name, in the column titled "occupation", there is also the word "retarded.
There is nothing wrong with "retirement" or any other word;
A man left behind a terrible idea that poor old Sidney was tied to the other side of the world and saw his days in the sunny murmurmurs.
Or maybe he's a shell.
Shocked veterans of the Western Front, a family council decided who should be spared in the upcoming blitz and sent to the care of immigrant Plaice?
Until the Records of South Australia are made public (
They sound like famous clams.
According to Dan Jones, an ancestor expert)We won't know.
I suspect that no matter how routine your family may seem at first, that's why it has worried people over the years about their ancestors: there are so many loose ends.
Some can be cleaned.
My wife's mother was born unmarried, which made her feel ashamed.
It's not a big deal today, but it's a pretty big stain on Berkshire in its 1930 s.
Her father later married her stepmother and I suspect she is an incomplete healthy woman since she started serving at the age of 13.
She has a nervous behavior of a newbie.
Palo maid stayed at home all day, but her biggest concern was her unlegitimacy and her mother's love for all kinds of GIs.
When I went to look for these questions from my ancestors, it was one of the ironies of life. co.
In England, I got them done in just one night.
She was indeed unwed, but her father married her mother in 18 months, and the poor woman died at the age of 32, a whole year later
If I found these things before my wife's mother died.
It will take longer for the myths of others to be punctured.
When she was a child, Gina Dawson of Suffolk was told that her father was an American pilot named David Conley.
At the age of 21, she found it was actually another of the same air force base, a Papas policeman.
She made hundreds of phone calls trying to find him and even hired a private detective.
Only when she joined her ancestors. co.
Britain, and using the passenger list on board to find 1920 of her father's original immigrants to the United States, she found a relative, his sister, who told her that he was a wealthy diamond dealer, but unfortunately, a late man was killed by a group of Wasps at 1960.
There is also Linda Heaton from Barnsley, who spent 15 years researching her tree but was unable to interpret the true story behind her husband's greatness --grandmother.
After a lot of quarrying online and online, the cunning old girl and her mother both lied on the marriage certificate, which claimed to be a widow to cover up the child's illegality.
I lack the patience of Gina or Linda.
Within hours of joining the ancestorsco.
In the UK, I was fully exposed to hundreds of years of records, and I hurried through the direct male route for four centuries, leaving Haford County in 1635 to become one of the earliest settlers in Massachusetts.
I even found his father who was born in the late 16 th century. "Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-
"My grandfather was actually one of the founding fathers," I told my wife . ".
The show didn't last long.
In pursuing the cause of Elizabeth Wright, what I did was to assume that the same name meant the same person. Silly.
A check the next morning told me that my Elizabeth Wright was not Elizabeth Wright from Massachusetts.
I reluctantly accepted that I had to do the research systematically and in double.
Check the date, name and contact, have the census, birth, death and marriage records, and the unimportant shortcomings of these records.
Although the census is quite complete (
Gaps like Belgravia and Woolwich in 1861 are rare)
What you're looking for is a transcript of them.
This introduces the whispering elements of China.
Before 1911, the census was done by giving the householder a form, which they completed by hand.
The enumerator then filled out a return form based on the writing of the householder.
So what you're searching for is the third person's reading of the enumerator hand
A scribbled written explanation from your relatives
So I found out that my last name is Randall, Randall, and even Randall. (
According to experienced researcher Dave Annar, the trick is to use an asterisk when searching.
This represents any missing characters.
So, in the example he gives in an excellent National Archives Podcast, if your name is Shepherd and can be spelled in multiple ways, then type SHEP * RD, so, capture all variants.
Another good suggestion from him is: people with census records looking for the most unusual Christian name in the family-a search for topasha Smith is more likely to be productive than a search by her mother Jane. )
I was lucky in my research.
The first one is a big black leather.
Bound family Bible, purchased in the medium term
In the 19 th century, its flight was full of my great detailsgreat-
Grandpa Frederick and his family
It tells him the date of his marriage to Eliza (20 April 1829)
And the date or even time of birth of all his nine children, five of whom survived.
So take a poor little example: "James Randall, born on October 31 at ten o'clock A. M. P. M. 1836 and died on November 29, 1838"-the day after his brother George was born.
Another great good fortune is, until the middle
Tribes who migrated to the suburbs of London in the 20 th century have few places with better records than the capital.
The place to explore them is the Metropolitan archives of London, and its extensive records are now placed on the ancestral Web. co. uk.
The baptism records of the Diocese of London and the marriage records of the 1500 s are already available, and the work is being done on Wills, school rosters, electoral registers and paperwork accumulated by the poor in the capitallaw guardians.
I see that the latter is digitized, with a leather binding imaging the size of the thigh of a football player.
8 people sit at the big table, press down the transparent plastic paper on the open table and take pictures. (
So we can all look for our own little Oliver and may follow us.
For some of the records, this huge task is sometimes helped by 33,000 volunteers around the world.
The main product of the county-microfilm
Record Office and the nearest old office
When genealogists come into contact with new technologies, they are sent to the United States, where magical machines digitize them. )
Dan Jones, the content head of the ancestors, explained to me that records such as those from the workhouse and the armed forces can give amazing details of someone's height, appearance and even character. (
For example, future ancestor projects are collecting archives of old railway companies that typically include disciplinary reports on employees. )
In my opinion, this enrichment of bureaucracy is the biggest missing factor in the basic family --tree building.
Go back to 1453 on your route if you can, but unless you don't just collect dates, locations and careers, it won't have a real life.
Anecdotes and personal memories are often not a problem for the past two or three generations.
My father's father. born 1881)
He died in an air strike in 1940, but when I was young, there were many anecdotes about him.
He is an tireless actual clown and the founder of the luxury family Christmas celebration, which means starting to build landscapes for the front line
The parlour show in November, rehearsed in December, just before the 25 th, and even printed shows, which come with interesting announcements based on family events over the past year.
But what about those early generations whose habits, pastimes, and nature are not recorded?
Well, in their lives, some of the flesh of the background can still be placed on the bones of the bureaucrats. Take my great-great-
Frederick's grandfather, a jerk from Wiltshire, inherited his mother's last name, came to London, became a shoemaker, got married, and formed a family.
He lived for nearly 30 years in the middle.
In the 19 th century, two Westminster streets disappeared from the White Hall expansion in the 1870 s: Charles Street and gardener Lane, both south of Downing Street.
This made his speech sound grand, but the census report tells another story.
In 1841, residents of Charles Street saw it as a number of roads.
Occupied Houses (
Usually two or three families)
There are 732 Members of the merchant class, half of whom are less than 25 years old.
They include: 11 police officers, 9 tailors, 5 bakers, 4 sculptors, 3 booksellers, and a variety of useful people including valet, principal, accommodation
Manufacturer, bricklayer, jeweler, printer, Goldsmith and surgeon.
From oldalgleyonline.
Org, wonderful trial Library from 1674-
1913. I know that the tavern of the two doors that came down from Fred is an Essex snake, raised by the widow Mary nurse;
A lot of local people eat in Mr. Latr's coffee. house.
Thanks to the 1862 map, I know Charles Street is very close to St. James Park and Fred's kids can use it as their back garden.
There's a lot to explore: schools and trade records, poor peoplelaw books (
For example, has he ever been asked to support his old mother and humble father in Wiltshire? )
Charte file (
His Westminster residence and artisan phone calls made it possible for him to get involved)
Marriage records suggest attractive relationships.
For example, in April 1829, who witnessed Fred's wedding with Eliza at Lambeth, and who was Thomas Garrick? His best man?
His adoptive father?
Or just a stranger passing?
I will continue to study these things and save Fred and his kind from obscurity in time to give them a slight immortality of a branch on my tree.
Given that they gave me life, it seems like I can at least do it.
More information about the exhibition: whodoyouthinkyouarelive. co.
UK research report if you do not have a married woman's maiden name, scan the census report of visitors who live with their families. Mothers-in-
The law is often one of them, and of course their surnames are misspelled in the census report.
Using an asterisk (representing any character that may be wrong) when searching will allow you to capture all possible variants.
So Rob will get Robson, Robson. . .
When searching for sites such as ancestors, always use the "exact match" search-or receive an amazing number of results in the census that should not be considered gospel.
In the 1841 census, people over the age of 15 were rounded up, so those aged 28 were recorded as 25.
Some of your ancestors may not know their exact age.
Some may have reason to deny that the profession can reveal false marks, especially with people with ordinary surnames.
For example, William Jones, a Westminster Labor worker who got married to Villa Wilson in 1851, is unlikely to become William Jones, Westminster's barrister, who married Villa Wilson in 1871.
Dr. Logan maneuver: three celebrities have gained more in the BBC's "Who Do You Think You Are" program than they expected?
News Night hard man Jeremy Parkman was humbled by the prejudice and poverty his ancestors had to endure.
Especially at the end of the 19 th century, his great Marygreat-
The grandmother lost her husband, refused any part of his military pension to support her nine children, lived in an apartment in Glasgow for several years without any relief from poverty.
She eventually immigrated to Canada.
Carol Waldman knows very little about her father Tony's experience in the war, not to mention that he is part of the Dutch resistance movement.
The call for information on television led to a meeting with a friend who hid Tony in front of the Germans.
Further investigations revealed that he was in contact with a hotel called the illegal propaganda center.
Most notably, a 1944 police report details a failed escape attempt: Tony crossed the river with 12 others, detonated a mine and injured himself.
Only one party was free.
The roots of Ainsley Harriet Aliot are in the British West Indian; his great-
His grandfather held an outstanding position in the colonial West Indian Army.
Harriet knew that there had been a great change in slavery in his legacy, but he did not think: his greatness --great-
As the family knows, grandfather James Gordon Harriet is not a slave but a descendant of a white slave owner.
Further testing found another relative, known for her unmarried "free black" women during slavery, and her wealth gave her seven houses.
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