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a world of maps at your fingertips - protective plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-03
a world of maps at your fingertips  -  protective plastic film
Mámo De Martini's face presented a concentrated and pleasant expression, and he slipped a fine piece of paper from his protective plastic sleeve, 16-in-27.
He carefully printed the page on the top of a leather bureau.
This is the world map printed in Florence in 1482.
It smells musty and citrus, which will be one of the star attractions at the London Map Fair.
It will set you back about £ 120,000.
Mr. dematiani said he was willing to negotiate.
We now know a lot more about the world than Abraham autrius, who etched and printed the world's first modern atlas-but the mystery and value of the historical map is still strong.
In 1570, the cost of Ortelius atlas was equivalent to 20,000 today. Because in the 16 th century, the royal family and the rich bought maps to measure the empire and assess the actual weaknesses of the competitor's land and the city.
Sotheby's recently sold an Ortelius atlas for £ 2. 3m;
The Library of Congress paid $10 m for the first US map published in 1507.
Historical maps remind us of the craft, science, and risks we explore.
In the 15 th century, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, sailing to the West, or from Ceylon to the south, will enter the absolutely unknown terra incongnita.
The birds of Braun and Hoganeye-
In 1547, even before the heat, the view map of London seemed almost an illusion. air balloons.
Starting from 1459, the study of maurmauro's world map is to encounter the vivid reality of early maps and geography.
No wonder some collectors waited 20 or 30 years to bring a map to the market.
"You have a fever," said Mr de Matini cheerfully, carefully sliding the Florence world map back into the protective plastic sleeve.
"You don't have to spend thousands of dollars.
You can buy a map for over 100 years for 50 or 100.
Once you have bought two maps, you are the collector!
It is highly contagious.
"Fortunately, The Historical Atlas, travel books, Globes, aerial maps, city plans, celestial maps, topographic prints and reference books of the London Map Fair will become even advanced cartomania
Map exhibition London: June 11, Gore 1, Kensington, London, Royal Society of Geography.
The map of the world changed was reconstructed by poponius MelaPomponius. the world map was the first Roman geographer. in the 1st th century, the world was depicted as five regions: freezing North and South, and the tropical central belt with habitable bands above and below.
Like the early Persian, he used the Caspian Sea as an entrance.
Called the North Sea.
Mercator, 1512-
The Flanders cartographer drew the first real and accurate map of the world, minimizing the East-
West effect on the early map based on cylindrical projection.
His map is a key breakthrough in nautical mapping, and mercato map projection is still the most commonly used map today.
The world map of Toledo, 150 paper by Greek astronomers, geography, contains the first mapping calculations using celestial observations, perspective projections, and grids.
His revolutionary calculations created the concept of global map coordinates.
In 1477, the first modern version of geographical painting was produced in Bologna.
The Boulder Atlas of celestial bodies, 1801 John Boulder's Uranus contains the first map of the exact proportions of the position of the constellation of planets, stars and artistic presentations.
The director of the Berlin Observatory, Boder, also identified and mapped the Uranus orbit he named.
Boulder's Atlas has improved navigation.
About 1450 maps of Fra Mauro, made by Venetian monks, this Mappa Mundi or world fabric, is much more beautiful than the earlier Hereford Mappa Mundi.
The medieval maps, like the early Babylonian "symbolic" maps, are not just speculation about the quality of the land: they depict broader themes such as myths and "exotic" races.
The 1570 masterpiece, theatis Terrarum, published in Antwerp, is the first modern atlas.
This book has sparked a wave of Atlas and map publishing across Italy, Germany and France, creating a market for maps, which store a lot of commercial, strategic, political significance. The Kitab-
The Ottoman cartographer, Piri Reis, posted a navigation map in his Kitab.
I Bahriye, which contains charts and sailing instructions covering the Mediterranean section.
Later versions included a map of the Americas, although the first picture of 1500 was drawn by Juan de la Costa, the conqueror who sailed with Columbus.
The original 5 th century map of the 13 th century is listed on the 6 th. 75m-
The long parchment scroll, which shows the network of roads of the Roman Empire, covers the main routes of Europe, Persia and India.
Parchment paper is fragile and has never been exposed to strong light. it has been included in the World Memory Book by UNESCO.
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