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activist medha patkar sees red over central railway plastic packet ban | mumbai news - times of india - metalized film

by:Cailong     2019-07-13
activist medha patkar sees red over central railway plastic packet ban | mumbai news - times of india  -  metalized film
Mumbai: Activist Medha Patkar will now pick up sticks for rail stall operators who are unhappy with the central railway ban on plastic and metal-packed food.
CR has managed to get rid of food packaged in plastic packaging from five stations.
The decision was made after noticing that commuters threw parcels on track, causing the sewer to clog.
Patkar said: "CR made an advertisement.
There was no interim decision to trust the vendor.
I will write to the general manager to reconsider the move.
"In the past, when the catering policy of the railway was revised, Patkar lodged a protest on behalf of the contractor and the owner of the stall, bringing the board to her request.
This time, Patkar's support for the vendor has not fallen much compared to others.
Debi Goenka, Mumbai environmental action group (BEAG)
"Other railway companies should follow suit," he said.
Patkar should have asked other agencies to follow suit, not oppose it.
Environmental activist Rishi Aggarwal said: "I am surprised by the position of Patkar.
This is in the greater interest of society and the environment.
Aftab Siddiqui, a citizen activist, said: "Patkar is concerned that stall operators and people who are employed there will lose their livelihoods.
However, the plastic that blocks the drain can cause water
Login in the area near the track.
These areas live in slums.
She fought many battles on behalf of the residents.
Patkar clarified: "The vendor is from
Not a businessman, but hired.
I agree with the sewer blockage but the CR should ask the manufacturing company to provide the environment
"Friendly package," she said . ".
"This decision makes no sense because there are these products outside the train station.
Commuters will buy these products and continue to throw packaging on the tracks.
"CR has banned the sale of 25 items as they are packed in plastic packaging, laminated plastic, metal film packaging, acrylic paper packaging, aluminum foil packaging, etc.
However, senior CR officials are cautious about taking a tough stance because of the significant influence of the contractor's lobby.
One department also believes the ban could be lifted once the New Delhi authorities do not support it.
Only items approved in the 2010 catering policy will be sold, Patkar said.
"Contractors are charged high licensing fees and the ban will cost their business --
Do business.
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