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actor paul bettany takes on bleakness of homelessness in his directorial debut, 'shelter' - transparent plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-11
actor paul bettany takes on bleakness of homelessness in his directorial debut, \'shelter\'  -  transparent plastic sheet
The homeless couple lives on a street six dollars away from Paul Bettani. 9-
The million Tribeca penthouse sleeps under transparent plastic sheets.
The actor takes his children to school every working day and everyone is embarrassed.
He gives them money sometimes.
But after a while, the conversation was over.
"I'm ashamed to say that I stopped talking to them over time," admitted Bettany . ".
After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, he evacuated the city with his wife Jennifer Connelly and their three children.
After the storm, he came back and found that the homeless couple had disappeared.
He kept thinking about them.
Are they lucky? Or unlucky?
Can he stop them from missing?
So the British actor began writing his first script, "Shelter," about a widowed addict and a Nigerian immigrant who fell in love and then started to improve his life.
The film is a small independent publisher Screen Media film that opens on a few theaters and videos on weekends. on-
It also marks the debut of Bettany's director.
At the age of 44, he has performed in movies such as "Beautiful Mind", "Master and Commander" and "Wimbledon" for nearly 20 years ---
Despite the recent attention he received as a superstar
Fly android Vision in the Avengers and Captain America series.
But he has always been interested in film production.
As a young actor, he says, he keeps asking the crew questions: "What are you doing?
Why is your margin of error smaller when we have less light?
Still, he is not sure whether his years of observation qualify for a film.
Eventually, Ron Howard.
He directed Bettany twice and knew the actor was eager to stand behind the camera
Ask him what he's waiting.
"I'm waiting for this secret to be passed on to me," Bettany told Howard . ".
Ron said, "What are you talking about?
There is no secret.
If so, there is no.
Just stick to it, make mistakes, and do it.
He raised $1 million to get his wife and another "Avengers" Anthony McKee to play the lead and shoot the film within 21 days.
Initially he didn't want Connelly to be in the movie, but her name helped raise the money and he said: "If you happen to have an Oscar movie lying at home, "It would be good for you to use her.
"He sat in a popular hole restaurant --in-the-
City walls in downtown Los AngelesA.
It was surrounded by crowded juicing fields and homeless camps.
He wore the new glasses he recently started wearing. -
Their lenses are orange and look like the one Bono will wear.
"Oh, they darken when I was outside," he explained, taking the two eggs he ordered and putting them on a pile of chips.
"I am too blind to understand anything.
This is very annoying for me when I go to old age.
The shelter made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on 2014, and Bettany knows this because it takes a while for the film to be released and the audience may think it's not good.
He insisted on delaying the release, deliberately waiting until around Thanksgiving, when the homeless were most concerned, he opened the film.
Still, critics are not entirely friendly to Bettany's film, a bleak observation of a couple trying to survive a snowstorm and relentless illness while sleeping in a cold alley.
The Times commented: "The story on the screen is a naive explanation of the experience of the homeless, as imagined from a very privileged place . ".
The same harsh criticism came from the New York Times.
Bettany's rough, unconvincing script is more interesting. . .
Rather than taking a serious look at what it claims to be a bemoaning social crisis, it is an exploit gimmick.
But Bettani says he is committed to communicating the real experience of the homeless.
He said that as a Londoner in his twenties, he was a street artist and counted many homeless people among his friends.
When he started working on the "sanctuary", he worked with the homeless Union to provide food and stay in the shelter for a while.
"This is a kind of maneuver that people really believe they won't find their imagination in a similar situation," Bettany said . ".
"That's why the reaction to homelessness is complete aggression --
"You must have done something to get yourself here.
When I was a child, I went out with my father and we would meet a homeless person who would say, 'but for the grace of God I went away.
I don't know what this mood is about.
Although the shelter has de vandals, Bettani has a fan at Howard who says he was "eliminated" by the film.
"I think 'sanctual' is bold, powerful and effective," the director said on the phone . ".
"Also, at any time, the husband and wife work together
Under stressful circumstances, you must want the relationship to emerge in good condition from a situation where the risk is so high and unstable.
This is the real proof of their relationship. They had such a wonderful time.
He said: "Bettani wanted to direct again, although he had no plans to retire.
Since packing the shelter, he has filmed three films, including the third in the Captain America series, which reunited him with McKee.
On the set of Marvel's film, Mackie was struck by Bettany's different experiences as an actor.
"Many actors can't go back to acting after directing," Mackie said . ".
"They directed an ad and all of a sudden, they said, 'I don't think the choice makes sense to me.
But Paul never questioned anyone.
Part of the reason for "making Bettany a" sanctuary "is, after all, that he wants to have more collaborative experiences on set.
Tired of appearing, he was told where to stand like a good soldier to recite the lines.
"I'll go, 'What do you need me to do?
What am I offering? '" he asked.
"Is it my job to make the conversation sound real and imply some sort of vague emotion?
I miss older people.
Don't make the actor childish old-fashioned way of shooting.
Actors can be in vain, self
They serve bullies, but they are also good at telling stories. "amy. Kaufman @ latimes.
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