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addition by subtraction - clear polycarbonate roof panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-13
addition by subtraction  -  clear polycarbonate roof panels
The children of England want to play in it.
Invite friends to come over, hang out in the middle of the event and watch TV.
Their parents were happy with it, but something stopped them: the house.
Two months.
The story is a dead end maze of trapped players.
It has a pink carpet with toys and monsters.
The size of the furniture, the way to jump and-
No parking garage for bicycles.
Their parents were also not very happy with the house in Cheviot Hill.
Ned is an architect and Anita is an accommodationat-
Family mothers think that children should be able to relax and become children at home.
The house is spacious and interesting.
To clear the way for their family of five, Ned and Anita adopted the minimalist mantra: Organization, simplification, modernization.
Their shabby blueand-
The white partition built by the film projector and his equally inexperienced friend has financially turned into a lamp
Full of modern home.
"We use every inch," Ned said of their 2,000 square feet . ".
"Nothing is wasted.
"They doubled the master bedroom and the area of the garage.
But basically, they were all reduced.
They removed most of the study walls facing the backyard and used 8-foot-
The wide slider makes it more like a retractable wall, which extends the room outside when opened.
They pulled the carpet up and laid concrete under the building.
Upstairs, they
Finished Cork that can endure pinball.
"We don't need marble, granite, fine finishes or sophisticated stereo equipment," Anita said . ".
"We are tempted by space and landscape," Ned added . ".
They also stripped off the mess of the building. -
Sloping roof, squinty windows, no special view, a porthope near the front door, looking at a messy cloakroom.
The closet is gone.
It was dragged to jumbo-
The size of the access, it bears the impact of the abandoned backpack.
But not shown.
Douglas fir cabinets hide them and capture bills and letters sent through an external mail slot.
Like many other components, cabinets are hung on the floor.
Ned admits extra bonus for naked
Contemporary furniture: No mop
Stop and fight.
"I am driven by modernism because I like to be open and free --
Flow space from room to room, "said Ned.
"But we also have very little furniture because it's easier to keep it clean.
"In their living space, recycling the neglected areas.
A rarely used sleeping porch was converted into an extended master bathroom with a deep tub.
Mirror splash around the bathtub and corner glazing extending to the ceiling visually expand the space and provide a view of the moon at night.
A small window framed with an unobtrusive view of a neglected side yard, it was replaced by a large pivot door that opens to a compact wooden deck with an extra table
A picture window that allows passers-by to see the interior of the living room has been replaced by a smaller square model.
"The children don't mind being exposed," Ned said . ". "But we did.
Sitting there, we felt a little too vulnerable.
"The Engs family moved into the 1947 house as there were winding streets, mature landscapes and families playing outside nearby.
Anita says it's a place where people walk, chat with neighbors, and children play in front of a continuous lawn.
"But the dark interior and old exterior of the House don't match their optimistic outlook.
Because the original owner sold a 10-foot-
Spread the house wide to the neighbors and the lot is too small for a new home.
In addition, the floor plan basically made some adjustments, and the thick brick and stone walls kept them from hot and cold.
"The location of the lot, we need to make a choice, either block as much as possible or make our space enjoyable," Anita said . ".
They chose a spare elbow room with a modular design.
Anita joked that there was an asphalt roof, "there is no place to go but to rise . ".
The large aluminum window occupies the facade, providing a view of light, volume and frame.
The bare metal plate replaced the wooden siding. A rusty-
The red look pays tribute to the tiled roof of Spanish colonists on the block.
Open the horizontal band of the Cedar, supported by an opaque polycarbonate panel, and dress up the garage.
"Now, when the lights in the garage are on, it's an object of interest, like a glowing lantern," Ned said.
Ned developed plans and supervised subcontractors;
Anita found a way to deal with uneaten grains when replacing the kitchen sink.
They spent $300,000 on materials, labor and electrical appliances.
To solve the two problems in the original layout, they remodeled a dressing room that opened the restaurant and reworked 8-year-
Old Jessica's upstairs bedroom is accessible through 11-year-old Teddy and 2-year-old Ryan-controlled bedrooms.
Now, thanks to a hall, she has a straight
Shooting entrance and a lot
Linen closet required.
Although her room was too small for two single beds, it didn't feel cramped.
One roll bed hides another overnight mattress and the ceiling has been raised to 10 feet.
Most furniture is undersized, related to the size of the house, and saves space for the little feet that go through.
In the living room, the children are covered in two old-fashioned Hans Weigner chairs
Waterproof white vinyl is a bit more than 2 feet wide and the sofa with 407 furniture in Los Angeles is less than 3 feet deep with only one arm.
At the top of the stairs is a big square.
The space is now equipped with a cute red chair from Ikea and is the place to watch cartoons.
The area carpet in the living room and dining room is made by yourself
Easy to replace and cheap adhesive squares.
"We want our children to live in their house," Anita said . ".
"We don't want them to be nervous about spilling or breaking things.
Concrete floor?
We can get them down. The area rugs?
Of course, they have spilled on them, but I can't see any trace, so it's a success for me.
"The strongest child magnet is 8-foot-
The tall aluminum window in the boy's room looks like a huge Lego block.
It recline above the front door and from their vantage point the children can see who is in the "square "---
The name of the family is the front and driveway, where everyone gathers to play basketball, cycling and skateboarding, and to play handball on the garage door.
In the master bedroom, a wall
The wide windows on the bed see the new front balcony through the stairs and glass panels, with six towering palm trees, sycamore trees and Haitong trees.
Ned designed a batten bench and bedside table
Made Apple plywood for the couple's shelter.
They also introduced a wall and added a small office with a slender triangle extending along the narrow property line.
"This is not a big house," Anita said . ".
"But it feels very kind and there is room for breathing.
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