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after dictatorship, army rule, guinea readies for first free election in its history - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
after dictatorship, army rule, guinea readies for first free election in its history  -  black plastic sheeting
CONAKRY, Guinea-Conakry, Guinea (AP)—
Just a few months ago, Guinea was a devastated country with no hope,of-
Captain of the control unit, his unit slaughtered pro
Democratic demonstrators and rape of women.
The West African nation is now on the verge of leaving half a century of coup and oppressive rule behind.
Sunday's presidential election will be the first.
Vote for free.
Amazing transformation
It all became possible after a rebel soldier opened fire on the head of dictator Moussa dais Kamala --
Probably one of the fastest countries in Africa's modern history, it fills 10 million anxious countries with the feeling that things may really look up.
"We have had a lot of false hopes over the years, but this time everyone thinks it's true," said Sow Bailo . " Prominent actors who have long been involved in public protests against the military regime in Guinea.
The country is rich in bauxite, diamonds, gold and iron ore.
But since independence in France in 1958, the French people have become very poor under the rule of Communist dictatorship and oppressive military forces.
When Kamala seized power in 2008 military coups, Lansana Conte died of long-term illness in his 70 s, and the future looks more severe than ever.
While committing to integrity and frugality, Kamala smeared walls with life in the office --
He painted himself a portrait of the size and asked his soldiers to rob him in the street.
Then one anger changed everything. On Sept.
28, 09, army troops opened fire on pro
Democratic demonstrators gathered at the Conakry stadium to protest rumours that Kamala had broken promises not to run for president.
Security forces killed more than 150 people, wounded more than 1,000 others and raped more than 100 women.
The massacre was condemned by the international community. N.
The investigation and the debate within the military's top level about who will take responsibility. On Dec.
Kamala was shot and killed by his captain of the presidential guard, but survived and was exiled as part of a fragile peace deal.
Deputy to Kamala, General.
Sekouba Konate and then make an appointment-face.
Since February, he has appointed a civilian prime minister and established a civilian-
Leading the transitional governing council and helping to push forward a new constitution that greatly reduces the power of the president to limit it to two fiveyear terms.
Why Konate did not take power for himself is a mystery.
Some say the general does believe in democratic reform and does not like the spotlight.
It has been said that he is under too much pressure both at home and at the international level and does not want Guinea on the path of war --
He served in a regional peacekeeping force in Sierra Leone.
Anyway, he has become an unlikely hero.
The army basically disappeared from the street and returned to the barracks.
For the first time in decades, the people of Guinea have been able to speak freely and critically.
Konate was once cleverly marginalized. powerful hard-
Colleen Dufka, an expert in New York Guinea, said Colleen Dufka was loyal in the Army, deleted some people and redistributed others
Human Rights Watch is headquartered.
Although the soldiers in charge of the stadium massacre have not yet been punished, they are under investigation --
In order not to jeopardize Sunday's vote, their verdict may be delayed.
4 million registered voters will be selected among the 24 candidates.
The top two competitors include
The prime minister, Diallo and Sidya Toure, as well as Alpha Conde, a longtime government rival.
Their supporters have besieged the streets of Conakry in recent days.
Shirt with their image on it, whistle and dance behind the truck.
The campaign has been peaceful, except for Stone, who was in North Conakry on Thursday-
Throwing militants loyal to Diallo and Toure killed four Diallo supporters and wounded dozens.
International observers from the United StatesS. -
The Carter Centre, the European Union and the African Union will be among those who monitor the vote.
They and diplomats, as well as local and foreign analysts, said all the indications were that the election was clean and fair. Vote-
It takes a few days to count.
Although candidates avoid talking about race
According to the results of the vote, analysts expect the vote to follow the race route.
It is estimated that most of the country's 40% population can vote for Diallo, while about 30% of the malinks may assign their vote to Kant and another former
Prime Minister Lansana Kuat
In an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday, Diallo said, "If people think there is fraud, it can easily turn into racial violence ".
"But we have to avoid it at all costs.
He said Guinea is in the midst of a "real revolution.
We fight for it and die for it.
We must protect what we have.
"People like Diallo are running for president --
And shoot it seriously.
It shows how far Guinea has gone in such a short period of time.
During the stadium massacre, the army defeated him and broke several ribs.
At the end of February, he was hospitalized in France and found that Guinea was a very different place when he returned home.
"There is hope," he said.
Lapiatu Serra Diallo, a former union leader who was hit in the leg during 2007 of the protests, is now head of the National Transitional Council, who said Sunday's vote was
"This is a new beginning," she said . "
"What we do in the future is the most important thing.
It's not easy to have a lot of things to do. "Indeed.
The capital is mainly a shantytown.
Some communities have only one hour of electricity a day.
There was no water for the other months;
The thief openly draws so much water from the pipes that serve the city that it hardly stays when it arrives here.
Sewage and garbage are everywhere on the beach.
Clothes were airing on the shabby sidewalk.
The driver carefully manipulated the car in the potholes where the water had spilled.
Across the Sea of Rust
The shabby roof is supported with huge rocks, tires and black plastic cloth, and artist Bailio shudders.
"You see what we have achieved after 52 years of independence? " he said.
"We can't let these leaders do what they want.
We won't accept it anymore.
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