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After mass shooting, Florida high school students using transparent bags: 'Now I can't lie about not having gum' - clear plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
After mass shooting, Florida high school students using transparent bags: \'Now I can\'t lie about not having gum\'  -  clear plastic film
17 students from Florida high school, where staff were slaughtered, are now putting their belongings in a transparent plastic backpack, hoping it will make it difficult for weapons to be smuggled into the campus.
According to The Sun, officials at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School began distributing donated backpacks to 3,200 students at the school on Monday.
Students are allowed to pass through four monitoring doors before the start of school, and there is only one after the start of school.
Soon, the region plans to release metal
Probe the wand from law enforcement officers stationed at the door.
Sports bags and music boxes are being searched.
Since the school reopened two weeks after February, more sheriff deputies have stepped up security. 14 shooting.
One student went to school with a knife, and another student threatened online, adding eight Highway Patrol soldiers after the suspect, Nicola Cruz's brother, was spotted skateboarding on campus.
"The process will be very similar to the one you take in sports events, concerts, and even Disney World.
As a first step, we are looking to see if we can get the children through these entrances in a timely manner, "principal Ty Thompson said in a memo to his parents.
"It is difficult to balance convenience/privacy with safety/security;
If there is one more one, the other is often hurt, but I will try my best to balance the two. This move means the suspicion and ridicule of the students.
Student activist David Hogg's sister Lauren Hogg wrote on Twitter that her "new backpack is almost as transparent as the NRA's agenda.
Kyrah Simon, junior high school, told The Sun: "I think this is an illusion of security, and there will be no achievement other than letting students feel that their privacy is being violated . ".
Warner, Kenya, agreed.
"I think people will find a way if they want to bring their weapons to school and transparent backpacks won't solve any problems," Warner said . ".
Another student on Twitter laughed at the idea when sharing a photo of a backpack: "Now I can't lie because I don't have gum," she wrote.
19-year-old Cruz, a former Stoneman Douglas student, took his AR-
A rifle in a bag.
Investigators said the video showed him walking into the classroom carrying his bag, pulling out his gun and starting his six-
Crazy shooting.
His lawyer admitted he was the murderer and said he would plead guilty to murder in exchange for life imprisonment.
Prosecutors are seeking death sentences.
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