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ahmedabad: tinted panes on luxury buses threat to women? - transparent window film

by:Cailong     2019-08-19
ahmedabad: tinted panes on luxury buses threat to women?  -  transparent window film
The owners claim that they have practical reasons, but the police believe that the curtains violate the RTO rules.
Whether sunglasses and curtains on luxury buses ensure the privacy of passengers, or pose a security threat to female travelers, as the state remembers the terrible Delhi gang --
It is worth noting in the rape case that although the Supreme Court ruled that colored glasses are prohibited except for VIP coaches, both the government and private buses continue to wear colored glasses.
Those people who know
How to say the actual reason why the bus has colored glasses.
However, the police argue that colored films are prohibited by law, but many buses still retain glass made by car manufacturers, making it difficult to replace them.
HG Patel, another police officer and traffic commissioner, said that colored glasses, colored films and curtains on glasses, were not allowed under the ruling.
"You can't have it whether it's a car or a bus," Patel said . ".
Even the sleeper cars advertised by the bus violated the RTO rules, he said.
"Earlier, we drove off the dark solar film from all the vehicles, including the bus, which was successful.
But on some buses, the window glass itself is colored.
This is against the rules and we are working on how to solve this problem.
Changing Windows is expensive and most of them are made like this, "explained Patel.
"We are working on this issue.
According to the rules, the windows must be transparent and there must be no curtains on the bus, "Patel said.
PD Patel, a public relations officer at GSRTC, said the bus it was driving on the road had all the relevant RTO approvals.
"Even if some glasses are colored, they remain transparent and allow visibility.
In addition, the buses were approved by RTO . "
Another official said even the GSRTC was working to ensure the color of the glasses --free.
"The agency is working to resolve this issue.
But there are some practical problems, especially in the air.
Qualified Coach
When the window is 100% transparent and there are no curtains, even if the air-
The air conditioner is on.
In addition, transparent windows will affect the work of the air
"The same is true of air conditioning," the official said . ".
The official also added that there was no ban on wearing colored glasses on buses earlier.
"When the rule came into effect, there were already too many buses with colored glasses running and it was not economical to remove them all," the official said . ".
However, Secretary of the Gujarat State Committee of the whole
DSO, Bhavik Raja, India, said bus owners often make arguments about colored glasses used to keep the temperature.
"However, this remains a concern in terms of women's security under consideration.
According to the rules, no matter what the reason for using colored glass is, it is not allowed to use colored glass on any vehicle, "Raja asserted.
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