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aid reaches quake-hit nepal villagers as death toll passes 5,000 - corrugated plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-06
aid reaches quake-hit nepal villagers as death toll passes 5,000  -  corrugated plastic sheets
Hungry and desperate villagers in remote parts of Nepal rushed to rescue helicopters Tuesday, begging for air transport to a safe place, four days after a monster earthquake killed more than 5,000 people.
"Even this morning, the ground was shaking.
Whenever we feel like we will be swallowed up, we will die now.
I want to leave here!
Sita Gurung, 24, said his home was destroyed.
Prime Minister Sushil Koirala said it was a "big challenge" to seek help from remote areas, and from 7 on Saturday aid finally began to reach those who had to themselves8-The Richter earthquake.
In a televised speech on Tuesday night, Koirala announced that 5,057 people were killed in Nepal alone and three days of national mourning.
More than 100 people have died in neighboring countries such as India and China.
Some 8,000 people were injured and an estimated 8 million were affected by the United Nations.
Among the dead were 18 climbers, who were at Everest base camp, and the avalanche triggered by the earthquake flattened everything along the way.
The victims included two American climbers, an Australian and a Chinese.
In one of the poorest countries in Asia, countries around the world have joined the rescue efforts, and neighboring India has played a leading role.
In the worst golha
In the attack on the area, the frightened residents ran to an Indian military helicopter with open arms, asking for food and water.
A afp reporter saw on board that dozens of houses in several villages in the area turned into twisted wooden piles and corrugated iron roofs.
"We haven't had any food here since the earthquake.
Everything has changed and we have nothing here, "gulon told AFP, pointing to the rest of her house in Lapu village.
An officer carried her on a stretcher and carried her away.
Military aircraft from the United States, China and Israel have also joined the rescue operations.
Koirala told the emergency
At the party's meeting, the government sent much needed tents, water and food to those in need.
But he said calls for help from remote Himalayan villages left the authorities at a loss. -
Appeals from all over the country '-
A statement from Koirala's office quoted him as saying: "The appeal for relief comes from all over the world . ".
"But due to the lack of equipment and rescue experts, we are not able to start rescue work in many areas at the same time.
Nepalese military spokesman Jagdish Chandra pokhrell told AFP: "The terrain is very remote and takes a long time to get there and we will not be able to get to them, help them and save them if we are not there.
Our troops are trying their best.
"Nepal's official Uddav Prasad Bhattarai said that an avalanche occurred on Tuesday on the popular Lantang hiking route, and 250 people were feared missing.
Amid growing concerns about food and water shortages, Nepalese are rushing to shops and gas stations in the capital Kathmandu to reserve basic supplies.
After the disaster, Nepal declared a state of emergency, the deadliest disaster in more than 80 years.
Families working in Kathmandu are taking the bus-
Some people even sit on the roof. -
Escape from this city
People staying in the capital sleep in tents in parks and other open spaces.
Many people lost their houses and others did not dare to go home after several strong aftershocks.
Since only plastic sheets are available to protect them from elements, there is an urgent need for assistance and information on what to do next.
"We stayed here for three days, under the canvas.
We're counting every bite we eat, every drop we drink, "28-year-
Old housewife Rama Shrestha camping with her five peopleyear-old son.
"The most important thing now is that it's raining. What can we do?
Where can we go?
We were too scared to go home.
What if another strike? "-
Hospital overwhelmed
The hospital is already overwhelmed, the morgue is overflowing, and the medical staff are doing their best to deal with the endless victims of trauma or multiple fractures.
The United Nations said on Tuesday it would spend $15 million from its emergency fund on relief efforts, while the World Food Programme said it aimed to raise food aid to 1.
There are 4 million people in the next three months.
United Nations aid minister Valerie Amos will stay in Nepal for three days on Thursday to "show solidarity with the Nepalese people, raise the visibility of the crisis and assess the response," UN spokesman Farhan Haq said on Tuesday.
Australia said it would raise the level of aid to $4.
7 million, and sent military aircraft to transport relief supplies to evacuate trapped citizens.
However, the lack of space at the only international airport has hindered efforts for air relief.
The earthquake is a serious blow to the poor country's economy, which has been going through ten years.
The long civil war ended in 2006.
The collision between Nepal and other parts of the Himalayas, India and the Eurasian Plate is particularly prone to earthquakes. A 6.
On August 1988, a magnitude 8 earthquake occurred in eastern Nepal, killing 721 people and magnitude 8 earthquake.
In 1934, earthquakes in Nepal and India killed 10,700 people.
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