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air travel is a dirty business - where can i buy mylar sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-26
air travel is a dirty business  -  where can i buy mylar sheets
When flying to Dallas this week,
The passenger gave me a pillow and a blanket. I declined.
I remember reading the article, which asked two simple questions: How often does the airline clean the plane?
How about pillows and blankets?
The report, published in The Wall Street Journal last spring, gave a lengthy explanation.
But the bottom line is that most aircraft can only do surface cleaning and garbage collection.
Do deep cleaning once a month, sometimes less.
But the real story here is about pillows and blankets.
The American Airlines I took told the Wall Street Journal that it washed blankets every five days.
This is better than ATA Airlines, which says it washes blankets every 30 days or once as needed.
American Airlines change pillowcases every night, but only remove blankets that are dirty or damaged.
Tips for Travelers: You know that if wrapped in plastic, you will get a new or freshly washed blanket.
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Ho, I haven't realized yet that anyone who knows how many viruses are inside will be wary of these blankets and pillows before I don't want to sleep with a blanket like this, it seems like we're in one
Anyway, it's better to bring your own blanket.
Then you know you like it and you know how warm it is and you know it is clean.
If you go to Wal-Mart and buy a good neck pillow before you go, the pillows are the same.
However, don't forget to wash it first because they spray cargo containers from overseas with pesticides, and some people are allergic to this.
Also, if you carry electronics with you
At, blankets and pillows can cushion them, as rolling luggage bumps on every bump and crack on the floor.
No, the blanket in the plastic box doesn't mean it's clean.
I once received a blanket wrapped in plastic with hair in it.
I asked for a new one, but the hostess was very rude!
This is a real problem on international flights because international flights tend to get longer (and cooler).
Since then, I refuse to take the blanket except when it may be too cold!
Why are all these heavenly places talking about pillows and blankets in American Airlines.
In India, Uttaranchal Vikas nigam provides us with quilts full of cotton to keep us warm at the high altitude of our most sacred pilgrimage center.
These quilts, I'm sure, can only be seen occasionally by cleaners.
Many of our 70-year-old and 80-year-old weak people will go to the height of the Himalayas, use these quilts, and then live for about ten years. PHew.
Since most aircraft recycle all the air during the flight, they also recycle all the bacteria, as the flight continues and the passengers continue to breathe, the bacteria we carry in the air we breathe in the flight
Recycled air reduces air resistance, which reduces fuel costs per flight and is therefore widely used, but this causes a lot of harm to health.
Personally, I get a respiratory infection almost after more than four hours of each flight.
In addition, is the reuse of bedding not an unhealthy practice that violates our public health regulations?
What is the CDC's reaction to this practice?
Shared items like towels can spread bacteria like S. aureus . . . . . . So I think sharing towels and pillows can do the same, especially if you're a man and have a shave
Bring your own pillow.
Next, the blanket of the hotel . . . . . . What an important message!
I don't know why, but I always think changing blankets and pillows every time I fly.
I think I was spoiled in the past for business classes and international flights.
Now I will pack my own luggage for my family.
One more thing to continue on the plane . . . . . . Many airlines now offer "buy your own blanket" on board ".
Cleaning blankets and paying for higher fuel costs, and still offering competitive low price fares, is too expensive.
Sale of clean blankets for repeat use by Buyers (passenger)
For passengers, this is a great way to make sure you get a clean blanket.
Any blankets purchased on board can be saved and used for future flights.
I was really surprised by the comments. BLUF—
Wash your hands before you pick your nose and you will solve 99% of the problem.
Bacteria don't go through your skin.
That's why we have it. skin].
Second, yes, all of this.
Air circulation is not good for you.
Another option is to try an ocean trip instead of an air trip across the ocean.
If you can't afford it [I can’t]
Then exit the sniper and enjoy the journey.
You may be on FOB elsewhere, facing very bad things in improvised explosive devices, ambushes and other modern life.
If your people will wear more clothes instead of underwear, you don't need those annoying blankets!
I'm not going to wear clothes to exercise like many people do on the plane.
I always take blankets on international flights.
I folded it up very well and sat on the seat as a cushion.
These seats will be very uncomfortable after 9 hours!
Wow, I don't know, I think we need to bring our own pillows and blankets on our next flight.
Yes, air travel can sometimes affect people's health.
A few years ago, I bought a cashmere blanket for flying.
Although the price of cashmere is slightly higher than $100, it is very lightweight and very small to fold.
This is the last thing I have with me.
So it's on top and easy to get in.
The answer for the past many years is three. fold. 1.
Use Mylar sheets (
Stadium and form of survival). 2.
Cover of pillow with internal padding. 3.
Mask with air filter (
Expensive but cheaper than a replacement).
Based on people who logged in 100,000-150,000 miles a year ago. No.
3 becomes essential in PanAm, especially in high altitude flight.
The Concorde was clean.
You bet your plane was clean in my 80 s and I worked in the cabin service of a large airline.
We are proud to clear the plane.
We were paid very well.
Forget it today.
You will be lucky if your tray table is wiped.
Why would anyone expect cleaning or comfort now?
The flight is not charming at all, the flight attendant is burned out by the company's greed and salary reduction and low morale . . . . . . The big picture of a customer is always wrong now, especially when he or she expects decent service or fairness.
On the other hand, sterile
The stuffed blanket is just a small part of the picture.
In fact, as a country, we are also flowers in a greenhouse, and some bacteria are part of the world.
All of your bacteria-how often do blankets and sheets in your home be cleaned and disinfected? ? ?
If you are not in business class/First Class, you are just cargo.
I don't worry about these bacteria at all, although it's disgusting to think about it.
The reason is that one person can fly in the flight of bacteria, get sick, and another person can fly in the same flight without getting sick.
It all boils down to the power of one's immune system.
As a nation, if we spend half our time worrying about how we feed our cells (
Even the immune system is made up of cells)
We spend our time worrying about the effects of the general ill health of our population, and we will not be so worried about these trivia.
For example, if we start removing all the sugar ingredients from bread to ketchup, it would be a good start --
Sugar is an efficient immune inhibitor.
Then we can ban all fake vitamins that actually harm people's health.
Finally, why don't we educate the public about the poison contained in fast food.
If we had a healthy thin country, we would have had healthy travelers snuggle up under their dirty little blankets, while in every body killer T cell these ugly mutant bacteria would have been
Blankets and pillows may or may not be dirty and full of bacteria, but there is no doubt about the cloth seats on the plane-they are dirty.
The same is true of the safe area where you take off your shoes.
Once you get to your destination, change into the clothes you wear on the plane to avoid further spread of bacteria. Yuck!
I try to touch as little as possible when I am on the plane, I make sure I have my own sweater and a shawl and I will wash it as soon as I get off the plane.
If you manage to board the plane with a small bottle of hand sanitizer, use it after finger insertion
Flying magazines and shoes, not sandals.
I agree with your seat review
You won't believe what I saw in my seat!
For work and entertainment, I often fly and occasionally use blankets and pillows from airlines.
I agree it's bad to imagine how bad they are, but actually I don't think they make me sick at one time.
Taxis in New York may also be terrible.
What about the subway handle? Railings?
It's just part of the world we live in!
Eating healthier food and exercising will improve your health better than worrying about the airline's bedding.
What happens to your health club-machines, showers, etc if you think flying will make you sick?
The bacteria on air pillows and blankets, and the difference between pillows and blankets in your home, are that you have adapted to the type, quantity, and proportion of your home.
The bacteria on the plane are different from those in your home, and your body is not used to them (i. e.
You have lower resistance to them).
Not cleaning these bacteria regularly means higher bacterial load, resulting in increased exposure, exceeding your body's ability to fight against them by the immune system, which means you are sick.
As for the comments from the flight attendant about wearing more clothes, so you don't need a blanket;
We are all happy to be able to get blown by TSA mobs like the crew.
The only thing TSA seems to think we should wear is a thong;
They want us not to wear it because we can turn it into a noose.
Really, this thing is so funny.
Obviously, people don't mind touching the money that goes through thousands of hands or sitting in places where hundreds of people have already sat, but rather worrying about the blankets on the plane.
What do they do, chew them? (
I will not mention those passengers who put boarding passes, tickets, etc.
In their mouths, because they need the "third hand" for a short time ". . . . . . Or do they think these are all original and never touched by a human or beast? )
Remember the days when the hot towel was distributed before you ate.
You can freshen up and wipe the armrest of the tray table and seat.
I believe it can reduce some obvious bacteria.
The Times reporter and reporter answered your health question.
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