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Alabama House approves near total abortion ban - colored glass window film

by:Cailong     2019-07-07
Alabama House approves near total abortion ban  -  colored glass window film
Montgomery, Alabama—
The Alabama House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to declare that almost all abortions in the state were illegal because conservatives targeted 1973 American citizens. S.
Supreme Court ruling on nationwide legalization of abortionThe Republican-
The House passed by 74 votes.
3 for legislation, abortion is a felony at any stage of a woman's pregnancy.
The proposal was passed after Democrats walked out of the chamber, and they sometimes debated fiercely with their opponents and supporters.
The bill is now in the Senate of Alabama.
Supporters say the bill is intended to conflict with the United States. S.
Supreme Court 1973 Roe v.
Wade decided to legalize abortion nationwide, hoping to trigger a court case that could prompt judges to re-examine Roe.
The act contains exemptions for situations where a mother's health is at serious risk, but does not include rape and incest.
"The core of the bill is to face a decision made by the court in 1973 that says babies in the womb are not human," the Republican representative said . ".
Terry Collins of Decatur
After more than two hours of intense debate, the bill was passed and Republicans in the House applauded.
Collins admitted that such a ban could be overturned by a lower court, but said the ultimate goal was to enter the Supreme Court.
Democrats left the house before the vote, saying the proposal was extreme and financially irresponsible.
They say the ban will cost state money for potentially expensive legal struggles that could be spent on other needs. Rep.
Democrat Louise Alexander said the choice of having a baby should be decided by a woman and should not be made on the floor of the Alabama state legislature.
"You don't know why I had an abortion.
Probably because of my health.
This may be for many reasons.
"You don't know until all of you walk in women's shoes," Alexander said . ".
Inspired by the new conservatives in the Supreme Court, abortion opponents in several states have tried to incite new legal struggles in hopes of challenging Roe v. Wade.
Alabama's bill follows closely, and several states consider or approve banning abortion once a fetal heartbeat is found, which occurs around the sixth week of pregnancy.
Alabama's bill seeks to go further by banning abortion at any stage of pregnancy.
House Republicans voted to veto Democratic attempts to amend the bill to increase the exemption for rape and incest.
Vote on behalf of 72-
Proposed Amendments.
"They don't even allow exceptions to rape and incest.
"What does this mean for women in this state," said House Minority Party leader Anthony Daniels . ".
In Collins's view, an increase in immunity would weaken the bill's intention as a tool to challenge Roe.
If states regain the ability to decide on access to abortion, Alabama lawmakers can come back and decide what exemptions are allowed, she said.
The bill has attracted many opponents and supporters to the House gallery.
A group of people accompanying the abortion clinic wear their rainbow.
Colorful vests in the gallery of the house.
House spokesman Clay reeden said a demonstrator was arrested for misconduct after shouting "stupid" to try to write on a glass window overlooking the house and throw paint at a legislative security officerRep.
The Birmingham Democrat, Rolanda Holis, read a poem criticizing Republicans for supporting gun rights but not abortion rights and later referred to the state as "Ala. Backwards.
The text of the Alabama act compares legalizing abortion to the biggest atrocities in history, including the Holocaust.
Republican Congressman Tuscaloosa
Rich Wingo, a supporter of the bill, likened abortion to murder, and read statistics on an estimated 60 million abortions since the Supreme Court made a landmark decision.
"I believe this Chamber, this body, will never make a bigger decision than today . . . . . . To protect the lives of unborn children . ".
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