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all-souls: time for a party for the dear departed - corrugated plastic

by:Cailong     2019-08-07
all-souls: time for a party for the dear departed  -  corrugated plastic
This weekend, in Mexico, families celebrate the day of death in a strange mix of reverence and joy.
Richard Holic was with the happy mourners.
He walked along the runway, carrying a large bundle of bright orange African gold marig flowers on his shoulders.
His wife followed behind with a bucket of water.
At the back, the children waved high-profile dahlias carelessly.
This is a special family outing, characterized by a firm sense of tranquility.
To celebrate the most important religious ceremony in Mexico, they are ready to go out of town to the cemetery.
The day of death
It's a strange mix of Halloween, crazy revelry and serious mourning for the people who have recently died.
Nothing seems particularly sad.
Any family visiting the cemetery in the dusty, chaotic suburb of Muitles in northern Mexico City has been hit.
Their job is to insert flowers in cans and then put them on the corrugated plastic cover of the grave.
The petals of the longevity chrysanthemum are chopped, and in front of a more permanent cross, sharp little cross is formed on Earth --
Usually on wood, tied with yarn
Things scattered on the hillside.
A year later, the dead relatives were given a second cross, as if to confirm that they were gone forever.
In the cemetery, everything is carried out with proper gravity, without the huge burst of crying and Latin emotion that you might expect.
On the way to the grave, this is a slightly easier story.
Mourning relatives may stop at one of the many stalls leading to the cemetery to chat with other mourners;
They may have bought tortillas and eaten small fish, tempted by the shocking green sausage hanging on the making --shift awnings.
It's kind of like the annual general meeting of WI village.
In the days leading up to the celebration this weekend, the noise in the country was very loud.
The Mariachi band played the violin, played and exploded with unparalleled energy.
The shop was packed with toy skeletons and evil masks.
On the way back from the city center, our car was "ambushed" by excited young people.
A skeleton hung on a temporary gallows and a rope stretched across the road.
They were wearing masks and holding bottles of Dos Equis in their hands and asked for "ransom" before allowing us to pass ".
There is no place to be more passionate and more touristy than the colonial city of patzcoolo on the edge of the second highest lake in America.
Everything in this place is full of strange combinations of higher education and lower paganism, which is characteristic of the land occupied by the Spaniards and protected by priests.
For example, there are hundreds of miles from the highlands around patusharo to the Yucatan Peninsula and the hot areas of the Mayan city of Chichen Itza.
They played a game on the wall of the stadium.
An ancient basketball that may replace a ball with a skull.
A carving shows that the captain of the defeated team got the desert he deserved.
He was beheaded, with bloodshot gushing around his neck.
But is he a loser?
There is a theory that he is the winner: the reward for his team's victory is sent to God quickly.
This is a strange combination of pre-
The importance of Hispanic attachment to death and sacrifice, which may be the basis of modern Indian attitudes towards religion and death.
This does not fully explain the red outline of lipstick sticking to the coffin in the cathedral that dominates the city, and in fact, it is not a woman of prayer, holding a can of coke in one hand, but perhaps this can explain the Mexican obsession with death, which needs to be recognized through the combination of ritual and superstition.
The museum is full of strange animal masks and heads with horrible lazy tongues, sprouting horns, and infernal scars.
The room in front of votos adds a sense of superstition.
They painstakingly engrave on tin strips, stating to God to save the sick wife, to help the husband who was injured at work, to save the man from being hanged, to treat those who were injured in a train accident
The big day of the city is here-
Janitzio Island in particular-
Become the center of mass mourning.
From a crowd of miles to Indians on board
They used to have a good relationship with butterflies. style nets -
Light a candle at the bow and meet on the island.
Locals ignore the flashing light bulbs of tourists, hold night-keeping activities on the dead, and whisper gently overnight.
If they exercise relative restraint over visitors when the divine happens, it will soon change with the change of the day.
The boat trip from the mainland to the island was welcomed by the guitarist and the Serenade by Reddy Waller.
A hat was purposeful before we landed.
The island has a steep path to the giant statue of independent warrior Morelos, which sells this gew-
Tall feet like plastic Virgin, mug like chest-very popular -
Comb with your name on it, shiny plate and plastic heart.
The children came out begging;
Their mother wants to sell eggs.
Small container in the shape of a cup with plum jam.
In fact, I found plum stone later.
As the fallen flower petals of the Longevity flower leave a faint trail along the streets and rural alleys, the country is filled with an orange blur.
In the north, in the creek, a lazy man
The town of Ma, which connects Chihuahua to the coast on the railway, the flowers drooping in the heat, and the relatives and drawings of the Virgin are wrapped in cellophane as if trying to keep their memories longer.
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