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all wrapped up, ready to prosper : packaging: transporting fragile goods becomes easier with inventor's system. - plastic film packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-09
all wrapped up, ready to prosper : packaging: transporting fragile goods becomes easier with inventor\'s system.  -  plastic film packaging
Packaging designer Herb Ridgeway in San Diego faced a daunting task at the end of 1987 when an electronics company asked him to design a package to deliver fragile parts.
These components contain prominent metal "pins" that, when transported by traditional packaging methods of cardboard, plastic and foam, bend and damage under their own weight.
Richmond, owner of San Diego-
The packaging company is a company that designs and manufactures industrial packaging and knows that he has to try something unconventional.
So he made a clam.
Like cardboard packaging, there is an intermediate cut on both sides and the cut is replaced
Stretch out the part with a thin plastic film "window.
"When the cardboard is folded, the plastic film wraps the delicate electronic components on the top and bottom.
The plastic film is pierced under pressure instead of breaking the pin like other plastics, and the end of the cardboard that is packed firmly forms a plane to protect the batterylike interior.
The plane was then inserted into a box for shipment.
As a result, a package allows a refined product to basically "float" while the package hanging in the box is hardly hit by damage from other packaging methods.
Hiding in a small, 6,000-square-
Ridgeway's foot manufacturing plant in the southeast of San Diego is quietly changing the packaging industry with its design philosophy, and he was patented in 1989 in the name of "Korrvu packaging system.
"The technology was later licensed for four other packaging issues and could eventually replace multiple types of foam, including foam plastics, as the most commonly used method in the packaging industry, said various industry insiders.
Sales of the packaging concept were $995,000 in 1989, up from $565,000 in 1988.
Ridgeway said that the concept of packaging sales so far this year has increased by 30% over the same period last year.
Ridgeway said the four independent license holders of the Korrvu system had total sales of $1 million last year.
The concept of packaging now occupies a very small position in packaging, which is $16 overall. 2-
Henry Deluga, project manager at optical fiber box Assn, said there were billions of industries last year.
Sick, a rolling grass. -
Trade association of cardboard manufacturers.
Up to 95% of manufactured goods and agricultural products are shipped in cartons, which are called "Corrugated", Deluga said ".
The concept in the packaging, in addition to its patented "window" design, also produces the internal components of the carton.
"I think that Herb (Ridgeway)
There is a product that can be very revolutionary for a period of time, "said Donnetta Peachy, a spokeswoman for San Pedro GHI Systems.
Its customers include instrument manufacturers from several Packers.
GHI Systems is an instrument used by manufacturers to test product vulnerability and packaging.
The Korrvu system is "not like anything we're used to," Peachy said ". "I think (
Concept in packaging)
Great potential.
I think it might be profitable for any manufacturer to study what (Concepts)is doing.
"Ridgeway has developed a variety of uses for this approach, which he says has almost unlimited applications.
"As soon as I saw the concept, I realized, 'Hey, there's a lot of potential here, 'he said. '.
"We were at the same stage when the molded foam first came out 30 years ago.
"The main benefit of the korrjv method is that by reducing the damage to the shipped items, it helps the company to reduce the costs associated with the claim and replacement.
The Korrvu method also requires the use of fewer packaging materials.
But unexpectedly
The long-term benefit of moving to a new packaging system is that it has the potential to ease waste disposal issues, said Ridgeway.
He said that the cardboard used in Korrvu can already be recycled, even if there is a plastic connection, one of the two plastics used is biodegradable.
"This is an accidental environmental application," he said . ".
Another advantage of using the Korrvu system is that when the case is knocked down, its case can be stored flat, reducing the footprint used in the warehouse and packaging area.
The box can also be used as a display package due to plastic windows, allowing retailers to display the product in 360 degrees, but without worrying that customers will discard the product.
David Rado, transport manager, Figi graphics, San Diego
The wall-based decoration manufacturer said that the Korrvu packaging has greatly improved the breakage rate of the large photo frames shipped by Figi.
"This has a direct impact on our packaging," Ladd said . ".
Figi tried several internal combinations
The packaging components, such as cardboard sleeves and foam plastic peanuts, were barely successful.
Using these methods, the company's large breakage rate is 15%.
The size of the goods, says Ladd.
After the Korrvu package was launched in stages last year, Ladd did it twicemonth study.
More than 6,000 shipments were shipped and only 46 damage reports for breakage rates were submitted. 07%, Ladd said.
Al Sklar, neon owner of Sklar, San Diego-
Headquartered in neon products, glass parts manufacturers say the use of korrjv reduces the packaging time of small glass bottles shipped by the company.
"This is a unique packaging system," Sklar said . ".
"There's nothing else that really likes it.
"Since the company started using the new packaging in January, there has been no report on the broken fine glass of 100 boxes of goods.
There are 600 bottles in each case.
The Korrvu packaging has been used to ship a variety of products, from exquisite electronic parts to fragile China, as well as square windows from 1 square inch to 1,296 square inches.
Ridgeway found that similar attempts to suspend a project in the movie were about a dozen times, but none of them succeeded.
The first attempt in 1938 was to use latex rubber.
"The idea is there, but it doesn't work," said Ridgeway . ".
Ridgeway has adopted different strategies. "Our strength . . .
He said that it is the ability to place stickiness in the film and be able to "catch" something so that there is a friction lock to prevent the item from sliding around.
The 48-year-old Ridgeway has been working in the packaging industry for nearly 20 years before designing the Korrvu.
He owned and worked in a number of packaging companies across the country until the packaging concept began in San Diego in 1985.
"I started with a string," said Ridgeway . "
"I found a sponsor account and a client who was willing to help me go down because I could do the packaging design work for him.
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