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amazon’s streamlined plastic packaging is jamming up recycling centers - plastic film packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-09
amazon’s streamlined plastic packaging is jamming up recycling centers  -  plastic film packaging
In the past year, Amazon. com Inc.
It reduces the share of shipments packed in cartons and turns to light plastic mail, which allows retail giants to cram more packages into delivery trucks and planes.
But environmental activists and waste experts say the new plastic bag, which is not recyclable in roadside recycling bins, is having a negative impact.
"Amazon packaging has the same problem as plastic bags, plastic bags are not classified in our recycling system and are stuck with the machine," Lisa Sepanski said . ", Project manager of the King County Solid Waste Department, which oversees the recycling of King County, Washington state.
Location of Amazon headquarters.
"It takes Labor to cut them off.
They must stop the machine.
"Last year's holiday was the busiest season in e-commerce.
Business means more goods.
A large amount of packaging waste has been manufactured.
As the platform behind half of all e-commerce
According to data from EMarketer, Amazon was the largest shipper and producer of the waste in business transactions in 2018 --
It's a trend that means it's turning to plastic mail, which could herald a shift in the industry as a whole.
Other retailers using similar plastic mail include Target Corp.
Declined to comment.
The problem with plastic mail is that they need to be recycled separately, and if they end up in the usual process, they block the recycling system and prevent larger material bundles from being recycled.
Environmental advocates say Amazon, as an industry giant, needs to better encourage consumers to recycle plastic mail by providing more education and places to use plastic for recycling.
"We are constantly working to improve packaging and recycling options and reducing packaging waste by more than 20% worldwide in 2018," said Amazon spokesperson Melanie Janin . ".
She added that Amazon provides recycling information on its website. (
Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post. )
Some waste experts say Amazon's goal of reducing heavy cardboard is correct.
Plastic mail has some positive impact on the environment.
Containers and trucks take up less space than boxes and are more efficient to transport.
Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
Less oil consumption
David Allawi, senior policy analyst at the materials management program in Oregon's environmental quality department, said that by producing, using and disposing plastic films, compared to recycled cardboard.
Plastic is cheap and durable. many companies use it for packaging.
But it's easy for people to put plastic bags in recycling bins.
Plastic mailers evade the picking machine's notice, enter the paper packed into bags for recycling, polluting the entire package, which experts say exceeds the positive impact of reducing shipments of bulky cardboard.
Paper bundles used to be very expensive in the international market, keeping profits in the recycling industry for a long time.
But mixed packs are hard to sell.
Because there are stricter laws in China, many people are sent for recycling --
Many recycling companies on the West Coast have to dump them. (
Packaging is just a source of plastic contamination in paper bags for recycling. )
"As the packaging becomes more complex and lighter, we have to process more materials at a slower speed to produce the same output.
Is the profit enough?
Today's answer is no, "said Pete Keller, America's largest vice president of recycling services. S. waste haulers. “It’s labor-
And maintenance-
To be frank, a lot of and expensive things are handled every day.
"Over the past 10 years, Amazon has cut unnecessary packaging and shipped the product with the original box or the lightest package possible.
Amazon turned to lightweight plastic mail last year as part of a bigger effort to reduce packaging waste and operating costs, spokesman Janin said.
She wrote that Amazon "is currently expanding the capacity of fully recyclable buffer mail that can be recycled in the paper recycling stream.
Amazon, one of the few Fortune 500 companies that don't submit corporate social responsibility or sustainability reports, says "frustrated-
The free "packaging program reduced packaging waste by 16% in 2017 and eliminated the need for more than 0. 305 billion shipping boxes.
"I think their shift to flexible packaging is driven by cost and performance, but there is also a low carbon footprint," said Nina Goodrich, director of the Sustainable Packaging Alliance.
She is in charge of overseeing the how2 cycle sign that began appearing on Amazon soft cushion plastic mail in December 2017, a step in consumer education.
Another problem with the new padded plastic mail sender is that Amazon and other retailers have put a paper address label that is not suitable for recycling even in the storeoff location.
In order for the material to be recyclable, the label needs to be removed and the paper is separated from the plastic.
"The company can adopt good materials to make them different depending on the label, adhesive or ink
Recyclable, "said Goodrich.
Currently, these padded plastic Amazon mail can be recycled once the consumer removes the label and delivers the mail
Websites outside some chain stores.
This plastic is clean, dry and aggregated and can be melted and made into composite wood for deck use.
City with plastic
Like Amazon's hometown of Seattle, the number of prohibited baggage is reduced. off sites.
Only 4% of plastic films have been accumulated in the United States. S.
Collection items through grocery stores and big stores, homes are recycled
According to a 2017 closed loop report on the United States, the box storeS. recycling.
Even if it is put into roadside recycling, the other 96% will become garbage and eventually be landfill.
Some countries require companies to assume greater financial and management responsibility for their products after consumers have used the products.
In these systems, companies pay fees based on how much waste they contribute to their products and packaging.
In order to fulfill its legal obligations, Amazon pays these fees in some countries outside the United States.
According to the Canadian non-profit organization Management Services Alliance, it has accepted the system in Canada, which supports projects in the provinces.
In the great patchwork of AmericaS.
Recycling laws, in addition to dealing with specific toxic and valuable materials such as electronics and batteries, have not yet been favored by the federal government.
Experts suggest that the physical lockers that Amazon provides for returns to consumers can accept old packaging, adding that Amazon can promise to recycle this plastic for use in its shipping mail in the future.
"They can do reverse distribution and bring the materials back to their distribution system.
These collection points are very important for consumer convenience, "said Scott Cassell, chief executive of the member Product Management Institute.
We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of consumer goods.
"But they will pay for it.
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