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amazon unveils new tools to weed out counterfeit goods - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-17
amazon unveils new tools to weed out counterfeit goods  -  pet manufacturing process
Washington: Amazon has announced a new move to crack down on selling counterfeit goods on its platform, which could allow brands themselves to cancel the listing of counterfeit goods.
Projects known as Project Zero take advantage of technical tools and cooperation with brand manufacturers to remove the list of sellers of counterfeit goods.
Amazon says it is testing new features on a "invite only" basis and working with the brand before anticipating a wider rollout.
"Our goal is that customers will always receive authentic goods when they shop at Amazon," the US internet giant said in a statement . ".
"Zero projects are built on our long term
Long-term work and investment in this area.
It allows brands to work with us to take advantage of our combined strengths to push counterfeit products to zero quickly and on a large scale.
Amazon says new initiatives include stepping up scanning suspected counterfeits using its own machine learning technology.
In addition, brands participating in the program will use the "product serialization" code to authenticate the product during the manufacturing process, and these companies will be able to take their own actions to remove the list of counterfeit goods.
"Previously, brands needed to report counterfeit products to Amazon, and then we would look into those reports and take action," the Amazon statement said . ".
"With Project Zero, brands no longer need to contact us to remove the fake listings.
Instead, they can use our new self to do so quickly and easilyservice tool.
According to reports from brands, Amazon has stopped testing suspected counterfeit products 100 times more than previous removal systems.
The companies involved in the program include Vila Bradley, the manufacturer of luggage and handbags, kennu, the manufacturer of auto parts, and remworks, the brand of pet accessories, and ChomChom Roller.
"Zero project, its automation protection and self-protection
The service to remove counterfeit products is a major development that will help ensure that our customers receive authentic Vera Bradley products from Amazon, "said Mark deli, chief legal and chief executive of the company, in the Amazon version.
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