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Amid new misconduct claims, James Franco offers bizarre statement - protective plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-03
Amid new misconduct claims, James Franco offers bizarre statement  -  protective plastic film
On Wednesday night, James Franco reiterated to Seth Meyers that the allegations on Twitter were "inaccurate" at Sunday's Golden Globes Awards ".
"This is the point of conversation he put to Stephen Colbert the night before.
But Franco told Meyers that the most important thing is that he believes in the movement and does not intend to "actively refute" the allegations against him.
"This is clearly a conversation that needs to be held," he told Meyers on Wednesday's late night show.
"There are people, women and others, and I really believe that they are not involved in this conversation, why am I wearing pins and they need to be part of this conversation.
So I support that.
"Meyers went on to say whether Franco had reached out to his ally, Hedi, or planned.
Franco directed the Broadway drama she participated in on 2014, and at the awards ceremony on Sunday she sent a series of rather mysterious tweets to Franco, including his name and label: # MeToo.
Soon after, she deleted the tweet.
"I have a good relationship with her," Franco told Meyers about his position on the matter and why he had not contacted her.
"I don't know. I really don't know. . .
Franco is behind.
"I don't know. it's shocking. . .
I think I just let it go.
In closing his comments on the allegations against him, Franco said that whether he was involved in the crossfire or not, he believed that the stories needed to be heard.
"Some stories need to be taken out," he told Meyers . ".
"Some people need to be heard.
I have my own opinion on the story but I believe these people do not fully present their story and I will postpone what I can say because I believe so.
If I had to knock on the door because I didn't want to try to actively refute things, then I would, because I believe it very much.
"It is a strange thing to refute and not refute, not believe and not believe at the same time --
After the actor appeared on Wednesday night, a series of new allegations could become more difficult.
On Thursday, the Los Angeles Times published an article entitled "Five women accuse actor James Franco of inappropriate or sexual exploitation.
According to The Times, four of the women were students of Franco and the other was his students.
"I think there is a phenomenon of abuse of power, there is a use of non-
Actress Sarah Tither: "a culture where celebrity women and women can be replaced
Kaplan told The Times
She was one of the women who Sunday's Golden Globes winner Franco accused him on Twitter.
"She told The Times that in the nude carnival scene she shot with Franco and several women three years ago, he was simulating oral sex at the same time, the Times newspaper, covering other movements, was removed.
Franco's lawyer told The Times, "the allegations about protecting the guards are not accurate.
Two other student actors told The Times that when both women refused to be exposed in a scene, Franco became "visibly angry" and rushed out of the set.
Franco's lawyer denied the request.
Another woman who posted allegations on Twitter late Sunday told The Times that Franco forced her to perform oral sex.
"I was talking to him and suddenly his penis came out," she said . ".
"I was really nervous and I said, 'Can we do this later? 'he kind of pushed my head a little, and I just didn't want him to hate me, so I did it.
Franco's lawyer told The Times that the charge was "inaccurate ".
On Tuesday, Peli said on Twitter that a few weeks ago, Franco called her and some other women to say an apology for "overdue, annoyed, convenient.
"I don't accept it," she added, but she advised him to donate all the proceeds from the "Disaster Artist" to RAINN.
On 2014, Franco tried to communicate with 17-year-
Old girl through Instagram.
After the frivolous information was released, Franco asked him if he should rent a hotel room. the girl revealed that she was not 18 years old. Franco was on ABC's "live broadcast ".
Kelly and Michael "tell the host", I think I, you know, it's awkward, I think I'm just a model of how tricky social media is.
He added: "My judgment was terrible and I learned the lesson.
"Franco was 35 years old.
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