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an artist transforms acrylic - clear acrylic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-07
an artist transforms acrylic  -  clear acrylic sheet
Barbara garmaraki anddis
1978 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
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Bill Blas, Washington, has a small table for him;
The Iranian king's sister, Princess Shams, commissioned a bar for her shawlham West apartment in Washington, and Edgar Bronfman showed Rodin's "eternity" on the base of Jeffrey Bigelow
Jeffrey Bigelow is an artist whose work is contemporary but does not imply the space age.
This is not shocking, nor is it arrest or avant-garde.
It is simply a classic beauty.
"I always thought it was a traditional route," explained the 34-year-old designer, whose blue jeans legs were thrown on Renwick table, one of his most famous works.
"I love antiques and Oriental stuff, and I designed lines that fit this type of stuff.
Can't you see that table and Queen Anne's chair sitting on the Oriental carpet?
He asked, pointing at his pagoda table.
He went on to say: "You have to take the design elements to the simplest form, because with this transparent material, anything that is complex becomes gimmicky.
I did not use mechanical fasteners, no bolts, no screws.
"Ten years ago, a business major and part-time bank teller from the University of Maryland walked into a Washington store that built plastic furniture.
He glanced at an plexiglass cube on the table and recalled, "I said to myself --
This is for me.
"He dropped out of college and worked as an apprentice craftsman at the fledgling acrylic furniture company Glaspec.
AdvertisementHe has a theory about the development of the art of acrylic furniture, and it is generally said that its trade name is Lucite and Plexiglas.
"Not Los Angeles or New York, but Washington, D. C. C.
"This is the home and starting point I like to call acrylic furniture art work," he said . ".
"Neil Smore and John Harris are very famous in New York and they sell plexiglass cubes and small tables in Bloomingdale.
But in 1969, these were just fancy items.
"We basically started doing the same thing --
He continued: "The table and the base of little Parsons, but we started using single cement on our glue joints instead of solvent and came up with a better product.
"The use of single cement has tripled the time required for the final finishing process.
"But people
They have never seen bubble-free glue seams before . "Bigelow.
"We used the diagonal edge that everyone is using now --
It was Washington's influence on New York that began to produce better works.
"Six years ago, he left Glaspec and started an operation on one person in a basement store at home.
"It was great, I had a better time," he said with a hint of nostalgia.
"I designed, manufactured and installed it.
His first work, he said, was simple, with no particularly innovative design.
But on 1973, a doctor asked him to make a table worth $1,200. Today, the table is called Renwick. the retail price is $7,135.
As part of a number of craft exhibitions at Renwick Gallery, it toured for a year and was made from 18 glue seams.
Now, he says, he finds himself stuck in something he can't draw on paper, "I have to build a model . ".
This parallelogram three-layer cocktail table, designed six months ago, has only four parts to accommodate three-layer glass and only three glue seams.
It is cantilever and offset, so maintain a perfect balance on small T-shaped elements.
"It's like a sculpture," said the gentleman. Bigelow said.
"Sometimes you just start cutting the parts and putting them together.
The admirers of his work call it crisp and clean.
"But," said the designer, "You almost have to work on your own with acrylic to see the nuances --
The glue seams and edges are fine and very subtle.
However, it may take more than 50% of the time to change this situation during the completion process.
He said: "an important issue is to start with the best acrylic film and there is a lot of competition for the best material.
A poor quality sheet will have yellow color.
"It's like an excellent carpenter who goes out looking for the best Woods.
When a piece of paper is cast, it can be cast as clearly as a crystal.
It doesn't matter if you're making a bank vault window, but when you look down at 30 inch solid acrylic, you can see a slight yellow color, which is not good. ”Mr.
Bigelow is the only top designer in the acrylic field who also makes himself.
He now runs a 19th-century stable in Georgetown with two artisans and seven apprentices working with him.
The last day, they designed four Linea chair versions for Steve Lawrence and Eddie Gorm, along with a pair of new designs for $.
3,000 base for Loretta Young. Mr.
Bigelow sells only through architects and designers and sets its own retail price.
His furniture and about 25 different design portfo lio can be seen in the Cavillon showroom in the D & D Building (
979 Third Avenue
In New York, J.
Robert Scott showroom in Los Angeles, Bob Sapan showroom in Miami, and Richard simmer showroom in Chicago.
The portfolio can also be obtained by writing to the Jerftrey Bigelow Design Group at 1073 Wisconsin Avenue. N. W. Washington, D. C. C. 20007.
Each piece is customized;
Delivery takes 6 to 10 weeks.
His least expensive item is the cube base of $200;
The price of the table ranges from the simplest cocktail table (for $750) to the most exquisite table (48 by 96-inch pagoda table) for $11,917.
"I don't want to be classified as another beautiful boy designer," he said . ".
"I worked as a craftsman for five and a half years, working with plexiglass, learning how to design, how to make.
One day, I became a self-proclaimed designer instead of just holding a pen.
He began to sign his work, "not because I thought it was art in the form of sculpture, but because it was art from a technical point of view," he said.
"If I don't think a piece can do better, it gets my signature.
From an artistic point of view, I have only considered some of the pure sculptures I have done.
The salary of this staff member is not a piece-rate salary. Mr.
Bigelow said the work involved cutting, polishing and sticking acrylic resin into finished products.
"We are the manufacturer of acrylic," he said . "
"The only other thing you can do about the material is to form it (
Heat and bend it)or cast it.
"We are not good at molding and we don't have the ability to cast, but we are the best manufacturers," he said . ".
"I think that's why we set the trend . "Bigelow added.
"But now they are a little slow because everyone has caught up with the technology we have developed.
His staff, Sir. Bigelow said.
"If they think this is wrong, these people will stand in front of me and fight me.
They don't let me compromise when I start looking at the dollar symbol sometimes.
I think it's either my curse or my blessing.
"A version of this file was printed on Page C1 of the New York edition on December 21, 1978 with the title: Artist change acrylic resin.
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