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and then, one thousand years of peace, playhouse, edinburghhelikopter/eldorado (sonntags/abschled), playhouse, edinburgh - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
and then, one thousand years of peace, playhouse, edinburghhelikopter/eldorado (sonntags/abschled), playhouse, edinburgh  -  clear plastic sheets
Patmos island is clearly filled with psychedelic mushrooms, which may have led to a more terrifying fantasy of St. John, its most famous resident, who is the author of The Book of Revelation of the Bible.
Of course it was Angelin Preljocaj, and then the peace of 1,000, inspired by John's vision of revelation, it's one of those glasses that sometimes makes you think it would be great if you were stoned to death, and sometimes it makes you wonder if you were actually killed.
DJ Laurent Garnier's soundtrack provides a group of mutant and evolved humans, starting with flesh-and-blood women
Colorful costumes with dystopian Zumba classes, turn them into rolling lines of alphanumeric code.
Some sharp arrival
Dressed suitors drive to hide them under transparent plastic cloth, where they hunchback in the first logo of sci like Chryslerfi insect-
An alien theme colored for most of the work.
1,000 years of peace, violence everywhere-there are iron chains, bloodshot, biting people, and scenes where dancers are blindfolded, like hostages, most of the flag is done by men,, it is always suggested that at some point these women may turn around and spawn on the bodies of their surprised, ambushed partner.
Even a couple who may be angels, passing from an excerpt from Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, where their wings reveal their chest.
Their Tranquility is a facade, and soon the music of peace is interrupted by death --
Watching their limbs pat on the stage.
The tune was originally made for dancers from Preljocaj and Bolshoi and then performed independently by each company.
It would be fascinating to see how the Russians deal with these calculated wails.
However, Preljocaj has a ballet background that combines classmates' love for grades and documents with modernist disdain for beautifying them.
In the best case, this creates a close range of serious mysteries
Formation drills, like an army trained to counter clichés;
The worst is the MTV vacuum.
The courtiers of Snow White recently seen in Sadler well, London, could have come out of Adam Ant's "Prince Charming" video.
Then, 1,000 years of peace has its "Thriller" moment (the flag-
Blind people, originally a devastating image, lost their influence before they lost their lives)
But they are submerged in the torrent of invention.
From the fundamentalist sandwiched between the teeth, they stand out like a cartoon bird, to the last wandering Lamb, a properly confused symbol of innocence, the work is truly visionary in strength and strangeness.
Some things, however, are too strange for many, and it seems that it is a box to put "karhines Stockhausen" and "double bill" on the same ticket --
Even at the Edinburgh Festival.
This is the first time Preljocaj has shown his stoxhausen ballet on the same night, and his courage deserves more viewers to watch.
The composer is full. on mad-
In 1995, Helikopter's model of scientists later entered Mittwoch.
In both cases, members of the string quartet play on separate helicopters above the auditorium, resulting in a brutal combination of strings and rotors broadcast by ground speakers.
Preljocaj and lighting designer Patrick Riou re-humanize this tile by making every step-every touch with the body of the floor-create ripples of light or shadow on the stage
So the dancers use the dolls they often make to simulate.
As in motion, the effects of helicopter blades on the grass or water surface evoke a short false Acadia from the auditory wasteland of the score.
Music and Dance in El Dorado (
()are more self-
Consciously lofty.
Twelve dancers stood on the slate, with golden silhouettes and carved flowers creating a halo behind their heads.
The way they pair and separate has a casual camarpost form, and the moments in the choreography are intoxicating-a human Temple built by the disused and withered bodies, or an encounter between two women, this could be an adult.
Up version of the cat from Sleeping Beauty's boots duo, with hair-
Improve the skills of scratching and combing.
But the porn charge is intermittent, and the chorus oohs and ahhs composed by Stockhausen can easily sound like a birthday party on TV, which doesn't help.
The Edinburgh Festival ended with a little dark magic, and the historic Malinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg brought about the 21 st century of nothingness.
Cinderella of the century (created by ex-
Music by Bolshoi boss Alexei Ratmansky, Prokofiev)
Alexei latmanski of Edinburgh theater (30 Aug-1 Sep)
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