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animals led to discovery of wood's remains, trial told - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-05
animals led to discovery of wood\'s remains, trial told  -  black plastic sheeting
Nearly a year after Kristin Wood's disappearance, the scavenger has led to the discovery of her body, and the murder trial in Queen's Court was told on Friday.
Later, the autopsy found multiple stab wounds in her body.
Her skull was seriously injured.
Richard Waggers planted land outside Winnipeg in the RM in Springfield, he told Nineman, three-
In June 1, 2017, he and his son Joel were checking the condition of their soybean fields when they found a small hole in an area where the soil was disturbed.
"You can tell an animal has dug it out," Vargus testified . ".
"No matter what's in black plastic.
"He said they realized they could see the bones in the hole and called the RCMP.
The remains were later identified as wood. The 21-year-
An old woman and her parents live at the airport in Winnipeg.
Regional Hotel in August.
2016, never came back when she left at night.
Wood's parents came to the city from Oxford's house to accompany the same relative who made an appointment for medical treatment.
On March 2017, the tribunal was informed that the Winnipeg Police Department conducted a search of Brett auvbi's home at 341 berrose Avenue.
Found Wood's blood in the basement.
32-year-old auverby pleaded not guiltydegree murder.
In an interview with the police, auvbi denied meeting with wood, but later searched his computer for three photos of the two.
Officials say Wood met Overby on the online dating site.
Vaags told court that it's hard for anyone to go deep into the soil: "It's hard to go deep unless it's wet-it is gumbo.
Lindsay Scott, a civilian member of the RCMP, said in a later testimony that due to the soil condition --
Don't bother the evidence-
She and a colleague first dug the site using trowels before deciding to use the hand.
Scott said some remains were visible even before they started.
"When we see this disturbance, you can see a spine and pelvis, and the length of the red --
"Black hair," she said.
"The head is wrapped in black plastic, and the lower limbs are wrapped in black plastic.
The center of the dead was mostly dispersed by animals.
One arm is gone.
Scott said that the RCMP was guarding the scene overnight, and when she returned the next day, she found a mud in the area opposite a dirt road nearby --
The mobile phone is already rusted when it is exposed to the ground.
"It's dirty here," she said . "
"It looks like it's been there for a while.
"Later, in an agreed statement of fact submitted to the court, prosecutor chantar Bodin said that the telephone number
Another battery was found nearby.
Of wood.
Royal and defense counsel also agreed that the plastic cloth found and wrapped around Wood's body at the cave house was all made by the Quebec company with the same marking code, August, the product was sold and shipped to Springhill timber in Winnipeg. 25, 2015. Meanwhile, Dr.
Dennis Rhein, who performed the autopsy, said he had found several individual stab wounds on his rotten remains.
He said there was a wound.
7 cm on the neck.
It is caused by this force, which runs through a part of the spine and tears the bone.
The other wound cut 9 cm on the neck, and the other wound went through the chin and tongue, Rhine said.
This woman suffered twice, too.
He said the force injury: one has enough force to break a part of the bone in her skull and the other breaks her leg.
Rhine concluded that the cause of Wood's death was broadly acute and outspoken
The force wound, but since the animal found the body at some point, it is not certain which internal organs may have been injured because they are no longer complete.
Prosecutors Brent Davidson told Judge Chris Martin on Friday that the Crown had ended the summons to the evidence.
Sarah Innes, Overby's lawyer, said she will call evidence next week. kevin.
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