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apple announces new iphone 5s, iphone 5c, ios 7 release date - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
apple announces new iphone 5s, iphone 5c, ios 7 release date  -  polycarbonate
Updated 3:43 p. m.
ET Apple released an update on its popular smartphone at a news conference Tuesday at Cupertino headquarters in California.
Tech giants have announced iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C--
Two very different phones.
Apple announced iPhone 5C/5S 34 photos Apple showed iPhone 5S upgrade iPhone 5S built security in home button when we launched the new iPhone we reduced the cost of the old iPhone, make it easier for new users to use the old iPhone.
But we won't do that this year.
"Google cloud service was broken, and protesters in the Virginia Beach shooting incident at Connecticut's mother interrupted Harris, and Apple launched a lower one.
Price of IPhone 5C and iPhone 5S--
The company's flagship smartphone.
Apple's new products have surpassed the United States. S.
Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president, came to power to announce the iPhone 5C.
The new equipment is made of plastic and has 4-inch display. It has a hard-
Coated polycarbonate design, steel bar, with multipleband antenna.
It has five colors: green, white, blue, pink and yellow.
The IPhone 5C 16 gb model costs $99 and the 32 gb model costs $199 with a contract.
All kinds of boxes cost $29.
The IPhone 5C will be available in Singapore. 20, with pre-
Orders starting on Tuesday. 13.
IPhone 5S 4-
The Inch shows silver, gold and a color called space gray.
The hardware has been upgraded to the A7 chip, which is the first 64-bits.
"The PC World is transitioning from 32-bit to 64-bit, which takes several years.
Today you will see that Apple will do it one day, "Schiller said.
Schiller said the iPhone 5S 40 times faster CPU than the original iPhone.
The new iPhone will also include a new chip called M7, which is said to be able to continuously measure motion data.
The chip supports accelerometer, gyro and compass.
Schiller said the battery life of the iPhone 5S has improved, LTE and Wi-
Fi browsing, 40 hours of music and 250 hours of standby time.
The IPhone's camera is undergoing a major upgrade.
Apple is increasing pixels to 1.
5u capture more light.
The camera will also automatically detect white balance, including burst mode and true sound Flash, once the app is launched.
It also features new image stabilizer and slow Image Stabilizermotion video.
As rumors say, the new iPhone will include Touch ID--
Fingerprint sensor built in Home button.
Sensor scanner
The skin layer of the skin will have 360-
It has a thickness of about 170 microns and a resolution of 500 ppi.
The fingerprint sensor can be used to unlock the iPhone or make a purchase.
"Your fingerprints are one of the best passes in the world.
"It's always with you, no two people are exactly the same," Apple senior vice president Jony Ive said in a promotional video . ".
There will be three models for the IPhone 5S: $199 for 16 gb, $299 for 32 gb, $399 for 64 gb, and a contract.
The phone will be on sale on Tuesday. 20.
Apple also announced the details of its fully redesigned mobile operating system, iOS 7, which will be ready to be downloaded on Sept. 18.
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