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apple's own iphone xr case revealed at last: here's all you need to know - clear polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
apple\'s own iphone xr case revealed at last: here\'s all you need to know  -  clear polycarbonate
Apple iPhone XR is one of the most beautiful phones you can buy.
You can read my review here.
It is also one of the most colorful.
So, how do you wear it without concealing its beauty, do you choose a particularly beautiful yellow, attractive coral, calm blue, active product (RED), the snowy-
Simple white or mysterious gray?
You can watch my turn.
In the best case here, you will find that Apple has not made any of them.
Apple finally announced its own Apple today. made, Apple-Apple designbranded case -
Until now, its absence is notable.
It seems to have been leaked back in October, but the leak was blocked and the potential situation disappeared.
Now, all of its looks are officially disclosed-through glory.
Here is everything you need to know.
What does it look like? It's crystal-clear.
You guess, right?
But the point is it's completely clear, not matte.
Cloudy or partly clear.
Like other iPhone cases, the extra thickness means that the camera unit does not highlight the case and it is more or less flush with the case.
Feeling much better.
Apple has made it "easy to hold", that is, when you hold it, it doesn't slip easily from your hands.
What is it made?
Apple calls it an optical transparent polycarbonate and flexible TPU material, which means that the parts that fit the buttons can move in perfect harmony with the buttons below. Will it scratch?
Plastic is better than glass and aluminum, right?
Also, Apple says it is protected from scratch
Wear-resistant coating on the outside and inside.
The wireless charger is OK, right?
I mean, if not, it would be terrible.
But yes, it's compatible.
When will it be sold?
Starting Monday, December 10
You can go to the Apple website to order, Monday delivery or Courier ($8 extra)
This Friday. How much is it? $39 -
Cheaper than many predict.
Yes, you can buy an iPhone XR case for less, but Apple usually charges an extra fee, and the build quality often proves that.
Sell £ 45 in the UK.
Should I buy one?
It looks great and fits perfectly, it sneaks around a bit on the edge of the phone so that the display can be partially protected, unlike some cases where a screen protector is needed.
There are cases that provide better protection, such as Mous, which is more colorful than the simple effects here.
But in terms of pure transparent protection, it allows you to see its interior in the glory of the iPhone, which is very good.
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