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apple updates the macbook air, axes the white macbook - polycarbonate for sale

by:Cailong     2019-08-08
apple updates the macbook air, axes the white macbook  -  polycarbonate for sale
Apple updated its skinnyand-
On Wednesday, with the launch of the much-anticipated Mac OS X Lion, the light MacBook Air laptop accidentally stopped its white entry --
MacBook series.
New MacBook Air laptop missing optical drive (
Another example of Apple pushing users to a disc --free future)
Speed up Intel processors-
From 1. 6GHz dual-
I5 chips at lower coreend 11-inch-
Screen model to doublecore 1. 8GHz Core i7.
The I5 and i7 processors are known for being very powerful, and Apple's MacBook Pros and iMac computers run variations of this chip series.
In this refresh, the backlit keyboard and Thunderbolt port are also added to the Airs.
Thunderbolt ports are able to transfer data at 10 gb per second, much faster than USB 2.
0, it transmits data at about 480 Mbps.
But so far, due to the cost of implementing this technology, there are not many external hard drives or cameras and other projects that take advantage of ports-
Thunderbolt cable itself costs $49.
Despite these changes, the price range of the MacBook Air remains the same;
From $999 to $1,699.
It could be $11-$999.
The reason Apple killed the much-loved white polycarbonate MacBook laptop is the inch-based MacBook Air.
Although we're not sure if this is reasoning--
As of Tuesday morning, Apple officials have not commented on why the white MacBook was fired.
White MacBook without any notice (
It started at $999 too, 13-inch screen)
It was pulled out of Apple's lineup and online stores.
There are still some old MacBook refurbished models on Apple's Web, but the new ones have been completed.
The move to stop the polycarbonate MacBook will leave Apple for the first time since the 2001 launch of the iBook G3, without a solid-
White laptop for sale.
Walking in almost any AmericanS.
The university campuses of the past decade have proved the popularity of Apple --
The level of the laptop makes this move a bit surprising.
But if Apple no longer thinks its entry-level notebook needs a disc drive, the MacBook Air now seems to need one as well, for Steve Jobs and other Cupertino executives, the MacBook certainly doesn't make that sense.
Now, every Apple laptop (
And desktop)
It is wrapped in silver aluminum.
Those who look at the laptop and also want a disc drive can pair the MacBook Air with a portable disc drive for an extra $79 to buy a more expensive MacBook Pro laptop, or look at one of Apple's many competitors.
Apple's Mac OS X Lion is priced at $29.
In the Mac App Store, Apple sold more iPhones and iPads than ever recorded. Apple's App Store has passed 15 billion downloads and provided 425,000 applications ---
Nathan OlivaresGilestwitter.
Com/nateogImages: Apple's MacBook Air laptop is at the top and a discontinued MacBook laptop at the bottom.
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